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With its use of aggressively cheerful hues that are equal parts Technicolor and Tim Burton Candyland, Fido is a "boy and his dog" movie thrown into a horror movie blender. This is perfectly realized in a jaw-droppingly funny "Timmy's trapped in the well" sequence that almost seems like it could have been made in the 50s had George Romero ever worked on "Lassie."
The New York Times
It won't make you bleed, just howl.
It's madly funny--a treat for moviegoers who don't mind gnawed-off limbs with their high jinks.
Andrew Currie's stylish satire falls into the narrower niche of zombie farce, as pioneered by "Shaun of the Dead ," "Slither," Robert Rodriguez's half of "Grindhouse."
It's definitely the most fun you'll have with the undead this week.
It's just a clever, pointed little fable about the price of complacent conformity, slavish worship of the status quo, and trading freedom for the illusion of safety, wrapped in a sugary-sweet, Jordan-almond-colored coating that looks good enough to eat.
The echoes of Douglas Sirk melodramas and Lassie movies just add to the fun.
Most consistently funny is a deadpan Henry Czerny as the pipe-smoking, battle-hardened Zomcon head of security.
Director Andrew Currie is better at laughs than scares, but he can't sustain either as Fido runs out of steam in the final stretch. Till then, it's fiendish fun.
Amusing without being particularly biting.

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