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The point of Lucky Louie
kmanton16 April 2006
In no way is it supposed to be groundbreaking like Six Feet Under, The Sorpranos, or any other HBO programming. Lucky Louie is a sitcom that is filmed, and can be shown, on HBO. They intentionally aren't trying to break the box here, folks; that's the point. I am looking forward to this show because I am sick and tired of the generic, pansy, overly formulaic, and frankly unfunny sitcom shows on network TV (and by this I don't mean My Name Is Earl, The Office, or Arrested Development, but of the Freddy, Dharma and Greg variety). This show will be a breath of fresh air and will give me a great night of comedy (Entourage, Lucky Louie and Tourgasm). I can't wait.

Also, I'm sad to report that cast member Jim Norton might not make season 2 because of his battle with AIDS. I'm currently watching his puppy and refilling his broth bowl. Thoughts and prayers.
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Potty Humor, yes.
kdogg42717 June 2006
...But my crap stinks so I don't consider this a bad thing. In reality, people make dirty jokes, and do dirty things. If you can not deal with that like an adult and laugh, then go back to first grade.

With that out of the way. This show has great potential. People smoke, drink, and have sex. And what I like is that topics aren't tip-toed around like in network sitcoms. The shows adults act like adults, instead of saints. They do things that people really do, and say things people really say.

Bottomline: it doesn't pull punches to please people that think they are above anything with an 'F' bomb and masturbation. These things really exist, and people need to grow up, and realize this.
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A bold new comedy using some brutal honesty about sex and relationships
Floydian_Slip8626 June 2006
Having watched the first three episodes of Lucky Louie I have to say I am impressed by the real world issues it choose to deal with through comedy. However, if really talking about sex makes you feel awkward, or you feel grossed out by male nudity, then this show is most likely not for you. Otherwise be prepared for some laugh out loud moments depicting a struggling young family as they deal with issues ranging from female orgasms, to racism. While this show is not where you are going to lean any profound lessons regarding these topics, it confronts them head-on in a manner that is very edgy even in today's culture. If you are open minded enough to think there is such a thing as sophisticated, gross-out humor, then you should find plenty of that here. The jokes are well executed 90% of the time and nearly the entire show is very well acted. My two complaints are the shoddy looking set design, and the 'laugh track' audience which can sometimes get annoying. These are minor complaints if what your looking for is a good laugh. The reality these characters live in is far more compelling than any sitcom out there today.
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Excellent, refreshing, original
thegenerator-127 December 2006
This is a very good and refreshing show that makes you laugh out loud and surprises you each episode.

I don't really get it why they cancel it and immediately schedule a DVD release?

Maybe it was too real for HBO to deal with and they've gone soft!

Anyway, this small little show should have gotten a second chance because it really had the potential to become a cult series. I really don't get what's up with cancelling all these nice shows nowadays and lame stuff keeps on running for years. What's up with that?

Your loss HBO. Seriously.
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So funny, but definitely not for the timid viewer
AgentThirt33n11 July 2006
After viewing the first few episodes of this sitcom I feel compelled to let my fellow IMDb-ers know that they may well extend their life spans by seeing this show! That may seem to be an idle promise, but if the old adage "Laughter is the best medicine" holds any truth whatsoever, then this may be the fabled Fountain of Youth! It should be mentioned here that it is necessary for the viewer to be comfortable with base humor and some male frontal nudity. I enjoy all types of comedy, from Pee-Wee Herman's silliness to the time tested Three Stooges slapstick, from Rowan Atkinson's brilliant pantomime to the highbrow satire of Fawlty Towers. I think this show may set a new standard for modern ribaldry! The story involves a poor family with one child, living in a shabby tenement building and doing what they need to survive in an unusually unfair world. Many story lines revolve around the couple's desire to have a satisfying sex life while trying/not trying to conceive a second child. Their discussions are frank and to the point with many instances of crude language (never in the presence of their lovely daughter, however). Also, Louie (played by Louis C. K.) has a heck of a time convincing his African-American neighbors that he isn't a racist, while circumstances conspire against him to seemingly prove just the opposite. I laughed until my sides hurt because I imagined that this was art imitating life in a real and honest fashion. Let's face it, most people will be themselves when they think there is no-one watching, and I KNOW you're all imperfect, just like me. Enjoy the mirror's reflection, if you're not too self-righteous!
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Raunchy but Hilarious
cpwebb31 July 2006
Sorry huston huddleston from Sherman Oaks CA, you were obviously watching HBO's L Channel - that is one of HBO's channels that broadcasts movies and episodes in Spanish. If you watch it on regular HBO or the 4 versions, I assure you the show is in English.

But I think if you have any degree of prudishness this show wouldn't be for you. Basically this is the kind of comedy Roseanne would have put on in her prime, if HBO gave her a show. The characters are working class, struggling to keep themselves above water and basically crudely real. Not everyones family is this way - but I sure have encountered them in the course of my life. Basic message Huston is that you don't have to mind your P's & Q's to be decent humans - even if your life is a bit rough around the edges.
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It's Not Too Late! Bring This Show Back To The Airwaves!
D_Burke3 January 2009
Television is a strange industry. It just astounds me sometimes how a show with a devoted following (although not too high ratings) gets canceled without a TV network giving it the chance to let the word of mouth spread. After all, "Seinfeld" didn't get strong ratings when it debuted, but it eventually went on to be the #1 show on television. And it seems strange that while mediocre shows like "According to Jim" and "Will & Grace" are on for at least five seasons, great shows like "Arrested Development", "Freaks & Geeks", and "Sports Night" get the shaft early on.

That said, DVD releases seem to be God's gift to TV. If it wasn't for TV shows being released to DVD, the aforementioned shows would be cast into oblivion without more people knowing how great they are. "Lucky Louie" can certainly be added to this list of great shows that were canceled too soon, and would have been unheard of had it not been for its DVD release.

I bought the entire season on a whim at an out-of-business sale a local movie and music store was having. I vaguely remember it being on HBO a few years ago, and I know Louis C.K. is a big name in the comedy writing world. So I gave it a shot not knowing exactly what to expect. I later popped the first disk into my DVD played, watched the first episode, and the next thing you know, I couldn't stop watching it. It was that good.

The show's premise is not entirely original, but it is a refreshing change from sitcoms where characters live in places they clearly can't afford with no visible means of income to support themselves. It's also good to see that in this 30-minute sitcom, the problems are surprisingly real, and they're not entirely solved by the end of the episode, nor are they forgotten about by the next episode. This element of familiarity adds real depth to the characters, and makes for very intriguing storytelling, something that has been lacking from a number of sitcoms over the last twenty years.

Louis C.K. is like Conan O'Brien in the sense that he originally made a name for himself behind the camera, such as on "Saturday Night Live" and "The Chris Rock Show". His acting wasn't great on the pilot episode, and you could see signs of some nervousness initially. However, as the episodes progressed, he really got into his character and made the whole show work.

Also noteworthy is Pamela Adlon, who plays his wife Kim. She works very well off of C.K., she looks like someone who would be married to an average guy, and she acted like a lot of people I know in similar situations. She was just a very genuine character.

Of course, the freedom to swear and show nudity on HBO is the most obvious thing that differentiates this sitcom from even the edgiest network sitcoms. Any experienced comedy professional, including the most explicit comedians, can tell you that profanity in comedy is not funny in and of itself. It has shock value, but can kill the laughs when used in excess. If anyone understands that, it's Louis C.K. and the other actors on this show. There is swearing, but it's funny. If the swearing was taken out when aired on a network TV station, this sitcom would find itself on a standstill. It also would have a hard time incorporating the brilliant supporting actors who are underrated stand-up comics Rick Shapiro and Jim Norton, who are known for their dirty mouths but are still funny. "Lucky Louie" was lucky to find its place on HBO.

I was just surprised that HBO canceled it as quickly as it did. Naturally, HBO made its name with original dramatic series including "The Sopranos" and "Oz", but they really should reconsider giving an edgy half-hour sitcom like this one another chance. One could argue that people don't normally turn to HBO for that type of show, but hour long dramatic series used to be exclusively for network TV. HBO may not bring this sitcom back from the grave, but they should have realized what kind of gem they had in their possession. In the long run, though, Louis C.K. has gotten more exposure, and he has since had his own hour-long stand-up special on none other than HBO. At least something good came out of the show being canceled in addition to a proper DVD release.

"Lucky Louie" was a brilliant show that was shorter lived than it should have been. I recommend anyone who has not seen it yet to go to your video store, or go on Netflix, and rent the first disk with the first six episodes. You may find yourself immediately wanting to see the next disk.
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Original adult entertainment in the truest sense
Ata-219 June 2006
I just watched the first episode of this show and I can't remember when I saw a sitcom where I laughed so much. The characters are hilarious in a very real way. In virtually every sitcom the dialog is one amusing anecdote after another. No one talks like that. The only way anyone is going to talk like that is if they memorized a script. Although the dialog in the show is funny and anecdotal, its something that you can believe a real-life character would say. That makes it a work of genius because obviously many have tried and few have succeeded. There is plenty of swearing, and bedroom scenes with depiction of sex. That may put some people off. However these scenes feel very real as if you are spying on the couple next door. It makes you cringe but it makes you laugh like hell.
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One of the most hilarious sitcoms ever!
gangstahippie14 August 2006
Rated TV-MA for Strong Language and Sexual Content. Quebec Rating:13+ Canadian Home Video Rating:14A Canadian TV Rating:14+

Lucky Louie is the latest sitcom from HBO.It plays on the movie network in Canada.I have seen a couple of episodes and this show is hilarious!.This is one of the best and hilarious sitcoms in recent years.It also might be the start for very adult oriented sitcoms.This sitcom is much different from others.You wont find this one on FOX.This show has plenty of profanity(including the f-word and the c-word),graphic sexual dialogue and sexual content.Definitely not for little kids.This show is about a mechanic named Louie who lives with his wife and daughter.In each episode he,his family and his friends get into many hilarious misadventures.Lucky Louie is a hilarious sitcom that you will not want to miss.


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Brilliant - but too obscene for prissy yanks.
shazrahman14 September 2008
This is a brilliant show, Louis C.K is a genius for unleashing a very genuine show that gets under your fingernails and gets them dirty.

The show captures real life as experienced by an average Joe, living in a crappy apartment with a crappy job. Maybe this was a bit too real for Americans? Or perhaps the liberal use of bad language appalled them. Either way, Only one season was mad - alas.

Pamela Adlon is brilliant, for a short woman she demands the presence of a heavyweight boxer (and probably more dangerous?). Excellent actress.

Louis - if your bored of America - come to Europe Im sure we would find a place for you :)
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Nothing new here...just more vulgar
bronty21 June 2006
Another user of this site has taken my original review to task for my presumption that, because it's on HBO, it should be as groundbreaking as, say, "The Sopranos" or "Sex in the City". He suggested that this show was never meant to be in that class. Pardon me but last time I checked the channel's motto was STILL "It's not TV. It's HBO." "Lucky Louie" is the first HBO show to use a live audience. That this show is on THE premium cable channel, home to such breakthrough programming as "The Sopranos" and "Sex in the City", should have meant it, too, was a breakthrough. Alas, the whole affair is little more than "The King of Queens" with fouler language and more ribald situations. One could also add it's pretty much similar to any sitcom out there now that features the out-of-shape, blue-collar guy with the attractive, slimmer, usually-loud-mouthed wife: he's irresponsible and insensitive, while she is loud, obnoxious, and demanding. Creator/star Louis CK, presumably a well-known comedian (usually the creators of this type of show) seems content to mine the same comedy ore Kevin James has for a number of years now with "The King of Queens". In fact, the wholesale aping of "King..." goes as far not only as stealing the goofy, man-child friend but the wife, here portrayed by one Pamela Adlon, who seems to have studied every movement and line reading of Kevin James's screen partner Leah Remini. While on the one hand it might be initially 'refreshing' or more 'realistic' to have a blue-collar couple use language in situations you'll never, ever find on network sitcoms, all the vulgar language in the world can't make funny - or original! - scenes totally lacking in direction or with actors who already think they're hilarious. Not a single performer on this show is as funny as he or she believes themselves to be, and right there the comedy is squashed. Worse still is this live studio audience, whose reactions are as instantly annoying as those on many an earlier, usually urban-set, sitcom: every kiss, every leer, and every hint of sexuality, garners waves of hootin' and hollerin', as if they were all a bunch of horny teens seeing something "naughty" for the very first time. There may be the occasional giggle that sneaks through, and I suppose HBO must be given credit for trying something new and different (now that "Carnivale", "Deadwood", and that Lisa Kudrow show have all tanked); it's a shame that the show they're trying it with doesn't live up to their standards - or that of its audience.
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Rosanne meets jerry springer
wbach310 July 2006
This show is a great mix if you live in a trailer park. Unfortunately HBO needs to realize that most the people in trailers don't get HBO. Like I said its great if you're a high school drop out. Also I don't blame the actors (except Louie) but the writing is just lame. There is no need for male frontal nudity either. When did that become funny? I'ts vulgarity gets quite old as well. I'm not against offensive language but when every other word is the F bomb it gets old. I then begin to look at the show and wonder if its really targeted towards my particular demographic and that I shouldn't have a right to complain about it because its really not designed for people like me. I hope HBO can bring more shows to life than this. On the other hand HBO's Big Love is awesome and very addicting check it out.
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The New All In The Family
RossVoss9 July 2006
HBO's Sunday night programming has always contained comedies. Particularly comedies of a more "rude" nature. Have any of you heard of Sex in the City, Curb Your Enthusiasm, or even Entourage? Lucky Louie fits in nicely with HBO's other current adult orientated comedies like Extras, Entourage, and Curb. Where's the problem with adding a new comedy to that line up, particularly one that is out of the traditional HBO mold? All in the Family was the most controversial show of the 1970's. Never before had a situation comedy brought Americans face-to-face with each other, utilizing controversial themes such as sexuality and race relations to comprise story lines. The are no new stories in TV or movies only new versions. This is Just good, funny TV. Does this has the making of great TV, maybe , maybe not? Should TV always be ground breaking or should we be able to laugh at someone who has it rougher than we do?

This was wrote by some much smarter than me.

"Two footnotes. In 1972 President Nixon took the time to view an episode of 'All in the Family' and did not find the show funny. In the nineties, when talk of bringing Archie Bunker back on television in a new setting was circulating, Carroll O'Connor expressed interest but Norman Lear did not. He knows the sad truth: Americans have become too dour to laugh at themselves."

All In The Family still makes me laugh, and in ten years i hope that Lucky Louie will make me laugh, as hard as i do at it now.
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Best New Sitcom In a Decade
jetboy9929 June 2006
Finally there is a show out there that is a true to life comedy. One of the only shows out there that people can relate to.

I'm sorry but I cant watch the OC with rich kids and their stupid problems.

This show brings real life dialog to the screen. Some people may find this show offensive and crude. But I'm willing to bet most of us have been waiting for a show that isn't watered down with the same old plot lines and jokes. Think of it as Roseanne meets Seinfeld, for the next generation.

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Doesn't Work
hydroajax6 July 2006
This show is just so bleeding awful. I suspect that the "live" audience laughing so hysterically at the lame, run-of-the-mill jokes are crew and staff members. The acting is so stiff that no line is delivered with any subleity or wit-not that any wit is contained in this thing... A standout if J Norton, whose awfulness is even more pronounced as he behaves like a cartoon character come-to-life.

All he seems to do is rant his lines as if he realizes that there is no real "funny" or "edge" to them and yelling will make it appear that he's giving you edgy material. Perhaps a delivery that's softer, or out of left field, at least, would catch the audience unaware to add some element of fun. But,no, the concept of comedy eludes him. The nudity on the show has no reference, other than to present nudity. Again, they think this will provide "edginess". Nick DiPaolo, one of my favorite stand-ups, is wasted as the super and given no jokes at all! Unbelievable.
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Funny and different
Alzie2515 August 2006
I love the show and I don't live in a trailer park. The jokes are hysterical. I really think this show is portraying just any old dysfunctional-ish family. It is definitely crude humor but if you like Louis CK's standup, you are sure to love this show.

I think that a lot of men get offended about the male nudity (there really isn't that much) because they are so used to ALWAYS seeing women nude in shows. I don't think the nudity is necessary but if Louie's wife on the show was always running around naked, I'm sure there would be NO complaints.

Bottom line...great show for those who have a sense of humor. It is nothing like anything else that is on television right now.
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One of the Best Shows on TV
Nickipup24 July 2006
I first heard about Lucky Louie on the Daily Show. The banter between Louis C.K. and Jon Stewart was hilarious. I admit I was taken aback by his language, but the topics are ones that we all think about but rarely say out loud.

The first show had me and my spouse rolling on the floor laughing. The kind of silent laughter that hurts your stomach. An earlier post says you have to live in a trailer park to like the show - I don't fit that mold, but still love the show.

We've been married over ten years and this is the first time these topics have been so addressed so openly. It has an MA rating, so if you don't want to hear bad language or see nudity, don't tune in.
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Show Review: Lucky Louie, HBO - Sunday nights @ 10:30
Kevin Conte13 August 2006
As a semi-regular listener to the Opie and Anthony show on XM Satellite Radio and fan of O&A Show regular, Jim Norton's comedy, I first heard about Norton's first endeavor into the world of television last summer when he took a few months off of his regular gig on the satellite radio show to tape the new HBO sitcom out in Los Angeles.

Norton doesn't have a very big part on the show, Lucky Louie but it's big enough for him to be able to call himself one of the stars of the show. HBO's first, "filmed in front of a live studio audience" type of sitcom and right off the bat, that was where my first trepidations were coming from. The fact that it's a sitcom with a live audience that is expected to laugh at the appropriate points in the show. This never sits well with me anymore. I have grown tired of even the setup involved with any sitcom that's, "filmed in front of a live studio audience." The jokes, no matter how raunchy they may or may not be or even how good they may or may not be, are always setup and predictable to anyone that has watched these types of shows play themselves out over the years. But that was just my first thoughts on the show so I decided to give Lil Jimmy the old benefit of the doubt and watch the show for few more weeks just to see if by some chance the show did get better. Unfortunately, it did not.

As I watched the show more and more, I began noticing how God awful the acting was, especially from the star of the show, Louie CK and his co-star Pamela Aldon who plays Kim, Louie's wife. Skipping the fact that it's yet another sitcom with a genius wife, precocious kid and dim-witted father, the acting is absolutely abysmal and week after week you sit there and watch these 2 people that look like they would have a hard time being friends with each other, let alone husband and wife, fidget and flop their way through scene after scene and then you couple all of that with the fact that these characters just aren't all that likable either.

There are absolutely no redeeming qualities to any of them at all and you just find yourself not caring so much about any of them at all and it becomes all to easy to eventually just turn the dial. The father, like I said before, is a dim-witted moron that has about as much charisma as a squashed bug and speaking of squashed. It seems that the wife's only purpose on the show is to squash what little dignity that her husband had left and belittle him at every opportunity as well. That brings me to the hell-spawn of a child that they try to pass off as being, the typical cute little sitcom kid. Well, what ever cuteness this kid does have is quickly done in by the miserably, spoiled rotten attitude she puts forth on the show week in and week out and eventually you find yourself rooting for one of her TV land parents to just reach over and smack her across the mouth.

Maybe Jim Norton will someday strike it rich on another, more original show but raunchy jokes and dis-likable characters does not make this ground breaking TV and sadly for Jimmy, I fear his days may be numbered now on HBO because I just can't foresee the show with any hope of a future on HBO past the end of this season, which thankfully comes in just a couple of short weeks.
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A disappointing experience for a fan
Dustin Luke Nelson5 June 2007
I finished watching the first season of Lucky Louie this week, and to say the least I'm quite disappointed. It's not really awful but, oh, I don't know, it's so complicated. Louis CK is great, he's one of the greatest comedians I've ever seen. He's not much of an actor but neither is Jerry Seinfeld or Larry David or Mitch Hedberg, comedy is not necessarily about acting. So that aside, I'm still disappointed. It's like when you really love a band and know the tunes they put on that EP that probably sold about 20 copies and then they put out a full length (you know, something that will actually sell) and they put the same dam songs on it. And you wonder, why did you do that? I thought we were moving on, you've recorded this before. that's what watching the only season of Lucky Louie is like if you've seen all of his stand-up repeatedly. I haven't seen his new stand-up special, I'm sure it will be great, but Lucky Louie is nothing more than a complete season of acting out his old, old comedy routines. Which is good, at times, like when he is explaining his nightmares about Hell in the confessional to the father. Priceless. But that only really takes you so far before you say, wait a second the premise of every episode is that he's left in charge of his daughter, he messes it up, his wife gets mad, they make up, everyone is a better person, until next episode when it all begins again. The show is fine, its humorous, but it isn't original, its a little redundant, it lacks the creative spin on traditional topics like marriage and kids that Louis CK made his name on. Worth a viewing, if nothing else, so that you know why HBO pulled the plug on a show that had great potential and just had not come into it's own yet.
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Great innovative show
jango107726 June 2006
Finally a show that actually shows how real people talk. My wife and I swear all the time. That happens in this show. People are nude in real life. That happens in this show.

The best part about this show is that it's filmed before a live studio audience. I haven't seen that since the friggin Cosby show!! I highly recommend this show if you are able to handle adult humor.

If not, you will say it's stupid and moronic. That's your way of saying you can't handle adult humor.

I think the writing is brilliant and like Curb Your Enthusiasm this show has no boundaries.
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Synopsis/Continuity goof
Pem122713 June 2006
I didn't think I'd like this show, but I truly did. My husband saw the previews and asked me to tape it for him so I watched it. He is an over the road truck driver. I don't know the cast member's names, but the black guy living across the hall is fabulous. His expressions say it all. The little girl playing Lucy was so cute asking "why" to all of Louie's adult explanations.

I do have a comment about continuity, tho. In Louie's kitchen, there is a window over the sink. Since there is another apartment to the right of his (facing the front door), there cannot be a window in the kitchen, unless it is looking into the apartment next door.
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The worst show HBO has aired since _Mind of the Married Man_
Craig Larson21 June 2006
Basically a foul-mouthed version of _Married, With Children_, this is painfully bad. Not funny at all. The situations are unrealistic, the acting is amateurish, and the plot...well, I struggled to get through the premiere and gladly gave up on the show after that. Who is this Louis CK anyway?

What are you thinking, HBO? I'll give you points for taking chances on things like _The Comeback_ and _Carnivale_, but this one is just too far out there. I don't know if this can be saved, but I wouldn't waste my time with it. It's certainly no _Entourage_ or _Curb Your Enthusiasm_.
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Funny and surprising
This show is funny and surprising, I watched it after seeing a clip on the daily show and it was very funny. I am surprised by how much I like this show, given that the topics it deals with and the characters it portrays are quite unlikeable in some ways but very likable in others. I think it does a great job of treading a fine line between too offensive to be watchable while still being quite out there.

This is the most interesting comedy I have seen for quite a while, a different and fresh look at a sit com. It tackles issues and things I have not seen on other shows in a quite real and interesting way.

Part of what makes it so out there is that there is a little kid involved (as an actor). The topics are so adult, but the sorts of things I could see being talked about around kids which they don't understand.
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I'd Say "Have Some Faith"
Raoulduke184520 June 2006
When I heard last year that Louis C.K. got a deal for an HBO show, I was ridiculously excited. He was (and is) probably my favorite stand-up comic going. When I heard about the show format a few months ago, I scratched my head a bit (I originally heard it was going to be skit comedy in the vein of Chappelle's Show or Taco Bell Dana Carvey) but I had faith that whatever he did would be funny. He had, after all, been one of the most consistently funny stand-ups in the past ten years, from his Dr. Katz stuff to his HBO special and the many stage performances I'd seen in between. I will admit that I have not been fully satisfied with his first two episodes. The writing is uneven and a bit base and the acting is fairly poor; I've gotten a few laughs, but not the usual C.K. laughs per capita. That said, I still have faith because I've been through this before. When I first saw Curb Your Enthusiasm, I hated it. It took a couple of episodes for Larry and I to hit it off, but we did and now it is one of my favorite shows. Same could be said for my experience with Chappelle's Show, The Office (both American and British), and even my favorite show of my adult life, Arrested Development. Louis C.K. is of the same comedic caliber as Larry David, Dave Chappelle, Ricky Gervais, etc., and because of this, I have faith that the show will hit its stride and I won't miss a minute of it when it does.
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Gone, Thank God!
earthworm99924 July 2008
This show was absolutely painful to watch. It just wasn't funny. What is so funny about two parents who can not deal with their child? Let's see, we have the token black neighbors, the idiots that Louie works with, and a host of worthless characters. Reruns of All in the Family would provide twice the humor. HBO has been known for quality programming and somehow this slipped through the cracks. Even OZ had more humor in it. If the desire to watch this show enters into your brain, just go down to the local funeral parlor check out the dead bodies. Just because someone can do stand up doesn't mean the it will translate onto the screen. Don't waste your time
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