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a dull messy plot with bad cuts

Author: onys from Finland
30 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie really puzzled me, who was it made for? It had loads of chick-things, chick-talk, chick-behavior, all the usual excessive naive girlie stuff - but then again it had so many ass-close ups I lost my count. In general the plot was rough on the edges and it rolled forward quite shatteringly. They tried adding some drama to spice things up, but managed to do a lousy job and the characters seemed more like sociopaths with multi-personalities than sensible feeling people. Only somewhat decent scene was when Gabbys father died and you could actually experience some real feelings in the moment. Mostly the cuts were very sloppy and had meaningless stops to body parts or random background things (like the surfer dudes, what was up with that?? They had absolutely nothing to do with movie but were filmed so much I was already waiting something to happen, like girls falling down watching the surfers so much while running, but no, nothing. They were just useless crap there to waste some film.). In general scenes were hard to follow and filled with loads of unnecessary bad looking effects, just giving the overall feel of an amateur filming. It just looked dirty.

I can put up easily with bad sports in a teenage "sport" movie, cause that is maybe the hardest thing to do; you can have good and pretty actors or good and pretty athletes, but damned to find a pretty, talented actor slash athlete - not to mention a whole team of them. That just the way it goes. If you want to watch a seriously taken sport movie, there's really not many out there, but maybe get something like "Million Dollar Baby". What truly hit my nerves bad, was the drugging part - with a hormone *laugh*. Melatonin is naturally produced sleeping hormone by our bodies so you can catch some sleep. Even a high amount it wont make you look like on drugs and hallucinate, it just makes you at most over time somewhat sleepy and yawn - like every night when your ready to go to bed! If your up and active that will counteract with the sleepiness feeling, hey we all have stayed up pass our bedtimes and know whats that like. Melatonin is not a sleeping medicine and might not even work at all if you have a bad insomnia. Trying to drug someone with melatonin is the stupidest thing I've ever heard - hey why don't you go ahead and try to put some birth control pills in it the next time! Now that would really make people loose their minds and screw up coordination and sight, don't you think? Not caring to check out a single very easy detail in your script, that is nevertheless essential to the plot, just makes me despise the makers very much.

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You got Served just with a Latin flavor and volleyball

Author: nycbutterfly116 from United States
20 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I had nothing else to do so I watched this. It follows three rich girls ( one of them is Ciara) who have to travel to the miniature "ghetto" private school so they can play volleyball after their private school burns down. One of the girls quickly falls in love with the singer from 3LW( Adrianne Bailon)'s on again off again boyfriend. One of them just stuffs her face, and Ciara just decides to be rude. This movie was so terrible. I don't buy Adrianne's ghettoness one bit, and the way they play those stereotypical roles gave me a headache. I really didn't enjoy this at all. The highlight was Pedro from Napeleon Dynamnite was in. Don't waste your time buying the DVD, I wouldn't even recommend watching on MTV.

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inspirational, funny and some real life turns blended in.

Author: earthprime-websites from United States
12 December 2006

This movie was better than I expected. It presented a positive view about what persons can do with their life, even if life is not fair. With some comedy, real life situations and disappointments and how determination can overcome almost any challenge, this movie is must see. It shows how different walks of life can get along when a common goal is presented. Also showing that no matter what side of the tracks you're from, inside we are all basically the same.

We strive to be better. A better person, player, friend or just trying to understand how to handle life itself.

This movie will make you sad, happy, laugh and at times even dance for the sake of dancing. Very well made in my opinion. I wish more movies with this type of message were made more often.

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Author: beda_sha3 from Italy
1 December 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is THE MOST HORRIBLE movie I've ever seen... it's just...useless...the story is useless, the characters are useless and sometimes, in the case of Ciara and of "the boyfriend", they are just BAD!!! Of all the singers who tried acting Ciara is so far the worst I've seen, she's just...I don't find an adjective bad enough to describe it. AND what about the scene where Adrienne Bailon finds out that her ex is in a relationship with the blonde chick...she rushes out of the club, camera moves on the couple and they kiss right that moment! It's like they were rehearsing!!! It's one of the worst kisses I've ever seen in movies! Horrible Horrible Horrible

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Author: MingLee16 from United States
3 July 2006

Well MTV Movies are usually not good movies, because of the cast that they choose. Adrienne Bailon (3LW) in this movie showed a more dramatic side of her, then I've ever seen. I was shocked and excited that should could put on a performance, she could be a good actress. Now as for Ciara she mentioned that she didn't have acting classes to do this movie, well she should have, because like someone stated there wasn't a character it was "Ciara." If you looked closely you can see that she smiles when trying to be serious. Other than that I like movies that deal with teenage drama, because it's some what true. I would say if your a fan of any one in this movie go get it, other then that don't.

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the volleyball is pathetic.

Author: pikayeshchu from United States
31 July 2006

Yeah, they needed to hire actual volleyball players, because the volleyball was absolutely pathetic. Terrible hitting form, terrible passing form...the only thing they did right was the warm ups before the games, but even that was so so.... They could have at least undimmed the lights to make it feel like they were in a gym. No volleyball player in their right mind would want to play in such dim light. I hate it when people ruin sports in movies by either not hiring people who actually play the sport or going with stereotype...sad....The acting needed some work too, although Adrienne Bailon did a good job, Ciara did not do so well... She should stick to singing. The story was so typically mtv it was sickening...

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Could have been a good movie

Author: SnoopyStyle
2 March 2014

Lauren (Sarah Wright), Becca (Ciara), and Kaitlan (Taylor Cole) are 3 privileged volleyball players and best friends. They lose the championship game to Gabby (Adrienne Bailon) and her team. Six months later, there's a fire at the school. The three friends are forced to get on the same team as Gabby. Gabby loses her father to the school fire. Just as the team seems to hit its stride. The team runs into boy trouble, jealousy, and competition creating chaos in its wake.

Coach Harlan (Faizon Love) wonders if this is gangsta volleyball. The movie tries so hard to be cool that it really looks cheesy. The volleyball action is lackluster. One character points out that Gabby is too short. It's good that the movie beats me to the punch, but it doesn't make her grow 3 inches. There is enough girl drama to drive this movie. If they could leave the hip hop posing out of it, this could have been a good movie.

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Author: kristen flores from United States
23 August 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay The Movie Was A Great Movie.I Thought It Wouldn't Be Good Because I Don't Even Like Volley Ball.Though This Movie Teaches About Joining Together And Becoming A Team.It Flows Together.Its Showing Responsibility,Love,Fighting Pretty Much Everything A Girl Has To Have In Her Life.Except There's One Thing That Is Getting Me Twitchy LOL WHAT IS THAT GUYS NAME? his fake name in movie is like Marty or something.But like he is so hot!!!!!I need to know his name!!!I MUST!!The movie was on fire but i want to know his name....i was looking at credits and hes not on there.Anyways back to the movie i cant get sick of it.Some parts got me balling my fist hard and like screaming "NO Don't DO IT!" it got me thrilled i should say.I really enjoy the movie.Im glad that it was made.I thought volleyball was a lame sport until i watched this movie.Ugh i just cant stop talking about it

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Remind me not to play Volleyball.....

Author: lost_is_love from United States
20 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this movie on "MTV". All this movie proved was that volleyball is VERY competitive and the only one who could act in this movie were Adrienne Bailon and the man from desperate housewives(he played a volleyball girl's father).

This movie wasn't bad but it was not really good either. It did have its moments like when Adrienne was told by coach that she was off the team her acting was VERY good. Also after she was told she off the team her reaction in the hallway was just awesome acting . But in Ciara's moment to shine when she was apologizing to the team for what she did(you'll have to see the movie inorder to find out what that is) Adrienne Bailon ended up stealing the scene from her and out shining her.

I found the ending extremely unrealistic and cliquche. It was a tad bit annoying because it actually could have had a good ending. Many of the people in the movie didn't even look like they were acting it was annoying. But besides the amateur acting that you got from everyone in the movie except Adrienne Bailon and the few minor gliches in the plot line, this movie managed to keep my attention for an hour and a half.

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You know it's an MTV film....

Author: Brandi Marie ( from United States
21 May 2006

There's a time when movies come along and just blow you out of the water and make you forget you're watching a movie. Unfortunately "All You've Got" isn't that movie. It's the typical teenage MTV movie teenagers, their lives, school, and everything that comes with it. Even though there's some messages behind the film, I wouldn't recommend it to everybody. Singer Ciara's debut on film was less than stellar. She really needs more classes as her lines were flat and I kept thinking 'This is Ciara, not Becca Watley.' But I have to say that I was impressed with Adrienne Bailon (3LW), who has only been acting for a few years, and Faizon Love's (The Parent 'Hood) performances. I have to say Love needs more roles, as he can really act.

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