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Survivor Series

Author: Ikepoiyen668894 from United Kingdom
28 November 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

A very enjoyable Pay per View, not once match that i felt i was being ripped off for.

1. Booker T Vs. Chris Benoit.

7/10 Quite a slow match and quite long too, I'm not into slow matches, even though when for instance these two are involved it is technically good, slow but a good old fashioned wrestling match. crap predictable finish though.

2. Trish(WOMENS CHAMPION) Vs. Melina.

6/10 A good womens match, Melina was funny, she kept screaming. Trish showed her usual class and melina looked good for her first championship match.


3. Triple H Vs. Ric Flair. LAST MAN STANDING 7/10 A good match but too similar to there taboo tuesday meeting, except no cage this time, lots of blood spills from ric flair, triple h surprisingly didn't cut in this match.


4. John Cena(WWE CHAMPION) Vs. Kurt Angle. DAIVARI REFEREE 8/10 Very similar to Cena Jericho Summerslam, not just the match but the crowd as well, crowd were dead 50 50, Lets go Cena, Lets go Angle , and at times there was Cenangle sucks chants lol it sounded funny, crowd were competing so much they drained each other out. I think when a crowd is 50 50 the match tends to be better, it tends to be faster just like this one was, Cena slaps daivari across the face a few times after dodgy refereeing, that was funny, got cheers from everyone as well. A very good match, Cena was allowed a lot more offence then he normally is. As a Cena fan i admit you could hear the boos, but you could also the cheers, though when Cena wins i think even his haters appreciate it was a top match and they actually applaud him.

5. Bischoff Vs. Long

4/10 As expected a woeful match, boring chants break out, but at least theodore long was funny, he was dancing during the match, the crowd found it amusing as well. Boogeyman finally gets in the ring.

6. Batista,Orton,Mysterio,Lashley,JBL Vs. HBK,Masters,Carlito,Kane,Show.

9/10 best Match of the night, also an indication of he future of wwe. Lashley is given about 5 minutes to show his skills(FUTURE) Masters gets to the last 2 for RAW whereas Kane and Show are long gone. Randy Orton scores the win, showing that he is indeed the future, Batista surprisingly as the champ was eliminated very early, maybe an indication that his dominance is coming to an end. The match was great very equal crowd, i was most impressed with JBL and Orton, i thought they did great in this. Undertaker of course returned spectacularly again, but for goodness sake enoughs enoughs, this whole deadman coming back from dead thing is getting over used.

all in all a very good pay per view, a pay per view which i believes indicates the future of the wwe, with huge wins for Orton and Cena, coupled with Batista's early exit.

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WWE Survivor Series 2005

Author: wrestlingsitewebmaster from England
17 December 2005

In the past we've had Survivor Series were WWE have produced stunning PPV's and this is no exception, but two disappointments:

- Only one traditional Survivor Series Match

- The Eric Bischoff vs Teddy Long match.

Results from the PPV:

- Booker T defeated Chris Benoit in a very good match, but what would you expect from two veterans?

- John Cena defeated Kurt Angle to retain the WWE Championship with Daivari as referee.

- Trish Stratus retained the Women's Championship by defeating Melina in a good match.

- Teddy Long defeated Eric Bischoff in a p*ss poor match.

- Triple H defeated Ric Flair in a good match.

- Team Smackdown! (Batista, Rey Mysterio, Lashley, JBL and Randy Orton) defeated Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Kane, Carlito, Chris Masters and Big Show). Orton nailed HBK with the RKO for the win.

Overall not bad and this Raw vs SD! feud has me glued to my seat.

Overall Grade - A

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Starts out slow but picks up steam

Author: gridoon
9 April 2006

1) Chris Benoit vs. Booker T. Not a very good choice for an opener. Too long and too standard. Benoit deserves better than US title feuds, and hopefully he'll get it again in the future. **

2) Trish vs. Melina (women's title). The execution (by both women) is sloppy in parts, but Melina definitely has potential, she is aggressive and at one point does a nice surfboard submission. **

3) HHH vs. Ric Flair. Last Man Standing Match. OK, I have a few complaints about this: it is the longest match on the card, even though no title is on the line; the pace is draggy and plodding; the blood looks fake; most of the "big spots" (back body drop on the Spanish announce table anyone?) are predictable; and why is Ric Flair still wrestling? Other than that, it's fine! **

4) John Cena vs. Kurt Angle (WWE title). Daivari is the special guest referee. Angle is excellent as usual and Cena is better than usual here, and the very enthusiastic 50-50 crowd helps the match even more, but the suggestion that Angle can't beat Cena even with cheating is kind of insulting. ***

5) Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long. Undeserving of further comments. Oh, maybe I should add that the Boogeyman makes a guest appearance. 0

6) Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown. This is the real reason to watch the PPV. Fast-paced and highly enjoyable. Everyone looks good here, but special kudos must go to Lashley and Rey Mysterio. ***

Overall, despite one complete dud of a match, the rest of the show is generally enjoyable.

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This is one great WWE show compared to some others.

Author: Steveman27 from United States
31 December 2006

One of the main reasons I got this DVD is because of getting to listen to Jonanthan Coachman commentate. Besides that though, this had some great matches and some entertaining cross-brand commentating with cross-brand matches.

1. Chris Benoit vs. Booker T with Sharmell (6 stars) It looked OK. There was some decent back and forth and action.

2. Cross-Brand Women's Title Match, Trish vs. Melina (4 stars) It was hard to believe that Melina still didn't beat Trish given that she had Mercury and Nitro at ringside for a while. It was fun listening to Tazz and Joey Styles argue.

3. Triple H vs. Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing Match (10 stars) This was the best match of night. It was a long and it was full of action both inside the ring and outside of the ring. They both showed a lot of potential.

Edge bashing Detroit, classless and pointless. Was all that really necessary?

4. WWE Championship Match Kurt Angle vs. John Cena with Daivari as the Special Guest Referee. (7 stars) The outcome was rather insulting since Kurt Angle should've definitely had it in the bag given that Daivari favored Kurt the entire time until other referees came in there.

5. General Manager vs. General Manager of Eric Bischoff with Teddy Long (3 stars) Neither one are regular full-time wrestlers. It was great though, listening to the cross-commentating of Michael Cole and Jonathan Coachman. That made it it entertaining.

6. Team RAW vs. Team Smackdown (9 stars) This was a fun, variety-filled, action packed match with up to 0 wrestlers and all 5 commentators calling the action all at the same time.

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Smackdown! prevails at disappointing Survivor Series

Author: Stuart Wilson from Kirkcaldy, Scotland
19 December 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

As good as Survivor Series 2005 was it should have been a lot better. Sure, Ric Flair and Triple H had a brutal Last Man Standing match but the finish was practically given away when The Coach told us during the introductions that the Intercontinental Championship would not be on the line. My hats off to Ric Flair, after his performance at Taboo Tuesday and now Survivor Series he has proved that on the right night, with the right opponent he can still produce a great match.

The rest of the card I felt was disappointing. I remember back in 1998 with the best of seven series between Booker T and Benoit was going down in WCW. They produced one of the most memorable feeds of the year. This match was nowhere near as good as they produced seven years ago.

Malina and Trish was as good as could be expected and Kurt Angle and John Cena produced perhaps their best match so far in their feud.

The main event should have been a colossal collision of the brands in true Survivor Series fashion. It wasn't.

Don't get me wrong the match was fairly solid but I felt it lacked the emotion and intensity a top line main event such as this needed. The ending also seemed rushed. Michaels and Orton should have been able to go at it for an extra 5-10 minutes at least. Maybe if the writers hadn't given any airtime to the pointless and embarrassing mess that was the "Battle of the General Managers" then this match could have reached it's potential.

Over all a good, solid pay-per-view from WWE. But unlike 2002 when HBK won the Elimination Chamber and 1998 when The Rock won the Deadly Game tournament, there was nothing really special to report on this night from Detroit.

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The best Survivor Series ever

Author: kliko400 from Australia
11 January 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This was definitely unbelievable, this was the best Survivor Series that I have ever watched, & this is the best PPV of 2005.

FIRST MATCH- CHRIS BENOIT VS. BOOKER T W/ SHARMELL IN MATCH 1 OF THE BEST OF 7 SERIES FOR THE WWE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP Even though this match was slow mostly. It was still alright & enjoyable. Too bad Booker T had to win after getting a roll-up on Benoit using the ropes to get the win in the first match of the Best Of 7 Series for the WWE United States Title. 4/10 SECOND MATCH- TRISH STRATUS W/ MICKIE JAMES VS. MELINA W/ MNM FOR THE WWE WOMEN'S CHAMPIONSHIP Boring to say the truth. Even with MNM at ringside, Trish was still able to get the win against Melina with a Chick Kick to retain her WWE Women's Title against a Smackdown Diva. 3/10 THIRD MATCH- TRIPLE H VS. RIC FLAIR IN A LAST MAN STANDING MATCH Definitely brutal, crazy & violent. Flair definitely put up a very good fight, but it wasn't enough as HHH nailed him on the back with a sledgehammer to knock him out for the 10 count & to win the brutal violent match. {By the way Flair was busted open very badly in this match}. 5/10 FOURTH MATCH- THEODORE LONG VS. ERIC BISCHOFF IN A GENERAL MANAGER VS. GENERAL MANAGER MATCH It's the battle of the GM's in a pretty boring match. After the referee accidentally gets knocked out which leads the Boogeyman to come during the match & nail Bischoff with the Boogeyman. While the groggy referee gets up, Teddy Long covers Bischoff for the win & gets the 3 count to win. 2/10 FIFTH MATCH- JOHN CENA VS. KURT ANGLE FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: DAIVARI After Daivari tries many attempts to screw Cena. The plan comes to a fail as Cena overcomes Daivari & is able to nail the F-U on Angle. After Daivari was knocked out, same as the second referee, then the third. The fourth referee comes & counts the cover to 3 as Cena has won & overcame the odds to beat Angle & retain his WWE Title. 5/10 SIXTH MATCH- TEAM SMACKDOWN {BATISTA, JBL, RANDY ORTON, REY MYSTERIO & BOBBY LASHLEY} VS. TEAM RAW {SHAWN MICHAELS, CHRIS MASTERS, BIG SHOW, KANE & CARLITO} IN A 5-5 ELIMINATION MATCH What can I say. This match was just off the hook. I'd go so far to say that this was the best elimination match I have ever watched. The last remaining are Orton & Michaels. Michaels nails a couple of clothesline, a scoop slam & a elbow off the top & is ready to nail Sweet Chin Music on Orton. Just as Michaels is about to nail the move, JBL tries to interfere with a steel chair but gets knocked down by Michaels after Sweet Chin Music. Michaels turns around only to get an RKO by Orton who covers for the 3 count to make Team Smackdown beat Team Raw. After the match, the whole Smackdown Locker Room comes in & celebrates their win when suddenly Undertaker comes & knocks out all the Smackdown Superstars while Orton with his dad escapes the ring. Undertakers stares at the shocked Orton while the PPV goes off the air. 10/10 This is unbelievably the best Survivor Series I have ever watched, & the elimination match between Team Smackdown & Raw is just unbelievable. The best Survivor Series & the best PPV of 2005.

Overall: I'll give it 10/10 & a A+

PS: R.I.P Eddie Guerrero, you were an all-star entertainer

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This was a great PPV

Author: jts0405 from United States
4 December 2005

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T match 1 of best of 7 series Trish vs. Melina for the Women's title Triple H vs. Ric Flair: Last Man Standing Match Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long: Battle Of GMs HBK, Kane, Big Show, Chris Masters, and Carlito vs. Batista, JBL,Randy Orton,Rey Mysterio, and Bobby Lashley Wow what great matches and what a great event I'm glad I saw it on PPV Big Show is my favorite wrestler of all time. He should have won for RAW instead Orton won for SmackDown. That went kind of crappy because I've always like Raw better than Smack-Down. It has more of the bigger wrestlers like The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Triple H, Stone Cold, The King Jerry Lawler, Hurricane, Kurt Angle, and HBK.

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