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Film Is Hell, says moviemaker-turned-author

  • Fangoria
Anyone anxious to jump into the low-budget movie scene will find a cautionary tale in Matthew Howe’s new book Film Is Hell, coming next month from Laurelton Media. In its pages, Howe (writer and director with Howard S. Berger of the ’90s underground shocker Original Sins) recalls his post-film-school years working for Sultan Film Productions, a purveyor of action and horror cheapies (its fright credits include The Bog Creatures, Fort Doom and Blood Relic).

“My association with Sultan began as a dream—a chance to make my living making independent movies—but quickly turned nightmarish,” Howe tells Fango. “I got on board just as the bottom dropped out of the international film market. I worked harder than I ever have in my life for Sultan, but all in vain. Not only did I not manage to make much money during those years, but the movies we produced during that period redefined horrible.
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