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Season 6

7 Mar. 2014
The Unknown
Clone cadet Tup is suffering from a severe neurological disorder that causes the death of a Jedi master. Trying to find the motives for the assassination, Anakin escorts Tup back to Kamino for examination.
7 Mar. 2014
Clone cadet Tup is undergoing a medical examination in the sterile laboratories of Kamino to find the motives for his shocking attack on the Jedi master. For the examination to succeed, cadet Fives must enter the depth of Tup's mind.
7 Mar. 2014
Clone cadet Tup is transported back to Coruscant, where his body is to be examined by the chancellor's personal physician. Cadet Fives is also investigating the matter.
7 Mar. 2014
Fives is still trying to find answers regarding the mysterious actions of clone cadet Tup. Hoping to personally speak with chancellor Palpatine, Fives finds himself suddenly accused of trying to murder the chancellor.
7 Mar. 2014
An Old Friend
While on Scipio to fund a mercy mission, Padme Amidala is called upon by an old friend, Rush Clovis, to help uncover corruption in the Banking Clan.
7 Mar. 2014
The Rise of Clovis
Back on Coruscant, Clovis - known traitor of the Republic - makes a dubious deal which puts him at the head of the Banking Clan.
7 Mar. 2014
Crisis at the Heart
After making a deal with Count Dooku to resuscitate the ailing Banking Clan, Clovis finds himself as a pawn in Dooku's designs.
7 Mar. 2014
The Disappeared: Part 1
The peaceful world of Bardotta and its mystic ways are threatened by an ancient prophecy, and its top spiritual leaders have vanished.
7 Mar. 2014
The Disappeared: Part 2
Jar Jar Binks' beloved Queen Julia of the planet Bardotta has been abducted by the bloodthirsty Frangawl Colt to fulfill a dark and ancient prophecy.
7 Mar. 2014
The Lost One
A Jedi mission finds a light-saber belonging to the long-dead Master Sifo-Dyas, prompting Yoda, Obi-Wan and Anakin to begin an investigation into his decade-old disappearance.
7 Mar. 2014
Yoda is deeply unsettled when he hears a voice from beyond the grave; the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn.
7 Mar. 2014
Letting the Force guide him, Yoda voyages into the heart of the galaxy to an ancient world that is one of the wellsprings of the Force and the source of midi-chlorians.
7 Mar. 2014
After many grueling trials, Yoda next travels to the ancient Sith home world of Moraband, where he must face an ancient evil determined to rule the galaxy.

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