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Entertainment Weekly
The baby-voiced costar of "Chasing Amy" proves an effortless filmmaker, turning Lucy's journey into the awakening of a soul.
New York Daily News
Both Adams and Judd have been let down by Hollywood. Here they have the freedom to express their uniquely Southern takes on music, faith, family and femininity. This intensely personal film may not bring either of them widespread acclaim, but it's a small triumph nonetheless.
New York Post
The kind of small gem that's becoming increasingly rare in American films.
Nothing much happens on the surface, but worlds of hope, hurt and determination lie right behind the characters' eyes, waiting to be discovered.
Adams has a good camera eye and a fine feeling for the regional mores of the South, where she's from. Judd, who for a change isn't being terrorized in a thriller, is more nuanced and intense than she's ever been.
The Hollywood Reporter
A simple story yet told with such conviction, delicacy and instinct for truth that it carries keen emotional power. This is the first film from actress Joey Lauren Adams, so one can only hope she has more stories inside her for she has genuine storytelling talent.
L.A. Weekly
No new narrative ground is broken, but there's a lived-in, musical feel to this tale of a fiercely independent, thoroughly screwed-up building contractor (Ashley Judd, in a pleasing return to the directness of her first significant role, in Victor Nunez's "Ruby in Paradise").
Chicago Tribune
Artfully shot and excruciatingly honest, the movie has great intentions but can't quite overcome its outsized sense of self-importance.
Wall Street Journal
The script is somewhat predictable and the pace is leisurely, but Ms. Judd makes Lucy's choices seem momentous, and Ms. Adams gives us several beautiful scenes.
The end result is stale, clumsy, and about as compelling as an average episode of "As the World Turns."

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