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Pat Sharps Mullet!!

Author: ( from United Kingdom
6 March 2006

Seriously now 'Fun House' was probably the best kids game show in Britain. If it were up to me i would have fun house put back on the air once again. It would be mad bigger, better and more WACKY!

I mean what more do you want as a kid than to be turned loose in a crazy house full of mazes, to be toped off with a wheel spinning fun time on the go carts at the end.

If you were lucky you might have been gunged on the show! Great stuff I say. Fun House to me is a whole lot of fun, a big thumbs up adventure and prizes to be won

DON'T KNOCK IT (people who have bad stuff to say about fun house have serious issues)

p.s I love Pat Sharps mullet it made the show better.

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Brilliant TV show for kids!!

Author: Lemon_Stick from London, UK
21 July 2005

"'Fun House, it's a whole lot of fun, with prizes to be won, It's a real crazy show where anything can go!' Pat Sharp with the aid of two blonde twins Mel and Martina host this well, fun, children's game show. The show was originally American format and was shown on ITV in the early 90's.

Pat guides two teams of two children, normally from the same school, into the first few, typically children's quiz rounds, where the team members take it in turns to answer questions and avoid getting covered in gunge.

Then in the next round, the teams compete in the fun house grand prix where they race around the fun house set picking up bonus points. The team which has picked up the most points from all the rounds, then goes on to the best round...the fun house itself! The kids then take it in turns, in the given three minutes, to race around the fun-house and pick up as many prize cards as they can, and bring them back to Pat. One of the prize cards is the power prize which is the super duper best prize in the game, although the contestants don't know which card it is, or where it is. (Although we do at home.) When they pick the card up they hear a cuckoo! Very fun children's game show!" The Editor

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Fun House

Author: Jackson Booth-Millard from United Kingdom
16 February 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When I was a kid, this was one of my favourite children's game shows, well, it was one of my favourite shows on CITV. Hosted by Pat Sharp, quite often mentioned for having a large mullet during the first few years, it basically sees two teams of two child contestants competing in three messy, filled with gunge, games to win points. There would also be questions for more points, before moving to a go-kart grand Prix, racing for points, and whoever won would be the team going into the Fun House, a large indoor play area. They have two minutes to make their way through the Fun House, going through obstacles and mini challenges, and on the way collecting tags for prizes, including the Power Prize which meant a holiday with a correct answer to a question. Obstacles in the Fun House included the Wild Slide, Sneaky slip 'n' Slide, the Ball Run, the Fireman's Pole, the Crawl Tube, the Balloon Tunnel, the Monster Maze, the Bob Sleigh, the Danger Net, the Climbing Net and the Giant Steps. I think there was a part of me watching wishing that I was playing the game, i.e. being inside such a great looking indoor play area like that, and obviously for the prizes, the gunge of course looked hilariously gross, a good fun show. Very good!

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Awesome House

Author: hellraiser7 from United States
14 February 2017

This is my forth favorite game show and it's of course another childhood gem. It's true it takes it's cues from "Double Dare" it's nothing really new but it's the execution that makes it stand out let alone the Fun House itself which is just awesome looking, I wanted to be a contestant in this game so I could run that house myself.

The theme song to the show is very good and I even like the host mainly the UK host whom really fits like a glove for this show as he really presents lots of energy and charisma, let alone has a wild haircut to go with it.

This game is pretty much simplistic physical fun and I like that, I always love the game shows where you got to do more than just simply answer questions, because with the physical games you get to be active with your body. But also shows you don't have to be a sports star or athlete to play these games, as long as you move and put in your best effort you can play and most importantly actually have fun doing it.

I really liked some of the physical challenges which are just creative and colorful, their like the kind of games you play on a park outing but turned up to 11; to this day I'm still wondering where they got most of the ideas as a few challenges are daft. My favorite one was no doubt was the go cart race, which was always awesome as I love go karts, even like the design of the mini track.

And of course the payoff is the Fun House itself. The design is just fantastic, it's sort plays out like a live action platform video game as the Fun House is full of colorful obstacles from slides, ball pit, fake refrigerators, just all kinds of things to see to believe.

However it's not as simple as getting from point A to B, there are a few catches. For one thing it's a relay race as each of the contestants have to go in and back again but they have to collect and find each of the tags in order to advance and for the other contestant to run the fun house. Second each contestant doesn't run the same pathway their assigned to run a different pathway with whole different obstacles, which makes it all the more tricky but all the more fun and non redundant. And third of course is that darn timer so they need every second to find those tags and just jet across point A to B. This part of the game made me cheer the hardest as I was always hoping the team will be able to complete the obstacles on time or just move fast enough.

Another thing I really like about the Fun House is that it always changes into something different after a certain amount of episodes or each season which is cool because it keeps the game fresh and a little unpredictable, you never knew what new things will be brought to the house.

Fun House is a whole lot of fun.

Rating: 4 stars

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"Fun House, it's a whole lotta fun, prizes to be won!!!"

Author: Foreverisacastironmess from ukwitchcountry
28 December 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Along with "Zzzzap!", "Art Attack", "The Dreamstone" and "Mike and Angelo", this was one of my favourite CITV shows that I loved to watch as a kid, once a week after school, without fail. It was a real gem from the lost little era of kids' shows that featured the magical substance known only as ~Gunge!~ And it was a show that I would have loved to have been a contestant on, it looked like such a blast, the quiz, the go karts, digging through the gunge pits, and the "fun-run" through the fun house at the end to find the hidden prizes and reach the switch in time for the best prize, which was the show's best part if I'm remembering right. I always picked either the yellow or red team to win and it was a lot of good old wholesome fun to watch, not sure if it was downright "outrageous", but it got pretty crazy and gross, that's for sure! They're sadly quite out of fashion with today's kids, but in my day a proper fun house with the huge silver slides, climbing ropes and rope drawbridges that would hurt your feet, and ball pits was to me at least something magical, and the way the awesome set in this was presented they really made it seem like the ultimate fun house to my adoring young eyes! Pat Sharp was such a great friendly and energetic host who wasn't patronising to the kids and he kind of came off as a big kid himself, which I guess was the idea. He and his lovely twin blonde cheerleaders were all super-happy and enthusiastic and they certainly made every episode seem like a big adventure and a ton of fun, being on the show looked like something a kid would remember forever. I haven't watched it in over twenty years and I don't see why I'd want to really, I'd much rather remember it as what it was to me back then, as a nice little positive part of my childhood... I got nothing but very sweet memories of it. Thanks for being such a fun show guys! X

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A whole lotta fun!

Author: fasteddyuk from United Kingdom
29 March 2006

The prizes on Funhouse were the sort of things you would make friends with a loner kid just so you could use them: Gameboys, water guns, go karts, horses..the lot. How the illusion is broken now that we realise that the keeper of the goodies, Pat Sharp, looked like an utter knob with his humongous mullet and the two blonde twins (who we were told, and accepted, were 'pretty ladies') probably were the only twins in the whole of Dagenham not pregnant with David Essex's babies. They were actually fairsome skank. Twas a whole lotta fun though, prizes there were to be won and, yea, in order to win the game, both the body and brain were necessary tools.

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