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A Surprise And A Must See

Author: movieluvobivious from United States
28 March 2006

At first glance the show seems just about sex, period. I was wrong and i'm glad. the show has a "My so called life" tone to it where there are sexual experiences involved but the characters are actually complex in the way that they learn from the intrigues and could have a interesting plots in the future because the show leaves so much to grow on. There's a lot of characters who aren't what you expect.The Hispanic promiscuous Zoe who is not at all how she seem and the beautiful Nicole who holds a past you wont see coming.the Professor played by Mathew Modine who i suspect has some learning of his own to do.And of course Gilmore girl famed Milo Ventimiglia who plays the News editor snobby rich kid delivers and satisfies, playing his character in a very settle tone unlike i have seen similar characters played in the past.

this is a refreshing taste of new dramas which lead away from typical standards and just go straight to the point this drama is a hit.check it out it is not what you think.

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sex, lies, and cable wires

Author: gespeichert from Canada
19 April 2006

The premise for this show catches viewers' attention with its promise of an intricate and well-intentioned (if not somewhat self-indulgent) look into the sexual fabric of an upscale college campus. What it delivers is a well-plotted, insightful, and amusing side-glance into the emotional psyche of human sexuality in any capacity.

With a highly talented cast (including WB runaround Milo Ventimiglia), we are not offered the often self-righteous scripting of the like-minded (and WB alum) Dawson's Creek, but rather a well-crafted and highly intelligent converse between realistic individuals who have encountered (or are maybe yet to encounter) the everyday events "our friends down there" often create.

And one even leaves considering that talking about it isn't as overrated as we've come to believe.

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You have to see it to have your own opinion

Author: Lmiranda2220 from United States
12 July 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Milo Ventimiglia is actually NOT the star of the show. Which was a bummer cause he was the only household name in the credits. But people are knocking it a little dramatically. I saw this show when it first aired and it wasn't as bad as they make out to be. It was a little on the sexual side, but it wasn't "boring". I liked it. Maybe if it would of had a chance at a whole season things could of picked up. And about things being left opened and unsaid or whatever, that's what usually happens when a show gets canceled. They can't cram everything into one final hour, even though the audience expects them too. It's not bad, it's pretty good. There's somethings I didn't like about it, such as some of the pairings, but besides that it was pretty good.

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A good new show

Author: Michelle from United States
5 April 2006

I have watched both of the episodes shown so far of this show. Though it seems a bit risky in some of it's subject manner, i think overall the show is very good. The characters have many different ties together, and it is all attached in different ways, in many creative ways. Though some of the moments are a bit boring, the show is still interesting, and i still want to go on watching it. I feel the show really can develop into something wonderful with the right push. The character development is creative, yet basic, and with every few moments, something new seems to develop. I would suggest this show to anyone who is looking for something new, yet with the same underlying subject, the complications of sex and life.

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I tried to like it

Author: maggiekangaroo from United States
23 May 2006

I normally don't watch season premiers but then end up loving the show. This time i did watch the season premiere. It was OK a little boring but i thought it would get better. i gave it a shot but it just didn't work for me. This show just got more and more boring by the minute. they overdue the drama when they don't need to and there is no excitement or fun listening to a bunch of kids whining about their sex and love lives. The actors don't even look like their trying they look bored too. Very bad show. The WB has been taking good shows off the air and putting bad shows in. I really tried to like it but i just couldn't watch it. i watched 5 minutes of the season finale and was instantly bored. more drama that just wasn't necessary. don't waste 1 hour of your life watching a show that just isn't worth it.

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Rubbish by Any Other Name

Author: fixyourcat from United States
23 April 2006

I'm a huge fan of Tom Fontana's "OZ," and when I learned he had a show coming out, especially one on a mainstream channel, I was anticipating it and expecting it to be good.

Imagine my surprise when I turned on my TV to behold the dull, namby-pamby could-be-a-catastrophe-if-you-don't-die-of-boredom-first one-hour premier of "Bedford Diaries." Obviously, there are limitations to writing a show about sex for the WB, but those limitations don't prescribe a forty-five-minute exploration of Dr. Phil-inspired psychobabble, fundamentally unlikable characters, and plot so flat that it blows the topography of Kansas out of the water.

The show's problems arise from both the bland story lines and the lack of sympathy a viewer feels for the characters. When four white kids, one black kid, and one Hispanic kid, all cute and bubbly and scholastically successful, whine about "trust issues" and "love," forgive me if I am pulled to vomit. Some characters are wrath-deserving from the get-go: one was pulled to do drastic, irrational things after a break-up with her boyfriend; another suffers from the irritating "meanie" paradox: one minute, he's a total ass and the next, he's deconstructing his difficult nature and attributing it to, again, a break-up. Boring television is what that makes, unless you're a fan of pre-packaged repartee straight from the TV therapist or Reality Show du Jour.

One of the most disappointing aspects of "Bedford Diaries," for me, was the dialogue. In the past, even when the story suffered, Fontana's writing was at least engaging. Because this show features characters who are supposedly under forty (an age when most people soften out and disappear...), it contractually MUST include a lot of snappy back-and-forth. This, alas, is not to be. While some of the dialogue can be very sporadically amusing (and I mean VERY sporadically), most of the zest is missing. In other words, with all the cleverness and sarcasm of "Step by Step," "Bedford Diaries" talk is harmless: all talk, if you will, and no action, which is a very fitting adage for the show in general.

Lastly, not that the WB is a bastion of incredible art or anything, but the acting on "Bedford Diaries" is abysmal. It's almost as if the actors' skills decided to work in concert with Fontana's sensory lapses and make the worst show from one great and a few decent people possible. The kids' line deliveries aren't just far deviated from realism; they're also thoroughly uninvolving. This factor trumps "Bedford" even further into the ground with other adolescent dreck.

Bottom line: only watch this garbage if you have a special attachment to any of the people involved. Otherwise, go read a book instead and save yourself sixty minutes of life that you'll never get back (provided, of course, that you're cognizant enough to only watch one episode).

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Author: gracia-5 from Spain
23 May 2006

I expected a lot more from this show. I try, I try hard to like it, but I just can't. Bad actors, bad plot, poor characters, boring situations. It's extremely easy to guess what is going to happen next, and including suicide, pregnancy and... what will be next? incest? AIDS? doesn't change that much, and doesn't make it more interesting either. As a college student I can't help but laugh at the way they speak or they behave given certain situations. Ventimiglia's character is like putting "Jess" from Gilmore Girls in college. He's the bad teen who became a clever, sophisticated adult, he is cute, intelligent, with some rebel attitude, but sweet in the inside. Just like Jess. Can't this guy play a different role?

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