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An innocent, if not entirely shallow and unoriginal idea

Author: dee.reid from United States
9 June 2005

I have to confess that I usually detest reality television. I think that it's the absolute worst form of popular entertainment in America right now, and its only intention seems to be capturing the decadence, humiliation, and absolute worst qualities of those involved, and then exploit those traits. Yeah, "Joe Millionaire," "Survivor," "Hell's Kitchen," "Fear Factor" and any other band of nameless dreck can kiss my a**.

Bearing this in mind, "Beauty and the Geek" is actually a little innocent, if not entirely or (somewhat) shallow and unoriginal. In other words, you already know from reading this whether you want to watch it or not. But as you would have it, you have seven self-proclaimed geeks and seven absolute drop-dead knockout beauties. They have to pair up and complete a number of tasks and each week, one couple is eliminated and the last remaining couple gets a $250,000 reward.

The geeks are some of the geekiest and smartest guys you'd ever want to know. One is the vice president of a "Dukes of Hazzard" fan club, another is a member of Mensa, and one has never been on a date. Some of these guys have no clue of how to socialize with a member of the opposite sex and the show (thankfully) doesn't exploit that fact, as some of them see this as perhaps the first big opportunity in their lives to meet someone special and maybe sweep her off her feet. But yeah, they're pretty desperate, if you haven't guessed it yet.

The beauties on the other hand, include an NBA model, an aspiring fashion designer, and a life-size Barbie model. They have the bodies and the looks and could have any guy they wanted, but are dumb as a sack of nickels. Some of the girls freely admit to not giving a damn about an education and sleeping in class, as they look to getting everywhere based solely on their looks. When one is given a quiz on U.S. geography, she can't name the state east of West Virginia.

It's been dubbed in advertisements as a "social experiment," as one member of each group is set to learn traits and social qualities that the other lacks. The girls are able to learn some smarts; the guys are able to learn the social skills required to talk to really hot chicks. Some of these tasks for the beauties and geeks would include the girls having to change a tire, and the guys having to learn how to give a girl a massage. (Whoa. As a semi-nerdy guy myself, hey, maybe I should have tried out for a spot on this show.)

One thing that this show has that's been lacking in every other dreadful reality television show is heart. H-E-A-R-T. The characters don't seem to be stereotypes and aren't played simply for laughs. The guys aren't full of themselves and the girls don't take advantage of their social ineptitude. What I mean is, the geeks are Everymen and the beauties are Everywomen, they're really just everyday people with everyday jobs and lives.

I think that if viewed in a proper light, you'd find a show that has a degree of innocence lacking in today's entertainment. The guys are shown to be sweet and benevolent in their intentions, as are the girls, who aren't complete airheads but are shown as just needing a taste of something different in their lives, and I think that is the show's whole point.

I anticipate "Beauty and the Geek" getting a bad rap anyways, despite what I've written here. Observe, however, that I'm not showering this reality television show with praise; I'm simply noting some of its most admirable qualities and contrasting them with everything else that's out there showcasing people at their absolute worst and most tasteless.

As stated earlier, "Beauty and the Geek" has one thing going for it, and I think that's in its innocence and attention to its characters, who aren't reality television archetypes (i.e., the bitch, the loser, the stalwart hero-guy, and the slut.)

"Beauty and the Geek" - Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

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Geeks given courage and beautiful girls given knowledge, great show

Author: gab1982 from United Kingdom
3 May 2006

A overall good outlook on what life is like for some people. Funny at times too. A good show overall, bring on beauty and the geek 2. Gives you some knowledge of what you may or may not know already so very educational too. Beauty and the Geek somewhat restores courage in people when asking them out.

The girls learn how to do tasks and be geeks, the boys learn how to impress girls, awesome show bring on season 2 I cant wait till it airs in the UK, hopefully there will be more after the second series and other reality TV shows similar to this which are created with this show in mind.

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If I didn't watch the show for its very interesting psychological turns, it would be because of the very pretty ladies

Author: Nicodemus from Holland
17 January 2006

I love this show. Though it might sound kind of stereotype. I think Ashton Kutcher has done a VERY nice job making this show. I can't wait until I can watch season two too.

And about the candidates, well, some of the girls are pretty dumb, but certainly not all of them. I thought Mindi and Caitilin were certainly NOT dumb, kind of smart even. Caitilin (season 1) looks so pretty, so what do you want more to look at on TV? Also I found it very amusing to look at the show and be amazed about Richard and how a guy could EVER be so weird.

If I didn't watch the show for its very interesting psychological turns, it would be because of the very pretty ladies.

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I think this is one of the best reality shows on TV

Author: padredweller1206 from United States
10 March 2006

I thought this was one of the best reality shows out there. Instead of bringing out the worst in people it brings out things that are positive and inspiring. I bet all the contestants leave feeling like they can be good people, which I'm sure doesn't happen with a lot of reality shows. Most people should be embarrassed by how they treated people. I hope that they decide to create another season.The only thing that kinda spoiled part of the show would be Cheryl. She had a bad attitude and I didn't like the fact that her and Wes hooked up. Yeah she did make a turn around, but too late everyone already hated her. At least everyone was in unison in that decision. Overall bravo for making a good t.v. show that didn't exploit everyone.

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Richard IS that way!

Author: jmarcus-4 from United States
6 December 2006

Someone wrote in their comment about not believing that Richard (season 1) could actually be that strange. I promise, he actually is that way in real life, he's not acting on the show! I actually went to school with him (though he graduated in 2005 I believe) and had a Spanish class with him, and he was great! He spoke Spanish perfectly and concisely and he was so entertaining. I wish they'd gotten him to speak Spanish on the show. I never got to know him personally but we have a few friends in common who have nothing but nice things to say. I hope to see more of him in film or television in the future; last I heard he wanted to head in that direction (though I could be wrong).

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Please bring back beauty and the geek!

Author: cberystoga from United States
27 April 2017

I LOVE THIS SHOW!!!! I've watched every season in the US and UK and it is my favorite show. It's impossible to watch without being completely touched by the relationships that are built. I find myself smiling the entire time the show is on. I've laughed and cried and learned so much about people from BATG, PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK! IT IS A WINNER! I LOVE IT! PLEASE!

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Seasons One and Two were good, but Season Three, not so much

Author: ( from United States
21 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I was excited to see that the newly-formed CW network was keeping "Beauty and the Geek", because I liked watching it on the WB. However, what it has devolved into makes me wish I hadn't wasted my time.

The first two seasons were kind of cute, with the dudes not quite sure how to respond to the pretty girls. Though there were a couple of "ringers" in the bunch (ringers: someone pretending to be a geek when they really weren't, i.e., Season One "Geek" winner Chuck), the geeks were totally believable and the girls did their best to be helpful and friendly, even if it was only in the spirit of winning.

The third season makes me ill. The girls have turned this season into a junior high school bullying situation, with Cece (Cecille)and JennyLee verbally attacking their female competitors, and JennyLee verbally attacking her "Geek" partner. Not only that, but the previews show it will continue and in fact, get worse. It's really turned into a situation similar to MTV's "Real World/Road Rules Challenges", in which people immediately decide to fight, even if it is just verbally, rather than to play the game.

If you can catch the first two seasons, then check them out. The current season is not worth the effort.

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worth the watch

Author: MARiiASanANGELx3 from United States
2 January 2007

This is one hilarious reality TV show that either tells you "wow I'm smarter than I thought" (beauties) or "wow I'm prettier, handsomer, or luckier than I thought" (geeks). Either way, it's a pretty entertaining show. The only bad part is when the beauties answer spelling or geography (or any) questions. I was quite surprised when my 6-year-old sister started screaming out all the answers the beauties got wrong. That part just screams "pre-recorded". Another bad point is when they introduce some really hot geeks. Out of the 5 million geeks on this planet, only about 100,000 are really hot. Just a coincidence? I think not. Enjoy the laughs, like the Biggest Loser it'll give you more self-confidence.

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Decent show but.....

Author: mink661 from United States
4 July 2005

I actually found this unlike many reality shows to involve many "life-like" fun issues. I watched the marathon during the holiday. In summation, I feel that "Beauty and the Geek" should give hats off to at least one of the gentlemen involved. One participant seemed to be obsessed with mentioning his name, yelling his name during one activity and focusing his every thought (even involvement with other players) on defaming the other participant. Remaining on the positive note, the gentleman handled his behavior quite "naturally" by ignoring him or responding in a calm manner. One of the positives was that the show is about socialization which is what sometimes "classifies" some people as "geeks". Sure we have all met someone so "disturbed" by our presence that behavior becomes intolerable.

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Phony to a T, but take it on face and it is about as funny as reality TV gets

Author: liquidcelluloid-1 from
24 February 2007

Network: WB/CW; Genre: Reality Comedy; Content Rating: TV-PG; Perspective: Contemporary (star range: 1 - 4);

Seasons Reviewed: Season 3 & 4

If you know the concept, you've pretty much seen the show. 7 geeks and 7 beauties pair up , live in a house together and try to stay in that house long enough because the last pair standing gets $250,000. But we aren't here for the money are we? Of course not, we're here to learn a valuable lesson about life and how to treat those around us. Exactly what TV is good at… right? "Beauty and the Geek" is yet another variation on the "Wife Swap"/"30 Days" model in which TV steps in like a humanitarian to "mend the divide" between everybody in America – this time for those whose minds are still in high school. Understanding that that supposed "division" in America is a media concocted myth will help to understand why these shows are doomed to failure from the start. Yet I like "Beauty and the Geek". I like this stupid, phony show just as I took sadistic pleasure in "Average Joe".

Before I get into what delicious brain-candy it is, first a checklist of all the social myths that "Ashton Kutcher's social experiment" is guilty of perpetuating: 1. Women, by nature, can't be geeks. 2. Geeks are defined by simple stereotypes as liking computers, Star Trek, Star Wars, having beards, wearing glasses and being virgins. 3. Beauties are defined by simple stereotypes as being blonde, tan, thin, ditsy and wearing only skimpy tight clothing. 4. People are one or the other. If someone is beautiful they must be dumb, if they are socially awkward they must be smart.

The show doesn't reconcile any of these. We don't learn that the women are really smart or men are really cool, we just see them learn to accept the differences in each other. Another annoying quality to the show is that while all the tasks of the beauties (at the risk of sounding catty, I'm using the word very loosely in many cases) teach them to become more well rounded contributors to society, learning about everything from aeronautics to carpentry, the tasks of them men are oriented entirely toward teaching them "what women like". Because, apparently, there is no higher achievement for a man then to get a girl.

So, if you're taking the show as a serious social experiment you will be sorely disappointed and probably highly offended. It is hard to deny how phony and clearly scripted "Beauty" is. Edited with heroes and villains, twist endings and heart-warming moments. Not to mention, an improbable romance, both in season 3 and prior between two people who will probably never see each other again. Bt every once in a while a reality show comes along that knows what it's doing and it is hard to deny that despite itself, "Beauty" is crafted in a way that delivers some real laugh-out-loud moments. There are even a few authentically heart-warming moments in here too. Although, it isn't what you'd expect. I was more moved by the friendship that blooms between Mario and his beauty (using the word appropriately now), Nadia, than I was in the opportunistic please-love-us "romance" between Nate and Jennylee. Mario and Nadia were adorable.

The nature of the game doesn't make a lot of sense from the beginning and it ends up cramping the fun as the season moves forward. People aren't eliminated because they fail the tasks, they are eliminated for simply not winning, at the arbitrary choice of the winners. As a result the most interesting teams are thrown out early. Take 3rd season Uber-Geek Piao, "alternatively, you can call him Pi". Once your resident crazy SOB who delivered an obscenity laced rant for a comedy routine and drew a single boob when asked to sketch a nude woman has been kicked off the show… really, what's the point in watching?

As a show, "Beauty and the Geek" suffers from "American Idol" syndrome: it gets less interesting, less funny, less entertaining as it goes. Early on we see a lot of bonding in the house. The funniest stuff shows us the beauties and geeks in their natural habitat. For example, the geeks trying to figure out that "booty" could mean anything other than pirate treasure. But soon the socializing is replaced with wall-to-wall tasks. "Beauty" races toward the finish line way too quickly, collapsing potentially funny and sweet moments of bonding between the groups into quickly edited montages that leaves us wanting to see more. Worse, the premise has barely gotten a foothold into us when the show cheats on itself and gives the geeks makeovers. Yep, those beards and glasses come off and faster than you can say "She's All That", they're studs. What's "Beauty and the Geek" without the geeks?

Filling "Beauty and the Geek" out into a few more episodes would have helped it greatly. Even so as guilty pleasure, socially inept reality shows go nothing has quite made me laugh as loud or as hard this one. And that counts for a lot.

* * * / 4

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