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‘Moonlight’ Could Make History: Editors Joi McMillon and Nat Sanders On Their Big Step Up — Consider This

‘Moonlight’ Could Make History: Editors Joi McMillon and Nat Sanders On Their Big Step Up — Consider This
When Joi McMillon attended the Toronto International Film Festival for the premiere of “Moonlight,” someone asked her if she was one of the film’s stars. On another occasion, she was mistaken for a costume designer. “People would say it was a compliment to me because I dressed nice,” she recalled in a recent phone interview, trailing off with a sardonic laugh that sounded like the best defense against the absurd set of assumptions that have troubled her career for years.

In fact, McMillon is one of two editors on “Moonlight,” and poised to make history as the first African-American woman ever nominated for a best editing Oscar. “Thinking about it stresses me out a bit,” McMillon said. “Whether you want it or not, the responsibility holds.”

Although “Moonlight” marks McMillon’s first feature-length editing credit, she’s hardly a newcomer to the field. She attended Florida State University with
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STX Entertainment Still Looking to Make Its Mark After ‘Free State of Jones’ Flops

STX Entertainment Still Looking to Make Its Mark After ‘Free State of Jones’ Flops
Things didn’t go as planned with “Free State of Jones.”

The $50 million Civil War drama, greenlit two years ago by STX Entertainment, was meant to announce the indie studio as a bright new player bent on producing quality movies for adults with top talent. But, despite the presence of star Matthew McConaughey and director Gary Ross, and an extensive advertising push, “Free State of Jones” collapsed at the domestic box office this past weekend, eking out less than $8 million in its debut and raising more questions about STX’s business model.

Stx got into the business precisely because it believes that there’s still an audience for the kind of projects major studios abandoned in favor of superhero adventures and tween franchises. The film, announced shortly after Stx was launched in 2014 by Robert Simonds and Tpg managing director Bill McGlashan, was handed a prime summer release date. Its failure
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Stx moves into non-scripted television

  • ScreenDaily
Stx moves into non-scripted television
On the back of a confident CinemaCon appearance and the recent hire of David Kosse that has left nobody in any doubt about its global theatrical ambitions, Bob Simonds’ studio unveiled on Monday another component to its television platform.

Jason Goldberg (pictured), creator and executive producer of shows like Punk’d and Beauty And The Geek, has joined as president of non-scripted and alternative programming.

Under Goldberg’s stewardship Stx said it would become the first Us-based company involved in a broadcast TV show airing in China.

For now that show is called Thank You For Your Love and is being developed in conjunction with Xg Entertainment and scheduled to premiere this year to a potential audience of one billion viewers.

Stx Non-Scripted launches with sales or development deals in place for 12 shows to networks in the Us and Asia, including NBC, CW, Food Network, Syfy, Oxygen, the History Channel and Freeform.

The production
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Stx Launches Unscripted Division Headed By Jason Goldberg, Unveils Reality Series In China

Stx Launches Unscripted Division Headed By Jason Goldberg, Unveils Reality Series In China
As part of its expansion into television, Stx Entertainment has launched a non-scripted TV division. It will be run by former Katalyst co-founder/partner Jason Goldberg, co-creator and executive producer of hit reality shows Punk'd and Beauty and the Geek. Goldberg has been named Stx President of Non-Scripted and Alternative Programming. Goldberg and his team have been tasked with creating original programming in the U.S., China and India for distribution across linear…
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Islands Lure Film and TV Production With Sun and Incentives

Dominican Republic

The country is heating up as a film location, especially now that the Pinewood Dr Studios is ramping up operations with new production pacts and local production is posting dramatic growth. Last year’s direct earnings from mainly reality shows were $1.6 million; this year, the film commission reports earnings of $8.4 million as of September, with greater projections for 2016.

International projects shooting this year included four fiction pics, seven docs and 10 TV series, says film commissioner Yvette Marichal. Local production, spurred by government incentives, rose from eight pics in 2008 to 20 in 2014. Some 36 shooting permits were issued this year to homegrown projects.

For international shoots, the country offers a 25% tax credit on all qualifying local spend above and below the line for a minimum spend of $500,000, and 18% Vat and customs duties exemption of temporary imports on eligible goods. Furthermore, “taxes on foreign hires have been decreasing one point each year; it’s now 27%,“ says Marichal.
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If You Are The One: feeding bachelors to the lions on China's top dating show

Batting off accusations of sexism and materialism, the Chinese cross between The Bachelor and Shark Tank persists with its dating bloodbath

Detached from history, most forms of popular entertainment seem completely baffling. Were I, in 2015, to observe various viscera being gleefully tossed around in the Colosseum by armour-clad celebrities, I might lean across to a fellow plebeian and ponder, “Um, isn’t this a bit weird? No? Not even the bit where they bring out a lion to nibble on a Christian? Oh, I get that it’s popular, I’m just not sure that therefore means it’s a good … wow, that lion’s tucking into his third already.” Then I’d be sucked in, cheering for BloodFoo to bring death through mouthfuls of popcorn.

Of course, sometimes you don’t have to wait for the passage of time to engender an anachronistic perspective, such as with whatever it is Kanye West does,
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Beauty and the Geek on ITVBe’s FilmOn Channel

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Beauty and the Geek on ITVBe’s FilmOn Channel
Did you watch the American version of the social experiment show “Beauty and the Geek”? If you weren’t on board with the show, catch up on the series with ITVBe’s FilmOn page. “Beauty and the Geek,” now a franchise with shows airing all across the world, features women who fall in the “beauty” category and men who fall in the “geek” category. These two groups–who probably wouldn’t have anything to do with each other outside of this show–are put together into couples to compete for a large cash prize. Here’s more about the show: “What do you get if you put a Chess club captain in a castle with a [ Read More ]

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Thursday Fc is a gargantuan disappointment

Sbs once hit the mark with its football coverage but its new show does not deliver on humour or insight

I'm often told by people, real and on the internet, that I need to lighten up. It's true that my cynicism extends to a frighteningly wide range of subjects. At least I am democratic with my criticisms. Thursday Fc, Sbs's new live weekly entertainment program, added to my ever-growing list.

This won't be a popular view. There is nothing football fans in this country like more than a bit of self-congratulation and mutual backslapping. Any coverage of the A-League is good coverage. We'd applaud Robert Mugabe if he used the #wearefootball hashtag.

Before we get to what's wrong with Thursday Fc, let's start with what is right. It won't take long.

It is nice to have football back on free-to-air television. Thursday Fc forms part of a new-look football package
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10 Screen Heroes Who Should Have Been Giant Nerds

Heroes. Close your eyes and picture one. I imagine you’re picturing someone brave with a great chin, someone who is ice-cool when under pressure, someone who saves the day and gets the girl. Now close your eyes and picture a giant nerd.

You may have an image in your mind of some Beauty And The Geek reject or that kid you were in school with that was voted most likely to die a virgin. What you definitely won’t be picturing are any of the screen heroes featured on this list.

That’s because, via the magic of cinema and choice casting decisions, these giant nerds are transformed from the socially awkward, introverted nerdilingers they should be into calm as a coma, Nazi-killing, ghost busting, terrorist slapping heroes.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 screen heroes who should have been giant nerds.

10. Robert NevilleI Am Legend
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Sponsored Post – Top Ten: Most Unlikely Romantic Movies Scenes

  • HeyUGuys
Love love love… It can be both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time but it’s a topic that will no doubt be heavy on our hearts from now until the end of time. Cornetto have released four short films in their Cupidity in the embed below (or on their Facebook page here) showing their connection with the topic of love (see the embed below). The films were shot in Hong Kong (Margot), Los Angeles (X Phobia), Istanbul (Beauty and the Geek) and London (Kismet Diner). We’ve teamed up with them to look at our very own top ten most unlikely romantic movie scenes. We’ve tried to think outside of the box a little here so please forgive us for some of the choices but all of them are close to our hearts.

No doubt you’ve got your very own romantic movie scenes which you love
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Forever Young: TV Review

Forever Young: TV Review
TV Land, the channel for people who enjoy reruns of classic television (and shows devoted to Betty White), has tossed its hat into the reality TV game with Forever Young, a Real World-esque series (TV Land is owned by MTV parent Viacom) that puts five people under 30 and five folks over 70 in a house together to see what happens when people stop being polite and start needing Depends. Ashton Kutcher (there's a Demi Moore joke in here, and I'm not going to make it) did something similar with his series Beauty and the Geek, another "social experiment" to see

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Reality Show Looking For Kids With Past Lives

Reality Show Looking For Kids With Past Lives
The future of reality TV could be kids who think they've had past lives.

A Los Angeles production company is currently holding a nationwide casting call for children who claim to have, or have had, past life memories for a new reality series, "Ghost Inside My Child," scheduled to air on the Bio Channel later this year.

A pilot episode of the series aired a few months ago, with three kids who had gone through various steps of recovering memories of their alleged past lives.

Now, producers Joke Fincioen and Biagio Messina -- who are married to each other -- are looking for other families with kids who, as the request states, "have inexplicable memories and experiences of another life."

"We were pregnant at the time when the idea first came to us," Fincioen told The Huffington Post. "We thought what would we do if this happened with our daughter?
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Curtis 'Booger' Armstrong on His New Reality Show, 'King of the Nerds'

Curtis 'Booger' Armstrong on His New Reality Show, 'King of the Nerds'
Hardly a day goes by that someone doesn't stop Curtis Armstrong on the street and yell "Booger" – the name of the belching, nose-picking dweeb he played in all four Revenge of the Nerds movies. "This goes on all over the world," he tells Rolling Stone. "I've been called things in foreign tongues that I need help understanding. It usually translates into some word like 'mucus.'"

Rather than fight the public's love of his iconic character, Armstrong harnessed it for his latest project: the new TBS reality show King of the Nerds.
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The most successful production houses of 2012

In this roundup from the Encore and Mumbrella Annual, we look at the seven most successful production houses of 2012.

1. Goalpost Pictures

Goalpost Pictures has had its most successful year with film The Sapphires finishing its Cannes campaign with a standing ovation and an international distribution deal with Harvey Weinstein.

2. Jungleboys

The production company started the year with the excellent and over-the-top Australia Day lamb campaign. It finished with ABC sitcom A Moody Christmas and Screen Australia issuing an enterprise grant to grow their long-form development team.

3. Southern Star

Southern Star’s Big Brother

Southern Star hit ratings gold with Puberty Blues and Offspring, telemovie Beaconsfield and mini-series Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, all led by head producer John Edwards. The production house also resurrected Big Brother and, coming in 2013, the second installment of the Paper Giants miniseries, Magazine Wars.

4. Essential Media and Entertainment

Recently named Independent Producer of the Year
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Beauty and the Geek finale ratings down on last year

Beauty and the Geek winners Millie and Chard

The final episode of Beauty & The Geek was the most watched non-news program last night.

Running for an hour and a half from 8.30pm on Seven, the reveal of the winners – Millie and Chard – rated with 740,000, while the earlier part of the show brought in 736,000.

But numbers were down dramatically on last year’s season finale, when the winner reveal rated with 1.255m and the earlier segment 1.076m.

This year’s finale was also significantly lower than the first episode of this season, which drew an audience of 892,000.

But the show, which placed seventh and eighth for total viewers, dominated the key advertising demographics 18-49, 16-39 and 25-54.

Ten secured a show in the top ten, and claimed a higher audience share than the ABC.

Ten News At Five brought in 684,000, ranking ninth. Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals and a repeat of Modern Family
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Beauty and the Geek wanes but tops key ad demos

Beauty and the Geek: won in key ad demos

Ratings for Beauty and the Geek fell significantly last night, but the Seven show was the most-watched of Thursday in the key advertising demographics.

The hour-long show was no match for last week’s two-hour special, with its audience dropping from 977,000 to 846,000 viewers, according to preliminary overnight ratings from OzTAM.

The geek-to-glory show, which ran from the later time of 8.30pm (last week it aired from 7.30pm), fell from second in the total viewers rankings to eighth.

But it won its time slot, beating CSI on Nine and smashing Law & Order: SUV on Ten, which claimed roughly half of Beauty and the Geek’s audience.

It also topped the key ad demos, 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54, despite being beaten in total viewers by Seven’s Home & Away and Once Upon A Time, which both aired before Beauty and the Geek.
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Beauty and the Geek tops key ad demos for Seven

Beauty and the Geek: rated 977,000 for Seven

A two-hour special of Beauty and the Geek on Seven was the top show across the key advertising demographics of 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 last night.

With not a show over 1m in total viewers, it was a quiet evening for TV watching.

Beauty and the Geek, from 7.30-9.30pm was second in total viewers, rated 977,000 just behind Nine News on 986,000. Nine’s A Current Affair was third, rating 968,000, according to preliminary overnight ratings from OzTAM.

New Australian drama Redfern Now rated 654,000 and 11th for ABC1 at 8.30pm.

It was slight drop from last week’s ratings of 664,000. The show debuted with 721,000.

In the 8.30-9.30 time slot, the local drama beat Nine’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which rated 638,000 and 12th in total viewers, and Ten’s repeat of Law & Order Svu which rated 472,000 and 22nd in total viewers.

In the battle for breakfast television,
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Brynne bounces back for Seven

Seven’s Beauty And The Geek was the only entertainment show to rate above 1m viewers on what was a painfully slow Thursday night for both Nine and Ten.

Seven’s schedule benefited from the absence of Big Brother on Nine. Beauty And The Geek averaged an audience of 1.284m, according to preliminary overnight metro ratings from OzTAM. This was significantly up on the previous week’s 712,000. It also won in the key advertising demographics of 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54.

Also recovering for Seven was Brynne: My Bedazzled Life which drew an average audience of 910,000 – well up on last Thursday’s 680,000. The Brynne Edelstein reality show also skewed attractively for Seven’s advertisers – while it was only eighth among all people, it was second in the 16-39, 18-49 and 25-54 demos.

Outside of news and current affairs, Nine’s best performer was Getaway which rated 618,000 – a low number for the 7.30pm timeslot.
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Redfern Now debuts with 721,000

ABC’s new drama Redfern Now premiered last night on ABC1 as the second most watched show in its timeslot behind Seven’s Beauty and the Geek.

Billed as the first TV series completely written, directed and produced by Indigenous Australians, the six-part series follows six different stories of life in Sydney’s inner-city suburb of Redfern.

Last night’s episode, directed by Satellite Boy’s Catriona McKenzie and starring Leah Purcell, debuted with 721,000 total viewers, across the five city metro markets, according to preliminary ratings from OzTAM.

The drama, which was 12th for the night, beat Nine’s Australian Federal Police which rated 702,000 and Ten’s Law and Order: Svu on 681,000.

Cameras began rolling in May on the series which is produced by Darren Dale and Miranda Dear with Cracker’s Jimmy McGovern as story producer. The SapphiresDeborah Mailman and Sheri Sebbens as well as director Wayne Blair
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MD Matt Campbell dumped as Shine CEO Carl Fennessy returns

Shine’s Matt Campbell has been made redundant

Shine’s Carl Fennessy is to return home from running the company’s Us operation in a move which sees MD matt Campbell laid off.

Shine is Australia’s most successful TV production house with franchises including The Voice, MasterChef, The Biggest Loser and Beauty and the Geek.

Although it was not announced at the time that Fennessy headed overseas, Shine claims it was always the plan for him to return after a two year stint.

Campbell was with the company for just over a year, joining from Sbs in July last year, following the announcement of Fennessy’s move to the Us in June 2011.

Carl and Mark Fennessy launched Shine Australia in 2009 after leaving production house FremantleMedia.

Mark Fennessy, CEO and president of Shine Australia, said of Campbell’s departure: “We sincerely thank Matt Campbell and wish him the best. He
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