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Not as bad as it sounds...
Sherazade20 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
That's not to say that it's not bad, it's just not awful. You can still watch it and make some sense of it.

Okay, while, I've never seen the original Godfather film, made in Hollywood, I've heard that this is a poor copy of it. The premise of this one goes like this: An innocent and clean young man spots a beautiful girl at the bus stop one morning and he is instantly smitten with her. He comes to the same stop the next day and finds her there, and through the course of a song and dance number, it's established that they both like each other. So, one night, he decides to follow her to where she works (she's a dancer at a nightclub) and there he rubs shoulders with the wrong crowd. He mets a mob boss who is about to be shaken down by police, and the mob boss asks him to hold on to a gun and some money for him, but unfortunately for the two of them, the police shake the boy down as well and discover the contraband. They are both arrested and taken to jail. While in jail, the mob boss uses all sorts of tactics and torture to prevent the young man from ratting him out. Luckily enough for the young man, he is rescued by a goon from a rival mob who is seeking to kill the mob boss who is harassing the young man. He recruits the young man and tells him that there is money to be made if he can carry out the job, which the young man does. Upon killing the mob boss, the young man then delves deeper into the world of crime and drugs, with his sweetheart in tow, and the police always ten steps behind them in pursuit.

We are told throughout the course of the film that many scenarios are based on real life occurrences, like when the young man (the main character) is shot like 80 times but does not die etc.

There are a few nice songs in there but most of them are pretty lame and laughable, especially the lesbian romp number that takes place between the main character's girlfriend and her co-worker in the nightclub where they work. It was a vulgar song and dance, at best.

The best part of the film in my opinion was casting the chief of police (Mumbai Godfather) as a woman. While I didn't agree with a lot of her logics, tactics and politics, It was nice to see a woman rule the streets and alleyways of Mumbai with such an iron fist and survive!
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