Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Poster

Plot Keywords

scientist captain america
soldier nazis
super soldier german
military rescue
top secret mascot
doctor courage
army superhero
five word title colon in title
country name in title female soldier
pulp fiction female gunfighter
fictional government agency kiss
first part franchise
escape epic
epic battle strong man
parkour war violence
street shootout action violence
violence gunfight
super villain war hero
action hero 2010s
body enhancement lens flare
throwing a knife ejected from an airplane
gun turret flying wing
infiltrator weakling
top hat selective service category 4f
baseball game on radio laser pistol
handgun dog tag
hero stereotype bulging biceps
origin of hero military officer
ambulance restaurant
rifle knocked out with gun butt
pistol whip costumed hero
costume count down
timebomb security camera
surveillance photograph
presumed dead falling from height
killed by a propeller strangulation
neck breaking race against time
aircraft train
ship jail cell
tracking device drunkenness
pub elevator
rooftop italy
alps motorcycle
showdown sergeant
disintegration london england
sniper rifle sniper
airplane pilot
forest woods
head butt beaten to death
punched in the chest kicked in the face
big ben london interrogation
typewriter painting
drawing heavy rain
war propaganda film set
secretary u boat
surprise after end credits parachute
body landing on a car hit by a car
car accident terrorist plot
terrorist group terrorism
terrorist underwater
barefoot betrayal
deception vinyl
assassination attempt sabotage
newspaper headline press conference
eye patch mustache
bowler hat secret operation
secret military operation senator
hidden door hidden room
antique shop taxi driver
taxi american flag
injection serum
warrior nurse
patriotism flashback
defector idealism
boyfriend girlfriend relationship friendship
alley bomb
fighter plane movie theater
newsreel new york city skyline
new york city brooklyn bridge
blood splatter blood
ice snow
mountain cape
italian american japanese american
british soldier frenchman
englishman abroad major
english accent englishwoman abroad
luger psychopath
relic artifact
undercover agent undercover
car bomb chase
map shot in the back
shot in the shoulder death
corpse skeleton
coffin nazi soldier
no title at beginning swastika
world domination megalomaniac
priest plane crash
cube church
subterranean engineer
inventor steampunk
prisoner of war based on comic
hostage held at gunpoint
mission factory
montage mad scientist
laser female spy
female agent secret agent
snowstorm mercenary
shotgun u.s. army
exploding truck training
army base motorcycle chase
tank wilhelm scream
woman punching a man cyanide pill
suicide self sacrifice
character repeating someone else's dialogue brooklyn new york city
times square manhattan new york city no opening credits
scene after end credits knocked out
stealing a car car crash
bare chested male evil scientist
falling from a train falling to death
war bonds shootout
male camaraderie slow motion scene
jumping through a window crash landing
submarine hovercraft
one eyed man fair
exploding tank exploding car
face ripped off exploding body
murder kicked in the stomach
punched in the stomach punched in the face
unrequited love bar
prisoner of war camp foot chase
shot in the arm shot in the head
shot in the leg shot to death
crushed to death shot in the chest
assassin child in peril
super speed super strength
frozen alive world war two
nonlinear timeline sequel mentioned during end credits
american abroad norway
jumping from an airplane jumping onto a train
human experiment spy
laser gun flamethrower
exploding motorcycle exploding building
nazi reference to adolf hitler
heroism selflessness
bravery good versus evil
1940s beating
kung fu country in title
cameo hand grenade
m1 rifle special forces
boot camp love
commando mission commando unit
commando raid commando
battle military training
ambush tommy gun
semiautomatic pistol pistol
general mixed martial arts
machine gun explosion
brawl fistfight
martial arts masked hero
anti hero tough guy
cold war hand to hand combat
combat fight
one against many one man army
evil man marvel entertainment
hero shield
mask masked man
marvel comics based on comic book
death of friend character name in title
surprise ending

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