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Nazis. I hate these guys.

Author: Dan Franzen (dfranzen70) from United States
4 April 2012

I admit that I don't know what to make of this, that there's been a run of comic-book movies that have managed to be plausible and thrilling, not cheap knockoffs rushed out to exploit a fad. Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the former. It features a terrific performance by Chis Evans as the Cap, a modicum of special effects and CGI, a slimy villain played by Hugo Weaving, and the famous backdrop of World War II. So help me, I found myself liking the movie despite my preconceptions.

Steve Rogers (Evans) is a spindly, sickly young man who's full of desire to go fight those dastardly Nazis, but he's just too frail for the military, so he's classified 4F. Several times, in fact, under different names. A mysterious scientist named Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) recruits Rogers to be part of a secret project: he'll inject Rogers' major organs and arteries with a new serum that will turn him into a super soldier. The military, represented by Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), and the CIA, represented by Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) are very interested in the results. Well, the results aren't too good, as the Nazis grab the serum and prevent anyone from making more super soldiers. But at least the US has Rogers, right? He's now super strong, fast, and agile.

But one man is not an army, so instead of leading troops to victory Rogers is instead hired as a sort of USO cheerleader for war bonds. Yep, seriously. But you can't keep the good Captain down for long, and soon he is indeed leading some crazy mission to rescue his best friend Bucky and assorted Allied troops while also looking out for the nefarious Red Skull, head of Hitler's science division.

It's well cast. Evans is believable as both the skinny Rogers and the pumped-up Captain America. He's earnest without seeming to take himself or the movie too seriously. Tucci, Jones, Weaving and newcomer Atwell are top notch as well.

Even bearing in mind that this movie is merely a setup for the big Avengers film coming out soon (as were other movies, like Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk), one can easily lose oneself in the great old-time action-adventure feel this one has, reminiscent of 1991's The Rocketeer. You have mad scientists, mythical technology, Nazis, all-American good guys, lots of neat guns. It's not a loud bore like Transformers, and the action scenes are well staged, as are the pyrotechnics. Throw in a believable plot (at least in the realm of comic-book movies), and this one's above average for the genre. I've probably said this before about other movies, but this is definitely one that's what a comic-book movie should be - daring, easy to follow, full of pulse-pounding action, and human.

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Superb in many ways. Great Fun!

Author: vicvonfate from United States
14 January 2012

Is there more to say? The sheer joy that this movie provides makes you happy to love movies. You feel blessed. And you want to thank Joe Johnson, or some god of the arts, for bringing this film, these characters to life. You fall back into a state close to childhood, when every new picture you saw was the best there is. You spend two hours smiling. Just smiling...

2011 was a great year for action/adventure and Captain America The First Avengers is right at the top of that impressive list. MARVEL is definitely on a roll… what with the record breaking success of Iron Man as well as Thor hitting big this year. Let's not forget how good X-Men First Class turned out and that Spider-Man is getting a facelift and will tear it up next year. Speaking of next year, let's not forget all this greatness has been leading up to THE AVENGERS!!!!

This movie was excellent and entertaining and deserves all the praise it has gotten. Superb in many ways.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Incredible Movie, should be watched by everyone!

Author: p-valderhaug from Norway
26 December 2011

I never had any relationship to the Captain America comics, i always found the all-American hero to be a bit too much for me. Based on this, i did not have high expectations for this movie. I was proved wrong. From the first scene to the last i was glued to the screen. Chris Evans portrays the All-American kid from Brooklyn Steve Rogers perfectly.

Through this movie my joy for Captain America was highly raised. Over the last years there has been many movies based off of Marvels comic book superheroes, this is by far my favorite, it gave life to probably the most heroic of all the superheroes. The antagonist is also portrayed rather well. The only thing i did not like about the movie is the ending. I feel like it was a bit pushed so that it would fit with The Avengers in 2012, but that was it.

To give this movie an eight is based on the fact that this movie did justice to the comic book character and showed him as a freedom fighter, someone who will do anything to keep people safe, instead on showing him off with his red, white and blue colors. If you like superheroes, you really should watch this one.

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35-Year Cap Fan Very Happy

Author: hsjones2112 from United States
13 December 2011

The first Marvel comic book I bought on a newsstand was The Invaders #16 (cover dated May 1977, bought in February), and Captain America was my first favorite superhero. So I've been anticipating this film somewhat nervously for a long time. It not only didn't disappoint; it blew me away! Best Marvel movie yet. It has a simple, focused story line that stayed true to the original character; awesome visuals throughout; and perfect casting. Deviations from the original storyline are, as always, forgiven by me. Fact is they captured the essence of Captain America just as it first sparked my ten year-old imagination in 1977. Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

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They keep doing this, Hollywood Script Writers......

Author: tim-1419 from United Kingdom
10 December 2011

what do you call a superhero in a world of superheroes? Answer...normal. Green Lantern was totally ruined by making the first and the last movie in one go, same with Thor. Why can't we have a superhero who lives in the real world, dealing with real world problems. We didn't need Red Skull in this movie until at least movie two. A whole world war with both side racing to make atomic bombs was enough for movie one. These super hero movies are too much too quick. Slow down Hollywood. Anyway, Captain America is BY FAR the best of the recent superhero movies. Steve Rogers has much in common with Peter Parker. People you can genuinely like and care about. A great standard of film making throughout. No SFX overkill (Green Lantern) and the wonderful, irreplaceable Tommy Lee Jones. Definitely one for my collection!

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Something Deeper?

Author: Klas3176 from United States
6 December 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is obvious that Captain America is an enormously popular flick, and although there will always be people who find some fault in one aspect or another, just looking at the numbers makes it clear that this movie strikes a chord in the hearts of a good majority of Americans. Many people have already given their opinions on the movie itself – whether or not it follows the original storyline well enough, or whether or not the characters were believable enough – and I have nothing novel to say on that point. However, I do want to point out some of the themes that struck me within the movie because I firmly believe that Captain America's popularity springs from something deeper within it. We've seen Hollywood spit out one action flick after another, but not all of them have the same appreciation, so what's the deal with this one? Captain America's action scenes are cool but they're really not any more stunning than the next movie, it has comedic elements without being overly funny, and there is very little in the way of sexual material to grab the audience's attention. No, I think the reason for Captain America's popularity lies in its themes of character and sacrifice.

In Steve Rogers we find a scrawny little guy with one goal in life: to serve his country with honor. We see in the opening scenes how Rogers possesses an irrepressible inner drive to be a part of the war, but it is not for himself, his desire is completely selfless. "Men are laying down their lives," he tells his friend, Buckey, "how can I do any less?" The plot makes it crystal clear that Rogers is chosen for the super- soldier program for what is inside him – his character – and the success he experiences throughout the movie are accomplished because of his selfless determination to do the right thing no matter what. Could it be that audiences find it so easy to root for this guy because they recognize the value of character, or the value of doing the right thing? Although many people want to assert that nobody can tell you what is right or wrong, the response from audiences to a guy who selflessly and consistently does the right thing tells us otherwise.

Similarly, the theme of sacrifice seems to connect quite a bit with us as an audience. All throughout the movie, Rogers is sacrificing himself for others. When the only opportunity open to him is to be a performer in a ridiculous suit, he swallows his pride and takes it, sacrificing his dream to be a part of the army so that he can support the troops in any way possible. Of course the biggest example of Rogers' sacrifice is the ultimate one he makes at the very end, by laying down his life to save the city. Could it be that people love Captain America so much because they recognize the beauty of the sacrifices, especially the ultimate sacrifice he made? Could it be true that, "Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends" (John 15:13)?

I know some people may not want to believe in "antiquated" or "overly religious" ideas such as selflessness, moral character, and sacrificing ones self for others, but when we watch movies like Captain America, I think we start to understand that these things really are imprinted in our hearts. Captain America gets high marks from me; it is first-rate in its quality and quite deep in its themes.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

At last - a stand-out Superhero!

Author: guyincognito1 from United Kingdom
29 November 2011

There are many superhero movies, but Captain America is one that has caught my eye, and this alone, with the vast expanse of similarly-themed films, only ameliorates the success of Joe Johnston's adaptation of a comic-book story of a young man who loves his country. This theme in itself is enough, as films such as Glory (1989), Rocky (1976), and Patton (1970) have already shown, but although the patriotism in Captain America is blatant for all to see (just look at his name!), it is ultimately justified. The original 'Captain America' was, as the film explains (in a roundabout way) merely a morale-booster, a propaganda ploy, and Johnston used this to his advantage.

By showing how this ploy was nowhere near as effective as people thought it would be this film serves also as a reminder of true American values, not just the petty bureaucratic ones of government officials. But I digress. I don't pretend that this film has any true moral values, other than those of 'goodness over evil' which is the central theme of any superhero film. What I do say, however, is that this film, for me at least, has been an enormous success, not least because of the seriousness with which it took itself. The actors... well, the principles at least, seemed to take their roles to heart, something which is very difficult to do when you are making a fantasy film.

Recent franchises such as Spiderman seem to have lost their way. 'Peter Parker', a representation of victory and triumph to geeks everywhere has lost himself in the persona of 'Spiderman', or so was the impression I got from the train-wrecks of 2 and 3, but The Captain remains true to himself throughout, and this is what I think made the movie such a captivator. Yes, bits of it looked ridiculous, but so do elements of all superhero films. It is an unavoidable inconsequence.

There is, of course, lots of action, which was beautifully sequenced, and the special effects were predictably stunning, and also fantastically well implemented. Maybe the franchise will go the same way as that of the Spiderman trilogy, but for the moment at least, this is the Superhero movie to beat. Game on.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

I enjoyed it. My kind of entertainment.

Author: TxMike from Houston, Tx, USA, Earth
12 November 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Poor Steve Rogers. It is 1942 and the USA has entered the conflict that would become known as World War 2. Steve desperately wants to join the Army. He is from New York but after being rejected there tries to gain entry at several different New Jersey recruiting locations, each time being rejected for his small size and frail looks.

But Steve is nothing if not persistent, and finally gets someone to accept him. Predictably he is deficient in most areas requiring quickness or strength, but he has more perseverance than any of the others.

What Steve didn't know was the scientist was looking for the perfect subject of his project, a serum and a treatment that could convert anyone into someone with greatly magnified qualities. But magnifying qualities that the person already had. And Steve had exemplary qualities.

The experiment worked, Steve became a hero of sorts, and people coined the nickname "Captain America." The government put him to good use, traveling around the country, dressed in his Captain America suit, and participating in skits to boost loyalty and confidence during this difficult time.

But Steve wanted more, he wanted to go where the action was, to fight for his country. And when he gets the chance, he earns the "hero" title.

Chris Evans is Steve Rogers, who becomes Captain America. I would be curious to know what cinema tricks they used, to show him as a short, thin, weak young man then as a taller, strong muscular young man. Maybe "face replacement" techniques that have become popular in recent years. Maybe I'll look it up.

Anyway, I enjoyed it. My kind of entertainment.

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3 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

Quite a Good Movie

Author: Site Sakaio from Australia
5 October 2011

First I have quite abit of complaining about the ending to the movie and to those who actually know stuff about Captain America, then you'ld know that the ending is actually quite accurate, expect for the fact that Bucky did not die along side him as seen below Movie:Bucky dies when himself and Steve Rogers (Captain America) walk into a trap setup by Hydra.As Rogers enters another cart as Bucky lingers behind, the doors slam shut, as the both of them are separated and have advancing enemy's, and after Rogers thinks he had taken care of the other Hydra member, he take a glance at Bucky's situation and gives Bucky his gun and they deal with the last Hydra member together, then as their guards fall, the Hydra member once fighting with Rogers attacks them both from behind as Rogers it sends Rogers flying, dropping his shield near Bucky, which Bucky picks up to fend the Hydr member off and as a ray hit the shield the force send Bucky, flying out of the train where he is believed to of had died Comic:Bucky and Rogers find there way into Hydra's HQ, where they see Schmit, fleeing in yet another rocket ship and as a last ditch effort, Bucky and Rogers jump on in hope of destroying the ship, and as they do so rocket ship is detoured towards icy water where Bucky meets his death and due to Roger's super human body he simply sent into suspended animation.

And the beginning and middle are fairly accurate despite for this and the action scenes are all well done, and well supported by good acting and a good plot.

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4 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Thumbs up my brotherend!

Author: meyoukangaroo from Australia
10 March 2012

I'd admit it, I had watched it a bit late, but this is by the far, next to Tower Heist in recent movies, as the better ones of cinema now. This is a pinnacle of the right medium thrown across the face of the expected general bland that is Hollywood entertainment at this point; where the biggest movie stars perform in mediocre films, and everything seems to be contemporary, stupid or depressing. But once in a while, someone a director or and actor or a writer comes a long, to reinstate at least some hope back in all that bland unoriginal theme, and in the right way. Captain America was a homage to the comic series, it was great, it had plenty of actions and even though it kept that relevantly typical marvel comic build like that of Spiderman where something extraordinary happens, it was made in the most rationalized means, and fitted into a nice framework of creativity and originality. That's the word - originality and ingenuity, - you don't get that often in Hollywood now- a-days, and this really slapped it on like well ridden material. A true homage, and even though my "fellow" viewers found it a bit "unrealistic" and the humor "obvious/offbeat comic-relief" they don't know what the movie competitors are, to truly know how much other movies now a days are off beat in humor and "weird", my fellow viewers are insane, and don't know what they're talking about. There were no boring bits, and it was funny and quirky all the way. And most of all it was GENUINE, - weirdness and offbeat humor are made splendid when like in the movie where the main character learns from the scientist that value of strength is what's important, - this movie shows how the value of the genuine is important, and that can triumph over occasional unrealistic marvel aspects and offbeat humour (if any) any time of any day in this current movie industry.

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