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What is missing in plot and character development is made up for in silly fun.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Black's caped "luchador" grows on you. Like a fun guy.
New York Post
Hess' deadpan dorks are strange, really strange. As in the Christopher Guest movies, there is a distinct comedy architecture you recognize from the opening minutes.
The Hollywood Reporter
An amiably clunky, unapologetically silly summer confection that nevertheless lands sufficient lethal slams to the funny bone.
New York Daily News
The sweetness of Nacho's nature, along with Black's unselfconscious physical enthusiasm, turn all this into a live-action cartoon, with the ring violence having no greater consequence than a Wile E. Coyote fall from a high place.
Chicago Tribune
The film is easy to take and easy to forget, even with Black running around Oaxaca in turquoise wrestling tights.
Miami Herald
The movie is a bauble, but it's an enjoyably weird and original one, and it is anchored by Black's constantly amusing performance.
This Nacho leaves your palate longing for more spice and less rancid cheese.
The comedy is hit and miss, with good bits interrupted by dead patches. It's a movie to root for more than to enjoy.
Wall Street Journal
Once Nacho gets the wrestling bug, though, it's all about Jack Black the irrepressible clown, and the comedy dies a slow death for lack of fresh ideas.
Entertainment Weekly
You can see what the film was going for, but the jokes just sit there; you chuckle a few times, mostly out of lame hope, but you never bust a gut, never really get what you came for.

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