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Hair Battle Spectacular and the continuing legacy of Pimp My Ride

It all began with Pimp My Ride, but since then a number of equally bizarre spin-offs have revved their way on to TV screens

The etymology of what it meant to "pimp" altered inexorably on 3 March, 2004, when the career of one Alvin Nathaniel Joiner took something of an unexpected turn. The resonance of this change of tack continues to be felt to this very day. Joiner, perhaps better known by his stage nom-de-plume Xzibit, joined the crew of a new MTV show in which automobiles were stripped down to their underpants and lavishly rebuilt to boast additional features like sound systems capable of loosening fillings, flatscreen televisions, gaming consoles, kitchenettes and squash courts. The show was called Pimp My Ride, and things were never quite the same again.

It spawned a legion of region-specific, spin-off "pimping" shows, including versions in Italy, France and one in the UK hosted by gangly hip-hop supremo Tim Westwood.
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