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I guess you have to be in the mood for a goofball picture like this. I guess I was.
Scrambled space-time comedy that's as light and silly as it is erratic.
Land of the Lost has stray amusing tidbits, but overall it leaves you feeling splattered.
It's hard to know just who the intended audience is: The movie is too surreal and bawdy for young kids and too silly for anyone older than 25.
The result is eight times as strange and exponentially more potty-mouthed than the original series.
Not exactly a hundred million dollars' worth of classic comedy.
If director Brad Silberling had taken this cast to their natural extremes, he might have delivered a raucously funny sci-fi comedy -- think "Anchorman" meets "Jurassic Park." Instead, Land of the Lost is an utter misfire -- not bad enough to hate, not good enough to remember.
Will Ferrell and Danny McBride can find the dumb fun in anything. Too bad that Land of the Lost is so much less than anything.
The Hollywood Reporter
Lame sketch comedy, an uninspired performance from Will Ferrell and an overall failure of the imagination turn Brad Silberling's Land of the Lost into a lethargic meander through a wilderness of misfiring gags.
This lumbering, ha-ha-look-what-we-remade action-comedy is a high-concept disaster.
Wall Street Journal
This dramatically, thematically and artistically bankrupt comic fantasy cost something in the neighborhood of $100 million to make and isn't worth the celluloid it's printed on.

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