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No more than a beguiling trifle. But in the dog days of summer, it's a perk to wallow in inspired silliness.
It's really, really funny.
Wall Street Journal
An odd but agreeable little comedy.
The Hollywood Reporter
A light-hearted if ghostly murder mystery that for all the contemporary English locations feels like a 1930s studio film including a plot that bears little scrutiny. Along with the delectable Johansson, the film offers fun roles for Allen, Hugh Jackman and Ian McShane.
Johansson is not Allen's new Diane Keaton. She's closer to Mariel Hemingway -- though even Allen couldn't attempt to pull off a romance between his septuagenarian self and a girl in college.
Miami Herald
Decidedly minor Woody.
Entertainment Weekly
A companion piece to "Match Point" that suffers all the more in comparison.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Cobbled together from memorable parts of Allen's own (not to mention Hitchcock's) classics, Scoop doesn't establish its own identity.
New York Daily News
To see Allen, now 70, trying to reclaim the persona he's been handing off is like watching Willie Mays fall down trying to hit a slow curve during his last season. Woody may go on to direct many great films, but it's time for him to retire Alvy Singer.
Chicago Tribune
Scoop isn't going for complexity. It's a trifle.
New York Post
A marginally funny comedy at best, recycles themes, scenes and even lines from Allen's own old movies - like many of Allen's later efforts.

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