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Absolutely Marvelous
h_M_nicholson22 September 2005
I enjoyed this show to no end. It was great, a thousand times better than it's same slotted ABC competition. It showed the military from a perspective that few people get to see. I love that fact that Benjamin's character was is in the Delta Force and is able to give his battlefield perspective, when important military decisions are made. As a Non Commissioned Officer myself, it is all to rare when you see officers concentrating on the men and mission and not the politics. These few officers are greatly appreciated by people such as myself. The show was complete from top to bottom. It had great suspense and conflict and it told a great story. IT's like getting to see a great Jerry Bruckheimer produced movie every week. I saw zero flaws in this show. It was so realistic that it's scary to see how much insight the public has to the Department of Defense. Politics versus Soldiers is the classic struggle that we face everyday. There is nothing on TV better than this show
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What's wrong with this show?
DeweyQ16 October 2005
Critics of this show say there is a fundamental flaw with the concept of E-Ring: the main characters, including the protagonist played by Benjamin Bratt, are not really heroes.

The line of thinking says that characters have to operate completely autonomously to be considered heroic. The comments I've seen point out that Bratt and his colleagues (including boss Dennis Hopper) direct others to do the work but need to get approval from above for that work to be carried out. In other words, they don't DO anything themselves.

I watched the episodes I've seen with a jaundiced eye, the critics' words in mind. But Bratt comes off as, while slightly arrogant and naive, a true crusader who is learning to work the system to get very heroic things done. Along the way he designs some pretty creative military missions.

Jerry Bruckheimer may be stretching himself a little thin, but this one is pretty darn good. I would give it 7 out of 10. For one thing, the acting and writing (discounting a few egregious clichés) is better than CSI: Miami.
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Great Show!
Adam Bernay27 September 2005
The pilot of this show was great. Action-packed, well-written, and well-acted. It reminded me a lot of Tom Clancy's writing. Those who think the show was too "macho"... well, that's Special Forces for you. They ARE like that. I wouldn't be surprised if Benjamin Bratt spent some time for Special Forces types in preparation for the show. I also loved Dennis Hopper as the colonel (great to see Hopper in action!) and the actor playing the under-secretary is one of my favorite character actors. The Marine sergeant was the perfect senior NCO -- "I make things work while you guys skate on thin ice". The characterization was brilliant! I enjoyed "E-Ring" immensely and will be following it weekly... and I'm not just saying that because a cousin worked props on the pilot!
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GREAT!! Right on the money!
sgtscream10 October 2005
What can I say, this show is awesome. I thought that it was researched and right on target. I could try to nick pick certain terminology used but that would be really weak and sorry. This was done right! Forget what the civilians say about this show. Trust me B.T.D.T. and the producers and writers are dang near 100% on this show. Terms are on the money forget what so called or want to be "experts" think they are in the dark, which is where they need to stay. Great action, super dialog and a crew of actors that show no sign of stopping.I hope that the general public will support this show and keep it going for many years to come.

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We really enjoyed this show & want it back!
jemer340527 April 2006
We want E-Ring returned to it's original prime-time location. It made Wednesday evening something to look forward to. Enjoyed the action & the personal interchange of the characters. Ventures into the Middle East are informative. We considered E-Ring an intelligent introduction into the workings of our military & state departments. A look into our covert shenanigans is helpful in keeping the American people aware of our government's activities in other nations. Excellent & interesting cast! Powerhouses like Dennis Hopper & Benjamin Bratt really added spark! We were also really looking forward to MSgt Jocelyn Pierce's budding romantic relationship. Hopefully, E-Ring will return! Soon!
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fills the void left by JAG
ztownley6 October 2005
Been missing Harm, Mac, Bud and Harriet, et al. I think Tisnewski, McNulty and Pierce may be the answer.

Love the rule-breaking for the right reasons and the loyalty. Loyalty is big in my book. Sorry, but there are a lot of us old-fashioned types still out here!

Also, like the bike-riding to the Pentagon! That is GREAT stuff.

The feisty Pierce is probably my favorite character so far. She stands up to the big boys and delivers a lot of tough love.

Hopper surprised me as McNulty. I like him.

Tisnewski is appropriately sexy, completely good and right. In short, he's courageous as a Gryffindor (can't resist the Harry Potter references you know).

The other characters aren't developed enough yet, but I'm convinced so far.

Bring on the white hats.
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What "West Wing" did for the White House, "E-Ring" does for the Pentagon
Dave Eaton9 November 2005
Into what has become a recent sub-genre of network television -- that of the government operational-situation drama -- NBC's newest entry, "E-Ring," boldly enters the arena.

Sharing the same network as the hugely successful "West Wing," "E-Ring" draws inescapable comparisons to its popular predecessor. Simply put -- what "West Wing" did for the White House, "E-Ring" does for the Pentagon.

Helmed by Hollywood uber-producer Jerry Bruckheimer, E-Ring is set in the all-powerful outermost ring of the Pentagon's five concentric corridors, where special-ops military responses to the ever-changing world situation are planned and executed. As one might expect, such an open-ended, dynamic setting lends itself to an almost limitless list of scenarios -- ripe for the traditional hour-long TV drama format.

The basis for "E-Ring" centers around a newly-assigned special-ops Army major, Jim Tiznewski, or "J.T.," played superbly by Benjamin Bratt. The series follows Tiznewski from his initial posting to the Pentagon from his former field-operations status as he reports to his new C.O., played by film veteran Dennis Hopper in a canny bit of casting. Along the way, the pair deal with up-to-the-minute intelligence reports from around the globe, determine which are deserving of immediate military attention and then apply the appropriate response.

Bratt and Hopper are joined by a well-placed supporting cast, including Anjenue Ellis as the tough-as-nails Marine Sargent who serves as the logistical guru who holds the Spec-ops planning office together; Kelly Rutherford, who plays the high-ranking civilian counsel acting as a legal liaison between the Pentagon and the White House; Joe Morton, as the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Spec-ops who serves as the ranking decision-maker for Bratt and Hopper; and, in another bit of brilliant casting, former "Brat-Packer" Andrew McCarthy as a slippery Congressional liaison (a casting choice not unlike that of Rob Lowe in the early seasons of West Wing).

Although original plans for the series apparently called for Bratt's character to be married, those plans were changed in favor of having "romantic interests." It is hard to imagine that the first of these "romantic interests" could be improved upon -- at least from a plot standpoint -- as his first live-in girlfriend is a covert CIA operative who sometimes "unofficially" hands him key bits of intelligence. This development should remain an interesting sub-plot for many episodes to come.

What impresses me, as a viewer, is that the show has the ring of authenticity. Although I have never served in the military, a friend of mine has -- even spending time in the Pentagon itself -- and reports that, although the show has the usual amount of TV glamorization added to it for dramatic purpose, it has enough accuracy to hit close to the mark. Characters in the show might bend the rules occasionally, but respect for chain-of-command is inherent throughout.

Also impressive is that the show does not take on a level of high-handed moral "preachiness" which might mar a lesser show. The main theme to "E-Ring," if there is one, is that the military takes care of its own -- because others won't -- and this is done with a minimum of political strings attached.

Between the excellent cast, intelligent story lines which are suitably complex without being burdensome and the high-quality Hollywood-like production values undoubtedly insisted upon by Bruckheimer, "E-Ring" has the potential to be a sure-fire hit -- providing NBC gives it enough of a chance for it to find its audience.

Grade: 9, out of 10.
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Grading the Show E-ring
njricky4 July 2006
I really enjoyed the show, E-Ring. I am a veteran of 26 years military service and got to work briefly at the Pentagon and found the show to be very authentic.

I have not heard if the show is coming back and would be extremely disappointed if NBC does not bring it back.

All the actors are superb and I have been a huge Dennis Hooper fan since the 60's. Benjamin Bratt is very talented and does add a lot the the show. The rest of the cast are superb also.

Please bring back.

Thank You
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Enjoyable show, even if not perfectly accurate
temp0-126 April 2006
The political and bureaucratic hurdles facing covert operations make an interesting and informative juxtaposition to the actual operations themselves. The show is like the West Wing (with somewhat less left-wing bias) combined with The Unit (without the soap opera/Desperate Housewives storyline). The characters are realistic, and the special forces exploits appear fairly plausible; however, I doubt that Pentagon staffers head into the field with any regularity, even if that does make for good television.

I enjoy E-Ring and hope NBC or another network picks it back up and continues to run it. (It would be amusing if E-Ring were to go the way of JAG, which started on NBC, was dropped at the end of the first season, and then ran for nine additional, successful seasons on CBS.) Whoever runs it, I certainly hope the show is not killed for good.

Thanks for reading.

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One of the best new dramas!
SonicStuart25 November 2005
I think of "E-Ring" is a NBC's version of FOX's "24" but yet a in different style. "E-Ring" is about a former CIA agent, Jim "J.T." Tisnewski (Benjamin Bratt) who is an irreverent and resourceful U.S Army Major who works with Colonel McNulty (Dennis Hopper) in the military team. It's a hub of highly explosive conflicts between American military heroes and the civilians to whom they report -- a world where crises can escalate into life-and-death climaxes, for individuals or entire nations! I'm glad Jerry Bruckheimer decided to do this show instead of making another CSI show because those CSI shows are kind of getting out of line! Plus I wonder if Dennis Hopper's character will die at all? Because vast majority of the characters he plays, most of them die. But if you want a show with good action, you should check out this one! This show premiered on NBC, September 2005.

User Rating: 9/10

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