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Awesome show

Author: insecteye-1 from Canada
31 May 2009

I cannot believe that some parents are commenting that "dressing up in as girls and using makeup" will turn their boys into homosexuals. May as well torch all the re-runs of Mr. Dressup, chop up the famous tickle trunk and label Ernie Coombs as the instrument of Satan!! Please. Who are the parents protecting here, their own insecurity or their kids?

I have to say that the show is absolutely awesome for young children, 1 to 4. The show does not contain any kind of violence, negativity, elements of bullying, or anything that young children don't need. They need exactly what Toopy and Binoo are showing. Caring, sharing, using their imagination, being good spirited and full of joy. I'm so happy this show doesn't show any kind of negative elements, because lets face it there are plenty those for them later!

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Toopy and Beano;Obviously Meant for Children Not Their Unfortunately Ignorant Parents

Author: anfractuosity from Canada
23 July 2008

Toopy and Binoo is a children's show which makes use of voices that would be engaging to children, along with bright colours and simplistic story lines. Because Toopy and Binoo is children's programming, obviously it's meant to be watched by all children (ie: not just boys). Toopy and Binoo explore various story lines, regardless of gender connotations, because their audience is diverse. Ignorant parents should try to remember that Toopy and Binoo are animals and not people, children who make up the viewing audience for Toopy and Binoo do not see animals as gendered. I also worry about the type of children these biased parents are raising.

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My son loves this show!

Author: t2877 from Canada
17 May 2007

After reading some of the comments regarding this show, I felt compelled to comment as well. My son is almost two and absolutely loves watching Toopy and Binoo. I admit when I first seen the show, I thought it was annoying and wondered about them wearing dresses(I assumed Toopy and Binoo were boys). But after watching them for awhile now, they have won me over as well. I really don't feel that Toopy and Binoo wearing dresses is that big of a deal. To be perfectly honest, I don't think the show has ever stated that Toopy and Binoo were boys. Which, if I'm right, would be smart to leave that open for interpretation. I don't think the show is trying to promote anything negative. I don't feel that my son is going to become gay or a cross-dresser because of watching a cartoon. That is ridiculous! All I see when watching the show with my son is two friends using their imagination and having a lot of laughs.

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Not A Bad Show

Author: medicalguy2 from Ottawa Canada
29 September 2007

This show is not as bad as people make it out to be. The story is of a mouse named Toopy and his stuffed cat friend Binoo , who also has a toy named Mr. Patchy Patch. Yes the show does not teach the alphabet or numbers like Sesame Street or similar shows. But it does teach children to use their imaginations. Little adventures into story books, or different worlds. It is a cute show and although not for older children, works well for younger ones. It is just a fun little show that shows children that if they use their imagination anything is possible and all types of adventures can be sought out. If you are looking for a show to teach your children something wholesome , this is the show for them.

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Great Show

Author: Wendy Rosa from Canada
15 July 2007

I have 4 kids and they all love Toopy and Binoo. We always knew when the show was coming on because the kids would remind us, getting all excited and shouting about it. Now that the dvds' have come out we do not worry about it because we have it on demand now. I am waiting to find the plush toys for Toopy and Binoo. My kids would absolutely love to have them. It is hard to tell them there are no toys of the two of them yet. I really like the show, it is funny and cute, even if they are dressing up like girls in dresses or being princesses I think the point is to cater to boy and girl audiences. I have no complaints about this show at all. I mean at least they aren't a couple of bunnies with no parents.

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Great for young kids (2 - 5 years old)

Author: stephen777 from Toronto
1 June 2006

My three year old son loves both the TV show and the web site (see the link below). He has enjoyed the show off and on for over a year now. Almost all of the other 10 boys at his day care also watch the show.

This is an animiated fantasy based show from the perspective of a young boy Toopy and his stuffed animal friend Binoo and other characters.

Almost all of the action and conversations take place with inanimate objects but the boys imagination brings them to life. Messages on reading, getting outside and sleeping are high on the list of activities.

The colours, music and relationships are all good. The show is produced in both English and french but almost all the merchandise is in French.

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Teaches more important lessons than mathematics and language.

Author: Lem Betler from Canada
20 December 2015

It may not be educational in the same way other shows are. Sure, it may not teach you how to spell or how to add. On the surface, it may seem completely nonsensical and just a colorful flashy show of some rat and his stuffy playing together.

As a child and youth care practitioner, I find this show an important and bold step toward child entertainment. With homophobia still existing, there are lots of people out there who seem to think this show is some great force of evil trying to brainwash their children into becoming gay. I see it more as building tolerance to people of certain orientations. And yes, maybe your son may want to try on high heels because Toopy did. So what? How many people are going to die because your son put on high heels? None, that's how many. The show has also been accused of romanticizing sexual behavior between men, but there is absolutely no sexuality outlined in this show. Toopy and Binoo take baths together? So what? Is it suddenly a sexual thing? My friends and I have been in a hot tub together, and we're all straight men.

Sexuality and homophobia aside, this show is great. It teaches love and compassion, and it reinforces a positive attitude. There is no promotion of aggression, no children throwing temper tantrums (Caillou), and no negativity. Toopy is an all-around loving character, and he's always looking out for his best friend Binoo. They have loads of fun together, and this is what children should picture when they picture true friendship.

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if you kids like it, leave it

Author: findly-creek-freak from Canada
24 May 2013

Okay, this show is cute for kids. my daughter loves it. so to all those parents that are complaining about this show because so called "cross- dressing" and promoting gay views, you all need to grow up. its a kids show. there is nothing wrong with this show, its aimed for kids and kids love it so leave it alone. by doing this you are showing that you are against gays which is a bad attitude to aim towards your kids. they will learn worse things from you with that attitude then the show. im sure most of you parents saying these things grew up watching bugs bunny, and he always dressed as a woman, did that make you want to be a cross-dresser or gay? i didn't think so. so come on. leave it alone. over critics.

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To much to soon...

Author: Mardy Anderson from Canada
10 March 2014

Of all the children's TV shows nowadays this is definitely one of the worst. First of all the voice of Toopy the mouse is beyond annoying, but more than that I find this show to be far to much at such a young age. I don't even feel comfortable letting my 8 month old daughter watch this show. Children's brains pick up on far to much and I find this show to be far to sexual and lovey for kids(monkey see, monkey do). It teaches little boys that it is okay to openly dress up as full fledged girls (not that anything is wrong with "dress up"). It is the fact that young boys could potentially be setting themselves up to be bullied for this leading to a lot more problems.For 2 boys to be taking baths, sleeping in the bed together, kissing, this is no question that Toopy and Binoo are more than just "best friends". The show is completely pointless with empty episodes and no knowledge or learning games, counting, etc.Long story short I don't agree with the message that this show is putting into young children's heads and teaches them to be far to lovey and sexual. These types of shows should be reviewed by a much more diverse crowd before being aloud to be shown to thousands of kids.

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Wow people.

Author: Rosanna Gagne
26 January 2016

I would like to point out that Toopy and Binoo is originally a french book series written by a FEMALE author. For those that think homosexual men are conspiring against their straight children. Also, Binoo is Toopy's stuffed animal. Not his gay lover. God forbid children use their imaginations once in a while, wouldn't want to get in the way of all the "clean" educational shows out there. Lots of little boys have tried on high-heels or their big sisters clothes before Toopy and Binoo came along. Oh. I better stop breast feeding too because the little guy started feeding his doll that way. I guess I should take away the doll too because boys shouldn't have babies.

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