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Different from the movies, but definitely has potential
zeta-234 October 2008
Like many others, I saw the world premiere of Clone Wars on Cartoon Network, and I have to say, I was very impressed. George Lucas has done it again! Now I actually have something to look forward to on Friday nights. The characters act pretty much act like they do in the movies, all the voices sound great, the animation is amazing, and the episodes actually have a plot! I will agree, however, that I don't think it was quite necessary for Lucasfilm to release a movie version just for the sake of promoting the television show. I hear that they're making at least a hundred episodes or more, so hopefully they'll live up to the first two. A job well done all around.
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Bloody Brilliant! At last Star Wars is back, and its good again!
mixta11013 October 2008
Well, after a sceptical start with the clone wars animated movie, the actual TV series is getting better and better. Slightly bumpy start however. (Droid voices????) But as the "Shadow of malevolence storyline unfolds, it is clear that Star Wars is back in star wars territory. Great little storyline, and episode 3 is just true to the spirit of the original Trilogy and yet keeps with the clone wars setting. Episodes 4 & 5 are even better, and as a listener to the podcasts on the interviews are brilliant too. The creators are aware of what we like and don't and they reassure us not to worry, as some very cool stuff is still in the pipeline.

I even rewatched the clone wars movie again now its out on DVD and i like it 10 times better than i did before. I guess everything was new. I also found out that the movie was the first stuff they filmed for the series and that everything that has come since has been improved upon, and much has yet to be seen. I am looking forward to the episode i saw in a clip where we see a flashback of General Grievous become what he is now.

Anakins character is actually likable now. And Asoka is less brattish than she was in the movie. Just a shame about the damn droid voices. Less is more sometimes eh! Well done George and the team. So far i'm loving it, and cant wait for each episode. Finally, some of us may actually understand what GL was trying to achieve with the prequels. The kids love it too. I hope it gets a little darker though, or at least remains at the level of the malevolence storyline.

Cant wait for the LIVE ACTION show next year too, but I hope that one is gonna be dark and for the fans, and not for the kids. (As promised.) Then, i think balance will be achieved. Clone wars for the kids, fine. But if they make Star Wars TV for the fans, all may be forgiven.

Oh, one last thing... Needs a little bit more John Williams score. Pleeease??? _______________________

EDIT: 2010

OK, series 2 is now half way through.... WOW!!!! It has just changed completely, series 1 was great with teathing troubles as I stated in my review. But series 2, THIS IS STAR WARS!! And its a shame to say it, especially as i didn't mind the prequels too much, but I wish they would re-do the prequels in this animated style. 100 times more character than the live action. I now LOVE this show. My only gripe now is with the Cartoon network, who keep skipping weeks of showing it. People keep missing it and viewing figures will drop, and its the show that will get the blame yet its because its hardly aired consistently. This has happened with LOST and other great TV. People miss it and then forget about it. TV is based on viewing figures, so let us view it damn it!

Keep em coming and thank G for the darker more adult turn of series 2.
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A Great Addition to the SW Universe
crunchg3 October 2008
I was apprehensive about seeing the Clone Wars movie, but after it pleasantly surprised me, I was definitely looking forward to this TV show. After watching the first two episodes aired tonight on Cartoon Network, I can safely say my anticipation was rewarded.

Judging by these two episodes, I can see that a lot of work has been put into this series, and it's not just something for the kiddies to watch. It was watching a mix of the humanity of original trilogy with the action of the new trilogy. It's a great show, and definitely worth a watch for Star Wars fans of all ages. Just give it a try, you're bound to love it.
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The Force is with this show!
vram2224 October 2008
I actually stumbled on this series by accident - and what a nice surprise! While I did not see the associated animated film (because of the very bad reviews), this show seems to have some very good things going for it.

For a TV series, the visuals and sounds are really great. The colors, scenery and style of "3D" animation are really appealing. And the sounds (including character voices) are pretty well done too.

Characters: It took me three episodes to get comfortable with the new look of the main characters. It was a bit awkward watching them at first, but now it's OK. One slight issue I still have is that they sometimes remind me of characters from a kid's show than a general audience show.

But that's OK - it's really great to have 30 minutes of good quality Star Wars story-telling each week. The force is with this show!
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AMAZING!!!!! Star Wars is back and GL is back on form!
m-betts069 November 2008
I have been watching this series since it came out, and thank god i taped them as i have watched each episode up to 4 times each now.

Absolutely awesome series! I was sceptical at first, and it started off a little ropey but now i'm hooked. I'm up to episode 6 so far, and every episode has literally gotten better and better and better.

Evry episode that has come out since the movie i have said this is the best episode so far, and thats a good thing! I believe there are meant to be a hundred or more episodes of this show? I hope thats so, and i wish i had them all right now! I would not be seen for weeks.

Anakin is great in this, better than the live action films IMO. And Asoka is pretty cool too, although she got off to a bumpy start.

In fact i only have a few subtle gripes, Droid voices, though i'm getting used to them. A bit short each episode, but at least it leaves me wanting more. Which is good. Lack of John Williams music throughout, and the last episode had drum n bass in it, which was bizarre and unwelcome! But still, these are only minor gripes, and I know the creators are working on making it better for series 2 according to the force-casts, so hopefully if these little gripes get fixed, the show should be perfect.

Oh and as for the 2 reviews on here that are super negative, and say its not for the true fan, well, I AM THE TRUE FAN! And i like it! Sounds like a couple of nay-sayers to me, jumping on the Lucas hate bandwagon. Wouldn't surprise me if they hadn't even watched an episode of this show at all. Guess thats the internet for ya.

Anyway, keep em coming! Keep em great! Adjust as necessary and Star Wars will be great once more for the next generation. And the old one.
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Star Wars is back! And better than ever!
jmanhomer20075 October 2008
On Friday October 3rd, I tuned in on Cartoon Network for the two part world premier of "The Clone Wars".

Now, the movie that came out last month was a complete screw up! The worst Star Wars related thing ever! I was so worried that it would make the following TV show look terrible.

But when October 3rd came, I was wrong. The animation was an improvement to the movie, and the character developments were amazing! However, they have to have young kids watch this cause it's Cartoon Network for Gods Sake! That is why the droids are so stupid throughout the series. I don't mind that now. As a matter of fact, they do get me to laugh sometime.

Asokah Tano was very annoying in the movie, but in the series second episode, I realized that she is only a kid and she can do great things during the 100 episodes.

And lets face it, the clone characters are just bad ass! I'm so glad that Yoda gave a speech to them on the importance of the force. It just shows what a good series it will turn out to be.

Star Wars lives on and will continue to for the next several years...
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not always just a kits show
sin4210 March 2014
this show is a puzzle to me. with high coloured weird cartoon style and totally flat characters, this show has all the makings of a show for kids. but sometimes there are episodes, specially those without the all powerful, invincible and absolutely booooring jedi, that have really good writing and a greater sense for the star wars universe, with interesting twists and turns, diplomatic actions, political ramifications, real threats, real villains, desertion, tragedy and the designs are just mega awesome. those are the episodes that really speak to a wider, more mature audience and make this show enjoyable even for me.
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Each episode so far keeps getting better!!!
ericbskywalker-125 October 2008
It started out with the movie which I wasn't impressed with accept for the animation and Ventress was in it. On October 3rd I didn't think the rest of The Clone Wars story would be anything special now I know I was wrong. If your a fan of Star Wars and you appreciate the prequels then give Clone Wars a shot. Some episodes our just about clones I know that doesn't sound very good but it is actually just as entertaining as the rest of the episodes. Star Wars The Clone Wars is a great TV show and if you are a Star Wars fan and are not watching it. I strongly suggest you do cause it might make time go by while waiting for the live action series. And also if you have not already check out Star Wars The Force Unleashed.
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I thought the film was tedious, but this makes up for it
rolling_scratching13 October 2008
3 episodes in and wow! What a series. Hasn't premiered in the uk yet so I have been watching the episodes on the net (yes naughty naughty I know) and I have been mesmerised. Yes some of the voice acting is pretty bad (obi wan in the third episode stands out) and the animation takes a lot of getting used to, but it is absolutely amazing.

Each episode so far has blown me away and this is at the start. I can't wait to see what they do with the battle scenes. If there is one thing Lucas can do right, that's a fight/battle and I'm sure it wont peter out in later episodes like a lot of US progammes do to lead up to a finale.

10/10. Finally something worth watching on TV
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A good way to get new fans
Paul Wallin4 October 2008
What can you say about "The Clone Wars"? Well as many of you already have said it's a way for the franchise to pick up some new fans from the younger viewers. As for me, being the age that I saw ESB and ROTJ when they first premiered at the cinemas, it found the series... en-joyful. If you are a real star wars fan and are thirsting for more about the universe and, as I have, read all the books from the expanded universe (ofcourse not the young jedi ones and well, fell asleep after vector prime but anyway back on track)you will like this, maby not in the beginning, I know the voices are not the real ones and jada jada. Just sit back relax and think that this is STAR WARS, it's not supposed to be a "sundance winning indie" it't franchise and we LOVE IT.
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