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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

not the dark knight but a fantastic action-comic-book movie

Author: jjjdevbackup from northen ireland
19 December 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

like all marvel movies i made the case of seeing this film in the cinema and not waiting for it to be released on DVD/blu-ray, and like all other marvel movies i went to see it with my close group of friends and among ourselves the movie has been decused many times. captain America is the retelling of the "comic classic" origins story of the loved hero captain America and in a somewhat common marvel movie style with a few twists and changes that alter the story but with the up-most loyalty to the original work. the movies style is not that of Christopher Nolan's dark knight trilogy and although the three movies are enjoyable this doesn't make captain America bad. captain America excels as what it is an action movie with essence and story (i am willing to admit the development of characters in the story is not as strong as in other movies, this is disappointing as much of "caps" development was cut from avengers). Nolan's movies or story driven to the core but doing movies like this is not alway good movies would not be as big if they were all citizen Kane a "three hour" duration that completely engulfs you and your concentration making it a bad film to go see with your friends when your looking to see some explosions and action. i also disagree with the other site of the coin with movies like Micheal bay travesty transformers which was explosions, some teasing of flesh and the selling out of a loved children's cartoon for nothing but finical gain. the movie picks up rather slow but convincing we meet Steve rogers/captain America in a movie theatre watching a war propaganda film of the day were a local jock type man taunts and laughs at the film the small rogers then engages the boy in a fight out side the movie theatre refusing to give up the losing fight until he is saved by his best friend Bucky who has just signed up to join the war effort. the sign is probably the most important of rogers early development showing his over commitment to defending what he believes in most (there is also a little cheesy foreshadowing of the use of a shield. as the movie progresses it is revealed that rogers has attempted unsuccessfully many times to enlist. following the story Steve eventually meets a scientist who gives him power etc. read the synopsis if you want to now. the movie introduces the villains hydra and red skull. and a montage of the war years follows.then following the death of a good friend "cap" jumps on a bike provokes a high paced action sequence, gets the girl and saves the day not before making his own sacrifice, re-awaking in the modern day a few weeks/month before avengers. the movies villain red skull was wonderfully portrayed and i would once again love to see him in the role if he didn't express his complete dislike of the idea. thourgh-out the movie he always wells menacing comparable to a dilled-back Hannibal lector completely in control, overly intelligent and with some super powers and Nazi stuff threw in just for fun his plan holds solid as he wants to take over the world but believes everyone even Hitler is unfit to lead. the characters back story is never explored in-depth only hinted at making it promising for a return of the villain.

RATING: 8/10 the lose of marks is as followed 1 point was lost by the movies commitment to the avengers project the usage of the cosmic cube allow justified and necessary for the film to fit into the franchise, cap is also the most under developed character in avengers even more than hawk-eye and black widow, these two character don't reserve a lot of explanation put are very shallow and not as complicated as cap and thourgh- out avengers he feels like " that guy you met twice at a get together and you know where hes from and a bit about his interests" and were meant to follow the character with up-most confidence.

Another mark because of the movies genre allow i respect the genre and its working i cant a movie full marks on the grounds that it looks pretty.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Captain America. Very entertaining movie.

Author: njoannen-22 from United States
16 October 2012

I recently watched Captain America on Netflix. Chris Evans was very convincing in his role as Steve Rogers aka Captain America. All of the actors and actresses were very convincing in their portrayal of their characters. The director Joe Johnson was very effective in telling the story of Captain America. His choice of lighting, camera angles, and soundtrack really set the tone of the movie. The plot of the movie was very well thought out. From beginning to end the movie was very enjoyable.If i had one complaint it would be the movie did not have enough action and drama than from what i had hoped.That's just my opinion though.. Overall this movie was enjoyable. I would definitely recommend this movie to my friends, family, and to anyone who enjoys action,romantic, and some what comedic movies.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Highly entertaining

Author: akasharpie from United States
22 September 2012

Have you ever dreamt of being an American hero? Steve Rodgers certainly has but he hasn't yet found much success in making his fantasy become a reality. Steve is small, weak, and awkward. He has tried to enlist in Army but has been refused. After meeting a friendly doctor who decides to give him a try, he joins the Army and soon after becomes part of an experiment to test drugs that will strengthen him and give him a better chance to be successful. While all this is going on, a madman named Schmidt is attempting to take over the world. This film, set in the 1940s, feels more like a war movie than a superhero movie. Either way however, director Joe Johnston pulls it off and does it very well. It is highly entertaining, with perfect acting, grand sets, and a first-class story. I especially liked Tommy Lee Jones' performance as the rough colonel. As it began, I was comparing the characters of Steve Rodgers and Peter Parker, from Spider-Man, who both are week and not at all hero-like but become powerful as the stories go on. However, there couldn't be a bigger difference between the two because Steve Rodgers is so much more of a stronger and likable character altogether. Although it starts out slow and some of it is a bit silly, the entire movie is a joy to watch and everything comes together in an unforgettable picture.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Great Mix of Drama and Action

Author: Lahhlay M from Canada
4 September 2012

My only negatives with Captain America were the annoying montage's. I understood the purpose behind them, but I thought one would be enough, not three.

With that said, I thought Captain America was an Excellent movie. It balanced drama and action really well. I felt that the pacing of the story and how it evolved was really well done. It allowed me to invest into Steve Rogers a.k.a Captain America (Chris Evans). I loved the vulnerability he portrayed in the opening act's and how it remained consistent throughout.

The cast was excellent and were phenomenal in their performances. Tommy Lee Jones who played The Colonel was exceptional and provided some good comic relief. Hayley Atwell did an fantastic job playing Peggy, who was Captain America's love interest. She portrayed her as an equal to Steve Rogers especially in the earlier moments.

Joe Johnston (director) did a good job of setting up the future sequels and tying up some of the past tie's in the Avenger's universe. The integration of Tony Stark's (Ironman) father, Howard Stark, was handled perfectly. You can see the immediate resemblance between Tony and Howard, "Like Father Like Son" I suppose. Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull was awesome. Wish i could've seen more of him on screen, and be more menacing. Still though, i felt that he delivered.

The action sequences were incredible. I liked how they were spaced apart. It really added to the tension. The final action sequence's were spectacular.

Apart from the montage's, Captain America was a great watch. There were a few flaws, but they are minor in the grand scheme. I was entertained and engaged for the majority of the film. Can not wait for the sequel.


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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Words cannot describe how amazing i think this movie is (my first review)

Author: hatthway2251
12 July 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The movie is set in 1941 when Johann Schmidt steals the jewel of Odets treasure. Steve Rogers is a normal guy trying out for war but because of his puny figure he does not get accepted until Dr. Erksine realizes that he has great potential. When Steve Rogers finally gets accepted he becomes an experiment so that Steve can achieve maximum human potential. What is so great about the movie is that Steve Rogers never gave up on his dream to serve his country, even after being on stage and earning his name "Captain America." For me there is not enough words to explain how amazing this movie is!

I know people might think that I am totally crazy when I say that I am an absolutely massive fan of Captain America, in my eyes I am his biggest fan. He is so honorable and brave. Captain America's costume is SOOOOOOO COOL, not to mention the shield which i am in love with. People are gonna say to me, it's only because you love Captain America that this movie is your favorite,but i don't care because i know that's not true.

In the movie, the acting was to an absolutely amazing standard. The actors and the characters were so perfect and meant to be. Chris Evans was PERFECT for the roll of Steve Rogers, Chris Evans is an amazing actor and I would give anything to meet him and hand out for a while.

At the moment Captain America: the First Avenger is my favorite movie because of too many reasons I can't explain all of them. There's the acting, the characters, the costumes, the story line, e.c.t.

I am a massive fan of MARVEL comics, movies and EVERYTHING! I have seen Iron man 1 and 2, bits and pieces of both the Hulks, Thor, The Avengers and of course this movie and they were all great bot there's no doubt that Captain America: the First Avenger is the best out of all of them!

This review probably wasn't that great because it was my first, but thanks for reading!!!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

A helluva lot of fun

Author: Sir_Cellophane_Beak from Aukland
20 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is a great movie, but not as good as the 1985 Bollywood version. This version is more of an CGI effects showcase movie instead of telling the story of what these gentlemen went thru to become respected saviors of nations during times of ordeal. The movie is gorgeous, and the action is well made and exciting. The MVP of the film is Cap'n, who is given some powerful lines and clearly stands out from the rest of the cast. OK, on the negative, the film is drawn out (2 hrs and 5 min is too long), the characters are made to represent some of the old common characters you have seen in countless other Marvel one-offs and Captain A.'s character is not as strong as Mr. India's (to be fair he can not turn invisible and at times it seems like he is just there). In summary, excellent film which does pay tribute to the Honorable Hero known as the Mr.India!

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Simple Honest Fun

Author: Tim Cooper from United Kingdom
5 April 2012

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Yes this film is very propagandistic and flies the stars and stripes a little bit too much, but this is a relatively moral film, laced with cheese and an entertaining if not simple story line and a montage of violence which could have been flushed out a bit more and made more coherent into a sub-story of it's own, the emotional attachment between some of the characters, especially the Captain and his team of misfit renegades is a little shallow and I don't really care when "Bucky" is killed. That being said, it is a very entertaining film and still well worth a watch. It covers moral values and teaches about the benefits of perseverance and standing up for oneself, which is something sadly lacking in society today and for a movie night in why not?

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Nazis. I hate these guys.

Author: Dan Franzen (dfranzen70) from United States
4 April 2012

I admit that I don't know what to make of this, that there's been a run of comic-book movies that have managed to be plausible and thrilling, not cheap knockoffs rushed out to exploit a fad. Captain America: The First Avenger is one of the former. It features a terrific performance by Chis Evans as the Cap, a modicum of special effects and CGI, a slimy villain played by Hugo Weaving, and the famous backdrop of World War II. So help me, I found myself liking the movie despite my preconceptions.

Steve Rogers (Evans) is a spindly, sickly young man who's full of desire to go fight those dastardly Nazis, but he's just too frail for the military, so he's classified 4F. Several times, in fact, under different names. A mysterious scientist named Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) recruits Rogers to be part of a secret project: he'll inject Rogers' major organs and arteries with a new serum that will turn him into a super soldier. The military, represented by Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), and the CIA, represented by Agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) are very interested in the results. Well, the results aren't too good, as the Nazis grab the serum and prevent anyone from making more super soldiers. But at least the US has Rogers, right? He's now super strong, fast, and agile.

But one man is not an army, so instead of leading troops to victory Rogers is instead hired as a sort of USO cheerleader for war bonds. Yep, seriously. But you can't keep the good Captain down for long, and soon he is indeed leading some crazy mission to rescue his best friend Bucky and assorted Allied troops while also looking out for the nefarious Red Skull, head of Hitler's science division.

It's well cast. Evans is believable as both the skinny Rogers and the pumped-up Captain America. He's earnest without seeming to take himself or the movie too seriously. Tucci, Jones, Weaving and newcomer Atwell are top notch as well.

Even bearing in mind that this movie is merely a setup for the big Avengers film coming out soon (as were other movies, like Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk), one can easily lose oneself in the great old-time action-adventure feel this one has, reminiscent of 1991's The Rocketeer. You have mad scientists, mythical technology, Nazis, all-American good guys, lots of neat guns. It's not a loud bore like Transformers, and the action scenes are well staged, as are the pyrotechnics. Throw in a believable plot (at least in the realm of comic-book movies), and this one's above average for the genre. I've probably said this before about other movies, but this is definitely one that's what a comic-book movie should be - daring, easy to follow, full of pulse-pounding action, and human.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Gotta take a stand, it don't help to hide

Author: kosmasp
16 January 2012

You might recognize the summary line as part of the theme song Hulk Hogan had (Real American). It does fit with the movie too, of course. Our main character is someone who is taking a stand and does not want to hide. Even against all odds (and if you haven't seen the trailer or read the comic books, you'll be surprised by them!) he still is motivated like nobody else.

Of course some might have trouble finding his inspirations. But that is not that point. It's also not good trying to figure out if technology that is shown in the movie actually existed back then. First of all, this would have been secret anyways and nobody would have known about those things and secondly: It's a movie. If you think what is shown in here is history (though it might take a few historic elements into the storyline) then you are sadly mistaken or too young to understand. If the latter ask an adult or better yet: Read a book/watch a documentary.

The fact that the movie is a period piece might also be one of its downfalls (boxoffice wise that is). That and the fact that people seem to have seen enough comic book movies contribute to the fact, that this hasn't been received so well. Other than that, this is in no way inferior to other comic book movies that made more or less money than this.

I liked it a lot and although you don't get a real tag-scene at the end (something we have grown accustomed to with Marvels heroes), some did get very excited by what followed after the end credits rolled: A glimpse at the Avengers movie.

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2 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

Superb in many ways. Great Fun!

Author: vicvonfate from United States
14 January 2012

Is there more to say? The sheer joy that this movie provides makes you happy to love movies. You feel blessed. And you want to thank Joe Johnson, or some god of the arts, for bringing this film, these characters to life. You fall back into a state close to childhood, when every new picture you saw was the best there is. You spend two hours smiling. Just smiling...

2011 was a great year for action/adventure and Captain America The First Avengers is right at the top of that impressive list. MARVEL is definitely on a roll… what with the record breaking success of Iron Man as well as Thor hitting big this year. Let's not forget how good X-Men First Class turned out and that Spider-Man is getting a facelift and will tear it up next year. Speaking of next year, let's not forget all this greatness has been leading up to THE AVENGERS!!!!

This movie was excellent and entertaining and deserves all the praise it has gotten. Superb in many ways.

Was the above review useful to you?

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