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Different from the movies, but definitely has potential
zeta-234 October 2008
Like many others, I saw the world premiere of Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and I have to say, I was very impressed. George Lucas has done it again! Now I actually have something to look forward to on Friday nights. The characters act pretty much act like they do in the movies, all the voices sound great, the animation is amazing, and the episodes actually have a plot! I will agree, however, that I don't think it was quite necessary for Lucasfilm to release a movie version just for the sake of promoting the television show. I hear that they're making at least a hundred episodes or more, so hopefully they'll live up to the first two. A job well done all around.
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Bloody Brilliant! At last Star Wars is back, and its good again!
mixta11013 October 2008
Well, after a sceptical start with the clone wars animated movie, the actual TV series is getting better and better. Slightly bumpy start however. (Droid voices????) But as the "Shadow of malevolence storyline unfolds, it is clear that Star Wars is back in star wars territory. Great little storyline, and episode 3 is just true to the spirit of the original Trilogy and yet keeps with the clone wars setting. Episodes 4 & 5 are even better, and as a listener to the podcasts on the interviews are brilliant too. The creators are aware of what we like and don't and they reassure us not to worry, as some very cool stuff is still in the pipeline.

I even rewatched the clone wars movie again now its out on DVD and i like it 10 times better than i did before. I guess everything was new. I also found out that the movie was the first stuff they filmed for the series and that everything that has come since has been improved upon, and much has yet to be seen. I am looking forward to the episode i saw in a clip where we see a flashback of General Grievous become what he is now.

Anakins character is actually likable now. And Asoka is less brattish than she was in the movie. Just a shame about the damn droid voices. Less is more sometimes eh! Well done George and the team. So far i'm loving it, and cant wait for each episode. Finally, some of us may actually understand what GL was trying to achieve with the prequels. The kids love it too. I hope it gets a little darker though, or at least remains at the level of the malevolence storyline.

Cant wait for the LIVE ACTION show next year too, but I hope that one is gonna be dark and for the fans, and not for the kids. (As promised.) Then, i think balance will be achieved. Clone wars for the kids, fine. But if they make Star Wars TV for the fans, all may be forgiven.

Oh, one last thing... Needs a little bit more John Williams score. Pleeease??? _______________________

EDIT: 2010

OK, series 2 is now half way through.... WOW!!!! It has just changed completely, series 1 was great with teathing troubles as I stated in my review. But series 2, THIS IS STAR WARS!! And its a shame to say it, especially as i didn't mind the prequels too much, but I wish they would re-do the prequels in this animated style. 100 times more character than the live action. I now LOVE this show. My only gripe now is with the Cartoon network, who keep skipping weeks of showing it. People keep missing it and viewing figures will drop, and its the show that will get the blame yet its because its hardly aired consistently. This has happened with LOST and other great TV. People miss it and then forget about it. TV is based on viewing figures, so let us view it damn it!

Keep em coming and thank G for the darker more adult turn of series 2.
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A Great Addition to the SW Universe
crunchg3 October 2008
I was apprehensive about seeing the Clone Wars movie, but after it pleasantly surprised me, I was definitely looking forward to this TV show. After watching the first two episodes aired tonight on Cartoon Network, I can safely say my anticipation was rewarded.

Judging by these two episodes, I can see that a lot of work has been put into this series, and it's not just something for the kiddies to watch. It was watching a mix of the humanity of original trilogy with the action of the new trilogy. It's a great show, and definitely worth a watch for Star Wars fans of all ages. Just give it a try, you're bound to love it.
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The Force is with this show!
vram2224 October 2008
I actually stumbled on this series by accident - and what a nice surprise! While I did not see the associated animated film (because of the very bad reviews), this show seems to have some very good things going for it.

For a TV series, the visuals and sounds are really great. The colors, scenery and style of "3D" animation are really appealing. And the sounds (including character voices) are pretty well done too.

Characters: It took me three episodes to get comfortable with the new look of the main characters. It was a bit awkward watching them at first, but now it's OK. One slight issue I still have is that they sometimes remind me of characters from a kid's show than a general audience show.

But that's OK - it's really great to have 30 minutes of good quality Star Wars story-telling each week. The force is with this show!
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AMAZING!!!!! Star Wars is back and GL is back on form!
m-betts069 November 2008
I have been watching this series since it came out, and thank god i taped them as i have watched each episode up to 4 times each now.

Absolutely awesome series! I was sceptical at first, and it started off a little ropey but now i'm hooked. I'm up to episode 6 so far, and every episode has literally gotten better and better and better.

Evry episode that has come out since the movie i have said this is the best episode so far, and thats a good thing! I believe there are meant to be a hundred or more episodes of this show? I hope thats so, and i wish i had them all right now! I would not be seen for weeks.

Anakin is great in this, better than the live action films IMO. And Asoka is pretty cool too, although she got off to a bumpy start.

In fact i only have a few subtle gripes, Droid voices, though i'm getting used to them. A bit short each episode, but at least it leaves me wanting more. Which is good. Lack of John Williams music throughout, and the last episode had drum n bass in it, which was bizarre and unwelcome! But still, these are only minor gripes, and I know the creators are working on making it better for series 2 according to the force-casts, so hopefully if these little gripes get fixed, the show should be perfect.

Oh and as for the 2 reviews on here that are super negative, and say its not for the true fan, well, I AM THE TRUE FAN! And i like it! Sounds like a couple of nay-sayers to me, jumping on the Lucas hate bandwagon. Wouldn't surprise me if they hadn't even watched an episode of this show at all. Guess thats the internet for ya.

Anyway, keep em coming! Keep em great! Adjust as necessary and Star Wars will be great once more for the next generation. And the old one.
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Star Wars is back! And better than ever!
jmanhomer20075 October 2008
On Friday October 3rd, I tuned in on Cartoon Network for the two part world premier of "The Clone Wars".

Now, the movie that came out last month was a complete screw up! The worst Star Wars related thing ever! I was so worried that it would make the following TV show look terrible.

But when October 3rd came, I was wrong. The animation was an improvement to the movie, and the character developments were amazing! However, they have to have young kids watch this cause it's Cartoon Network for Gods Sake! That is why the droids are so stupid throughout the series. I don't mind that now. As a matter of fact, they do get me to laugh sometime.

Asokah Tano was very annoying in the movie, but in the series second episode, I realized that she is only a kid and she can do great things during the 100 episodes.

And lets face it, the clone characters are just bad ass! I'm so glad that Yoda gave a speech to them on the importance of the force. It just shows what a good series it will turn out to be.

Star Wars lives on and will continue to for the next several years...
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Each episode so far keeps getting better!!!
ericbskywalker-125 October 2008
It started out with the movie which I wasn't impressed with accept for the animation and Ventress was in it. On October 3rd I didn't think the rest of The Clone Wars story would be anything special now I know I was wrong. If your a fan of Star Wars and you appreciate the prequels then give Clone Wars a shot. Some episodes our just about clones I know that doesn't sound very good but it is actually just as entertaining as the rest of the episodes. Star Wars The Clone Wars is a great TV show and if you are a Star Wars fan and are not watching it. I strongly suggest you do cause it might make time go by while waiting for the live action series. And also if you have not already check out Star Wars The Force Unleashed.
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I thought the film was tedious, but this makes up for it
rolling_scratching13 October 2008
3 episodes in and wow! What a series. Hasn't premiered in the uk yet so I have been watching the episodes on the net (yes naughty naughty I know) and I have been mesmerised. Yes some of the voice acting is pretty bad (obi wan in the third episode stands out) and the animation takes a lot of getting used to, but it is absolutely amazing.

Each episode so far has blown me away and this is at the start. I can't wait to see what they do with the battle scenes. If there is one thing Lucas can do right, that's a fight/battle and I'm sure it wont peter out in later episodes like a lot of US progammes do to lead up to a finale.

10/10. Finally something worth watching on TV
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Excellent series!
Jack Banister14 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Being that this show is on Netflix, I've motored through it and am now almost done with season 5. Though I have a season to get through still, I feel like I can give it a legit review.

For those who are wondering what the show is about, it documents the time period between Episode 2 and Episode 3. I didn't really like any of the prequels, but I decided to take a chance on this series. I'm glad I did because it tied together a lot of loose ends and things I had wondered about. It's also 10 x better than any of the prequel movies, I kid you not.

A lot of this series is about Clones fighting Droids as well as Obi Wan Kenobi vs. General Grievous and Dooku, BUT it extends to much beyond that. It gives us an inside look at the inner workings of the Jedi Council, it shows us a TON about Darth Sidious and Count Dooku (which actually make them interesting), and it shows us a bunch about Anakin that we never knew. Come to find out Dooku had several sith apprentices, Anakin had a padawan, Darth Maul was still alive (wtf!), and there's a lot more to the clones than meets the eye. We also actually see Senator Amidala have a poignant and important role in the republic (more than just being a love interest like in the films). Just a warning, if you watch this show, you might actually hate the prequels even MORE because of the lack of detail and depth in comparison to this cartoon.

THE ANIMATION: The first couple of episodes, I wasn't sold on it. It does look a BIT cheesy, but once you get used to it, you'll like it. They are able to do so much more with the series being animated and you'll come to appreciate that. Also, some may be concerned that its a kids show? Sure it is kid friendly, but it also shows plenty of grown up action. You'll be plenty satisfied with the content unless you're some kind of weirdo.

THE ACTION: Great level of action in the series. Plenty of blaster fights and most importantly lightsaber duels. The lightsaber duels are impressive and frequent in this series. You'll see The Chancellor square off with Darth Maul, Anakin fight Dooku, Obi Wan fight Grievious, etc.

THE ACTING: It's animated so you have to go off of voices. The voice acting is excellent! Every voice is imitated to a TEE. From Mace Windu to Chancellor Palpatine, the voicing is on point. If you didn't know better, you'd think Obi Wan was still played by Ewan McGregor! THE PLOT: The TV series can do what the movies can NOT; go into greater detail. If you are into Star Wars like I am, you'll find this series to be a nerdgasm of info. The series also shows you a ton of alien races and details their "cultures." It's pretty interesting because you see a lot of these aliens come up in the movies.

The one thing that bothers me about the show is that it can linger on a particular subject for too long. I just finished watching a 4 episode run about four droids and an alien who steal a device from the Seperatists. It was pretty damn boring and I regret watching all of it. Just keep in mind that every season there are probably 3 or 4 throw away episodes that just SUCK. Feel free to skim the plots online instead of watching those episodes. For that reason, I have to dock two points. Otherwise it's a darn good show! Watch it! If only to tide you over until the new Star Wars movie comes out!
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I'm Impressed!
A_Voice8 December 2013
A great series, better than its movie counter part, and much better than the animated movie.

The show has some great story arcs and some unexpected ones. Some arcs are useless, but the number is low. Season 5 being the overall best with two simply outstanding arcs and an awesome send off.

A must watch for every star wars fan, as it plunges deeper into the galaxies as well as the characters. Strong character development in many episodes. The animation and CGI keeps getting better season by season.

The series is one of the causality of Disney's acquisition of Lucasfilm. The series went off air after the finale of the 5th season, leaving few major story arcs in a cliffhanger. But the good news is, Filoni stated that he will make more stuff available somehow.

Direction/Animation: Good direction, outstanding animation.

Story/Screenplay: Few great stories, few bad. Overall strong writing.

Voice acting: Not up to the mark, could have been better.

Music: Superb.

Other: good cinematography, awesome sound.

A series not to be missed, eagerly awaiting for the additional stuff that Filoni promised to release in February 2014.
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A good way to get new fans
Paul Wallin4 October 2008
What can you say about "The Clone Wars"? Well as many of you already have said it's a way for the franchise to pick up some new fans from the younger viewers. As for me, being the age that I saw ESB and ROTJ when they first premiered at the cinemas, it found the series... en-joyful. If you are a real star wars fan and are thirsting for more about the universe and, as I have, read all the books from the expanded universe (ofcourse not the young jedi ones and well, fell asleep after vector prime but anyway back on track)you will like this, maby not in the beginning, I know the voices are not the real ones and jada jada. Just sit back relax and think that this is STAR WARS, it's not supposed to be a "sundance winning indie" it't franchise and we LOVE IT.
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The Clone Wars Review
evan_29511 October 2008
The Clone Wars is a new TV show that is set in the Star Wars universe between Episode 2 and Episode 3 of the Star Wars saga. I saw this show as soon as it premiered in Canada and I was impressed with some parts of the show and also not impressed. I loved the animation design of the whole atmosphere of the galaxy and the design of all the characters. It was colorful and very creative just like you'd see in every Star Wars movie. I also enjoyed the voice acting even though most of the main actors in the live action movies never returned. The dialogue at sometimes was a bit cheesy at times and the way some of the droids talked was just plain stupid and it could annoy many fans. Besides that though the other actors are very good voice actors.

The things I was not impressed with the series is how the great John Williams didn't return to do the music and also I found the plot outline a bit weak. Without John Williams, fans will recognize changes in the music that are not anything like the music you'd hear in any of the 6 Star Wars films. Also, I can't say I hated the plot but I can say I didn't think it was great. I found it a bit childish but really what does it matter, this show is meant for kids!

Anyways overall I did enjoy The Clone Wars and I'm glad to say I will continue watching it every Friday night it's on. I recommend this TV show to Star Wars fans who want to experience the Star Wars universe and also to kids. If someone is starting to watch the Star Wars movies I don't recommend watching this first. I recommend that they watch the live action films so they can get a key idea of what Star Wars is like.

My rating: 7 out of 10
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Yes !
zoran_kamen25 January 2017
This is soo awesome, its like watching so many new movies and trust me I know and love all movies in Star Wars franchise very well, (yes first three including) Perhaps this is one of best proves how first three movie prequels which got so much unfair low ratings and attacks on genius as is Lucas himself (specially that awful low IQ song about him GL raped our childhood..)made more than enough sense ! If he made Star Wars (are those fools who attack Him aware He is Creator of Star Wars ??!!) in the first place,of course he would knew very well how to make prequels as well !! SO they are same level loved by me as 4,5,6 episodes are ! And then he made animated CLone Wars (2008),I didn't watch them yet before now cause I didn't expect cartoons to be of any interest for me. But I gave it a try and I am soo impressed, wow what a gem ! There is action filled with emotions, great effects..and awesome stories, so so good ! No doubt about highest rating here for me ! I also watched briefly SW Rebels and they are also awesome but not so much as Clone Wars for me, probably cause CW was directed still by Georce the Boss Lucas and Rebels are not (but still great animation series) So I am changing big time my concepts that animations cannot be entertaining, they can even more than movie if well made !! I hope many more enjoy this as much as I do :-))
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A must-see to all fans
t-viktor2122 December 2014
This was a series I grew up with, but I'll try to stay objective with it.

The animated series - can we say that? - evolved/grew up during the years. At the beginning it was really kid-friendly, but, years after year, season after season it started to be filled with quite gory/scary stuff I'd rather not show to a 6-7 years old kid.

I don't think that's a negative side though, as this series managed to explain many empty points we had about either some events occurred in the movies, or the whole mysticism of the Force, a really good expansion of the saga -directly came from its inventor George Lucas - that helps fans understand better the star wars.

As I already said, the series is not completely childish, and adults could enjoy it as well.

Now, to the reason of why this didn't get a 10/10: the first season, and a few episodes we meet on the way that aren't really important story arcs. I must say that, despite season one is the only one I have on DVD, I don't really like it, has not many strong story arcs, as instead the other seasons have, also all seasons include several single episodes that are put just to fill the episode list. But yet this is saved by the absolute supremacy of the story arcs.
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A widely varied look into the Clone Wars era
starhorsepax5 October 2014
There are only 2 kinds of episodes in my mind: The ones I liked and the ones I had to be in the mood for.

I'll start with why I only gave it 8 out of 10.

1. The first season being out of order was very confusing to keep up with. 2. The way they aired them one got tired of certain styles: for instance, a couple of weeks with the droids before you get back to the war. Whereas if they'd done a week of droids, skipped to the war or the politicians and so on, the variety would always have been fresh. 3. The way they ignored or killed beloved Expanded Universe stories. This didn't happen often but when it did..ugh. (Example: what did they do to Quinlan Vos?! And what they did to Evan Piell was a conflict with an ending written in a very popular story. Besides which, one episode for Evan Piell was far too little.)

Why I gave it the 8:

1. I loved seeing Anakin Skywaker and Obi-Wan as heroes and friends. Also we see how that heroism of Anakin's can be twisted when those he loves are at risk. 2. I loved seeing Ahsoka Tano grow, and how that relationship affected both Anakin and Padme. 3. I loved seeing the various Jedi in action. 4. I even liked the ones with Bail Organa and Padme, because it gave a bit more to them than we see in the movies. Since Organa helped form the Rebellion, this is good stuff. 5. The animation was excellent and kept improving. 6. The stories were widely varied with something for everyone. Scary? Got it. Mystery? Got it. Western style bounty huntings, assassinations, pure war it. All of it. Funny stuff: Got Jar Jar and the droids (this comes under 'in the mood for' for me.) 7. We saw all kinds of worlds and ships and environments.

This show was at it's peak when Disney cancelled it. I think this is a real tragedy as it was just moving toward meeting up with Revenge of the Sith, and we would see Anakin becoming more disillusioned with the Jedi and how the various characters influenced that, for better or worse. The way it ends in Season 5 (and I won't say) is a guarantee that he was in for some tough times.
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It's Pretty Good, but..
datemaru28 April 2015
I'm gonna' hold off until the end to say what my biggest problem is.

Firstly, I watched Star Wars Rebels and hated it, but most people told me the Clone Wars as really good. Well it's better, but also has its problems.

The animation is pretty good for the most parts.CGI TV shows never look good because they just don't have the time or budget to achieve the kind of animation you'd see in Pixar or Dinsey movies like Tangled, probably the most beautiful CGI I have ever seen. But the Clone Wars do make some things look really good. The ships and vehicles look amazing and I just love seeing them. I'm also really impressed by the fire and smoke animation which, again, is really good. The aliens and droids mostly look good. It's the people where there are problems. Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the worst looking, his hair and beard looks like plastic or foam rubber. That's pretty normal for lower grade CGI, hair is pretty hard to animate, though considering how well fire, explosions, smoke, fog, and environments look, I can't help but wonder why they couldn't texture a major character's hair a little better. There is a scene where Obi-Wan is talking to Admiral Yulan and Yulan, looks pretty good. It's a trend I notice, if the hair is short like most of the clones, it's harder to see how bad the textures are, if they're longer it's pretty obvious.

The episodes where kinda' "meh" at first, at least until I got to the episode Rookies, which was about a small group of rookie clone troopers must defend their outpost against all odds. It felt as grim and desperate at the Clone Wars were said to be and the dry humor of the clones in the face of devastating loses really set the tone. The show had a decent amount of variety sometimes following major characters or switches to less known characters. Some of my favorites were the episodes that focused on the clones, the poor guys bred to be cannon fodder in what is probably the most unethical military I have seen since Nazi Germany.

Even if the stories don't work, the battles are fun to watch. All the lightsaber battles are fast paced and keep you on the edge of your set. There is a scene of grand scale in the space battles when you see fleets smash into each other with starfighters slugging it out and laser fire dancing all around. I can't felt the show there either.

I have a lot of nice things, but what is my problem? Well it's a prequel... and well, I've heard complaints about there not being a proper end, but there is. It's called Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

And that's the problem. Almost all these characters are doomed! How can I get invested in all these Jedi when I know most of them will die. How can I get invested in Padme when I know she dies in child birth. How can I root for Anakin when I know he will become Darth Vader. How can I be worried about the Republic when I know it will become the Empire.

At least with the clones there is some tragedy there. They will have short life spans like all clones, they are made in a factory for the purpose of dying, and they are left with no choice but to one day kill most of the Jedi they are fighting with.

The Clone Wars is good and on its own merits I would rate it highly, but I can never bring myself to love it knowing the fate of all these guys. The movies despite their major problems at least were geared to show the events that lead to the fall of the Jedi and the origins of Darth Vader. The TV show is just too flawed a concept and I just can't get past that.
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Dom_T426 April 2014
I was amazingly surprised by this series. I've always loved the Star Wars films, but until recently had avoided the animated side of things for fear that they'd be too childlike or not of terribly great quality. Watching The Clone Wars Movie didn't do much to allay my fears, although the animation was impressive the rest of the quality was questionable, to say the least.

Nonetheless I dived into watching the Clone Wars, the TV Series, and have found myself increasingly impressed & eager to watch more. The first couple of seasons were a little more child-orientated, but the plot quickly turns surprisingly dark & more fitting to the rest of the Star Wars canon.

I think this series does a remarkable job of building up characters and filling in gaps that were rather obvious between the films. The number one example is Anakin, whose character changed drastically between the films without much detail to fill in why he'd changed so much, what drove that, etc. This series does an absolutely brilliant job of explaining Anakin, and delving deeper into his character, and shows the side of Anakin, the 'light' side that we didn't get to see much of in the films. The creation/inclusion of his Padawan, Ahsoka, was a touch of genius & Ahsoka becomes more central to the plot over time.

You end up largely forgetting this series in an animation, such is the quality of the dialogue, plot lines & the level of detail sunk into almost every episode. The animation itself is beautifully done as well, and perhaps allowed a level of stunt work & lightsaber duelling that the films couldn't, not to mention the semi-regular, detailed, vivid space combat.

From being very cautious going into this series, I've come out the other side a little amazed, and I find myself wanting to go back and re-watch the series from the start in case I missed any little bits and pieces. I also found myself caring about the characters, including the clones & Ahsoka, and weighing up the decisions & moral dilemmas they faced in the gruelling atmosphere of constant combat.

Consider me converted. I would absolutely, in a heartbeat, recommend that people watch this.
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Star Wars Saga refreshment
steppy913 April 2011
"Let the Force be with you!", they say. Now, thanks to Lucasfilm it can be again!

The new, Star Wars: The Clone Wars represents a real refreshment in the Star Wars Saga. The show is, obviously, made for the fans, there for, those who do not like Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda and others should not be spending their time spitting on this show.

One of the many innovations this show brings is the deeper psychology of the characters, which help us understand future moves they make. Beside the "all-known" characters, production has made many more new characters, like Ashoka Tano and bunch of Clone Troopers.

Animation has been done on highest level, so the expectations you may have will certainly be fulfilled.

Making of 4th season tells more than I will ever be able to.

Take a deep breath, sit back and enjoy the new ride through The Galaxy!
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not always just a kits show
sin4210 March 2014
this show is a puzzle to me. with high coloured weird cartoon style and totally flat characters, this show has all the makings of a show for kids. but sometimes there are episodes, specially those without the all powerful, invincible and absolutely booooring jedi, that have really good writing and a greater sense for the star wars universe, with interesting twists and turns, diplomatic actions, political ramifications, real threats, real villains, desertion, tragedy and the designs are just mega awesome. those are the episodes that really speak to a wider, more mature audience and make this show enjoyable even for me.
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Star Wars Is Back Once More, Better Than Ever :D!!
illbebackreviews27 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2003) was a series that was brilliantly made, and to be honest this one is even better. Its certainly more watchable, as this series contains much better visual effects and better animations. When this series first came out, I was thrilled. I immediately began watching it, and after watching the first episode 'Ambush', I realised how much GL has put into this. Unlike TPM and AOTC, this series is full of potential. The first episode proved how great this series can be, and to be honest, the episodes in Season 1 just got better and better.

Season 2 was very well done as well, maybe using Obi-wan and Anakin a bit too much. General Grievous seemed to be proved as a much stronger character than in the films, and it was certainly a high. The voices were great, the animations were great as were the storyline.

I'm very pleased to realise that these episodes begin with a voice introduction of what's going on, instead of the slanted sort of writing. Season 3 was nicely done, mainly the 'Savaga Oppress trilogy' and things got better.

There is only one thing that I wish would be changed. I now believe Obi-wan Kenobi, Anakin and Ahsoka Tano are over used, and would love more of other Jedi, especially Yoda. The only reason, I deducted two stars was because of the overuse of these three Jedi. Other than that, its brilliant.
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Episode II is Shakespearean by comparison
Andariel Halo17 March 2009
And I'm someone who up until a few months ago, still loved the new trilogy (mostly) and I still consider Revenge of the Sith to be on par with the original trilogy. I've read at least 100 Star Wars books, and a great many of the games. I realize there is a lot of crap under the banner of Star Wars. But... this series (and likely the movie as well) is a horrendous abomination.

The dialogue is beyond horrendous, and makes the most awkward "love" scenes in Episode II feel like the work of Shakespeare by comparison. It's worse even than typical children's' shows in that while it's obviously aimed for children, it's still unbelievably terrible, and so full of stupid puns and tired expressions and dull monotonous recitation of lines that I imagine even the target audience would be bored with these sequences, and fast forward through all but the battle scenes.

Jar Jar Binks is rendered pleasant in comparison to this Padawan girl that Anakin is inexplicably given to train (Jedi Knights do not train Padawans; only Masters) whose entire role consists of generic "tough girl" sassy quips and ridicule.

The 3D animation is what you'd expect from a LucasFilms budget, but perhaps to keep themselves linked with the much more successful (even though I hated it) Clone Wars micro-sodes by Genndy Tartakovsky, they retain the stupid shapes of people's heads that consists of various juxtapositions of gravity-defying squares, circles, and polygons. Count Dooku's beard looks like the triangular front-piece of an old-time freight train, and it looks stiff as metal, too.

The battle scenes would certainly be the highest appeal for children, but for the non-children watcher, even those are usually made a mess by the constant stale quips and jabbering between Obi-Wan and Anakin and That Annoying Girl being spoken/yelled at one another throughout an entire sequence.

Obviously the point of this series is to make an open-ended source of stories, no matter how stale or hackily written, to be exploited for episode fodder and money.
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An Incredible TV Series
ttt_gandalf21 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT! "Trouble? I know nothing of this trouble! Look forward to our meeting soon I do." Yoda Yes there will be plenty of spoilers in this review, but if you're familiar with even the basic tenets of this remarkable TV series read on, because I am going to be completely honest and very candid in my remarks. Fortunately my being candid will work out in the positive because I absolutely love this TV series to death.

Let me start off by saying I am absolutely a Star Wars NUT! I love practically anything and everything related to Star Wars, it's a fun, funny, fast paced, and clean universe that George Lucas assisted in creating. I grew up on Star Wars. (I was born in the early 90's) and my childhood memories are filled with watching the original trilogy in with all the special effects and reenacting lightsaber duels and battles from all 6 of the movies. Basically i can't get enough Star Wars.

Now, onto the premise. It's the Clone Wars, and it's a tumultuous time for the Star Wars Galaxy. It's the Republic vs the Confederation and the Jedi code and Jedi tenets are being pushed to the breaking point while an insidious Palpatine commandeers and rules both sides of the conflict in the limelight and in the shadows with his sith apprenrice, Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus leading the confederation. Obi Wan Kenobi is now on the Jedi High Council and Anakin Skywalker has taken an apprentice, a Tugruta named Ahsoka Tano.

As is to be expected we see a lot of Obi Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka. In fact it could be argued that to a large degree The Clone Wars is in a way Ahsoka's series. This makes sense because Anakin and Obi-Wan's stories have already been covered and explored in depth through the other movies and novels published. We also see some recurring appearances of famous jedi such as Mace Windu, Yoda, Kit Fisto, and we even get to see that scumbag General Grievous who is really a butthurt buffoon who took a jedi withdrawal way too personally for my taste and is now one of the Galaxy's most notorious jedi killers, makes a lot of sense doesn't it? NOT! I like how the episodes are short and sweet and generally straight to the point. The recaps show some cool stuff and the graphics are amazing with a great soundtrack to back up what is already an amazing show. 2 of my complaints about the show, (and what stopped it from getting a perfect 10) are the narration voice is way over the top and at times highly annoying, and i was really disappointed with the ending. I felt so bad for Ahsoka and the arrogance of members of the Jedi Council, specifically Plo Koon and Mace Windu completely floored me. HOW COULD THEY BE SO STUPID? Ugh it rattles me to see such arrogance. Not to mention such a sad ending was kind of depressing in my books but hey i guess they had to do what they had to do.

Don't be fooled however, this is a FANTASTIC TV series! Seriously if i could only come up with 2 things wrong with this series and everything else is right then that is INCREDIBLE! I loved particularly how the first episode is all about Yoda and the clones (you can't go wrong starting with Yoda). The lightsaber duels and lightsaber action is just amazing you can tell that the creators and makers of this show put a lot of time and effort into the combat sequences. I loved in particular how there were very few episodes that didn't have at least some lightsaber action. After all, that's what the majority of people go to see at a Star Wars movie right? The big awesome lightsaber fight at the end? Yeah me too.

I also want to point out that I'm turning 24 here in a couple of months and yet I was never more emotionally invested or responsive to a TV series than i was to The Clone Wars. For some reason the fight between Count Dooku and the nightsisters is one of my favorite duels, the camera shot where they zoom in on a kneeling Dooku and him igniting his lightsaber is just epic in my opinion. Dooku truly was a gifted duelist, one of the best in my opinion for his day and age, and i wonder what it would have been like to see him in his prime instead of him being an old man at 70+ years old. Another favorite instance of mine is when Grievous absolutely gets his butt handed to him by the Gungans. Take that you arrogant cyborg! I almost literally jumped for joy out of my chair when i saw this scene. What made it all the more awesome is that there were no lightsabers on the Gungans army side, they just had electrical grenades of some sort and electric spears. Oh man that fight was so satisfying. Seeing Darth Maul come back and his brother Savage Oppress was an awesome addition to what was already an awesome TV show. The duel between Sidious, Maul and Oppress sent chills down my spine when i saw just how epic of a duelist Sidious was. I didn't even know Sidious knew Jar Kai! The duel between Obi Wan and Maul and Oppress in the cave where Obi Wan duel wields lightsabers and just picks apart Maul and Oppress had me speechless as i watched in shock at how epic of a duelist Obi Wan was as well.

The great thing about Star Wars is it's clean. No garbage to worry about. Check this series out! It is awesome!
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Movie_Reviewer1234 March 2009
Despite being a Star Wars fan, I can easily say this and the other Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated movie upon which this is based are just plain terrible. The story lines are generic with no creativity. The cartoon never mentions anything about the Clone Wars era itself, such as the underlying evil of the Republic or the fact that the CIS wasn't led by Grievous or Dooku, but was led by Sidious (Palpatine), so there really isn't much of a connection to this and the the actual movie (the live-action one, not the animated one). The battles in this show range from stupid to horrendous. One Clone trooper apparently can slaughter 1500 Battle Droids with relative ease, and all the droids really do is make some kind of idiotic self-insult about their own stupidity. Even when they do try to kill the clones, they rarely hit anything:

Imagine if a platoon of 500 droids stood 1 foot away from the side of a barn, and if they fired for 15 minutes straight with their regular blaster rifles with the accuracy they're shown as having in the show, they wouldn't have hit the barn a single time. It'd take them 45 minutes to hit the side of the barn, and that'd only be 1 hit; that's how bad their accuracy is shown as in the show.

Anakin is shown as an immortal being, capable of destroying millions of enemies without taking a scratch. Obi-Wan rarely plays any important roles in the series, and for some inexplicable reason, he's always wearing Clone shoulder armor. Yoda looks ridiculous; his eyes are gigantic and he's even shorter than he is in the movie. The music is decent.

All-in-all, the show is nothing but overrated garbage. Star Wars fans will be disappointed with the show, and non-Star Wars fans will utterly despise it.
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A fun set of good stories with excellent characters
phi00272 July 2015
This is a great T.V show and will bring many hours of enjoyment to people who are Star Wars fans and ones that are not.People under appreciate this great series of stories! First of all, character development is fantastic and after a few episodes you will be hooked! There are a few boring episodes but the ratio of good episodes to bad, have the good outweighing the bad 5:1. The voice acting on this show is great and the ties it makes with the Star Wars universe is a nice nod to Star Wars fans. The last season they made was the best of all and with the addition of old and new characters I strongly advise watching this T.V series.
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a pleasant surprise...
petsound19668 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After hearing some of the reviews/ comments about the movie (which i have not seen) i was not looking forward to this at all.....

However i really enjoyed the first two episodes of the TV show. The action is dynamic, the characters seem well thought out (i was particularly pleased to see the return of the more eccentric Yoda we know and love from ESB in the first episode) and some of the set pieces are really good...although the battle droids are even more annoying than before (if that were possible)..

In short, far from the disaster I was anticipating and a worthy addition to the Star Wars canon...
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