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Season: 1 | 2 | unknown
Year: 1990 | 1991 | 1992 | 1993 | 1994 | 1995 | 1996

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Episode #1.1

3 October 1990

Season 1, Episode 2: Episode #1.2

10 October 1990

Jasper Conran ... Himself

Season 1, Episode 10: J'accuse: The Rolling Stones

5 December 1990
Rock critic Sean O'Hagan argues that the Rolling Stones are a burnt-out collection of middle-aged men who have failed to mature or find a late style. He also suggests that they have become the opposite of much of what they once stood for.
Sean O'Hagan ... Himself - Presenter

The Rolling Stones ... Themselves (archive footage)

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: And God Created Tenors

6 October 1992

José Carreras ... (archive footage)

Enrico Caruso ... (archive footage)
Plácido Domingo Jr. ... (archive footage) (as Placido Domingo Jr.)

Beniamino Gigli ... (archive footage)

Mario Lanza ... (archive footage)
Josef Locke ... Himself - Interviewee

Luciano Pavarotti ... (archive footage)

Richard Tauber ... (archive footage)

Unknown Season

A Brief History of Slang

There are over 50,000 words of slang in common usage today. Lexicographer Jonathon Green points out that most of them come from sex, drugs and music.
Jonathon Green ... Himself

Bad Ideas of the 20th Century Youthism

12 October 1993
Germaine Greer launches an attack on the cult of youth. She argues that the obsession with youth has led to a morbid fear of aging at a time when old people outnumber the young.
Germaine Greer ... Herself

Joanna Lumley ... Herself

Ball and Chain

8 November 1994

C4PD Starsky and Hutch

26 March 1996

CP4D Z Cars

2 April 1996

CP4D: The Professionals

9 April 1996

Doing the Dishes

17 October 1990
A celebration of the satellite dish, looking at their history and considering the prospects for designer dishes.

Equal But Different

5 March 1996
Tony Parsons delivers an essay on the state of the sex war, he suggests that there are some things that women do better than men: weeping, shopping and housework.
Ann Leslie ... Herself
Richard Olivier ... Himself
Tony Parsons ... Himself - Presenter

Fin de Siècle

4 February 1992

Alain Finkielkraut ... Himself
Stuart Hall ... Himself

Salman Rushdie ... Himself

For One Night Only: Errol Flynn

15 March 1994
Dramatised scenes from Errol Flynn's life.

For One Night Only: Margaret Rutherford

5 October 1993
'Margaret Rutherford' (Tim Spall in drag) tells her life story in cabaret form before an audience.

Timothy Spall ... Margaret Rutherford
Nickolas Grace ... Noel Coward

Michael Praed ... Ivor Novello

Liz Smith ... Maid

Simon Ward ... Stringer Davis

Hang the D.J.

14 April 1992
Looks at the cult of the Radio1 DJ. Links from Mike Smash (Paul Whitehouse) and featuring Tony Blackburn, Gary Davies, Mike Read and Dave Lee Travis.

Paul Whitehouse ... Mike Smash - Presenter
Tony Blackburn ... Himself
Gary Davies ... Himself
Mike Read ... Himself
Dave Lee Travis ... Himself

I Want Your Sex

21 December 1991

Stuart Hall ... Himself

Cathy Tyson ... Herself

Josephine Baker ... (archive footage)

Eddie Murphy ... (archive footage)

J'Accuse: The News

1 November 1994
Allison Pearson criticizes the news values of the BBC and ITN, saying that they are trivial, sycophantic and and prisoners to new technology.

Joanna Coles ... Herself
Allison Pearson ... Herself - Presenter
Julia Somerville ... Herself
Mark Tully ... Himself

J'Accuse: The Superchefs


Paul Bailey ... Himself

Marcello Magni ... Superchef

J'accuse: Citizen Kane

1 November 1991
Robert McKee dismisses Orson Welles film, Citizen Kane as a mish-mash of stylistic excess and clichéd content.
Ray Carney ... Himself
Philip Dodd ... Himself

Robert McKee
Dilys Powell ... Herself

Ken Russell ... Himself

J'accuse: Comedy

28 May 1996
Cosmo Landesman accuses comedians of the nineties of becoming a force for political reaction 'the court jesters of the chattering classes'. He argues that politicians now wield the weapon of humour which was once turned against them.
Cosmo Landesman ... Himself - Presenter
Tony Banks ... Himself
Rory Bremner ... Himself
Austin Mitchell ... Himself

J'accuse: Dame Edna Everage

16 February 1993
Rory Bremner argues that having set herself up as a satirist on suburban values, Dame Edna now personifies the same values that she once abhorred.
Rory Bremner ... Himself - Presenter / Melvyn Bragg / Dame Edna Everage
Nicholas de Jongh ... Himself

Barry Humphries ... Dame Edna Everage (archive footage)
Anne Karpf ... Herself
John Lyttle ... Himself
Sheridan Morley ... Himself
Ned Sherrin ... Himself

J'accuse: Laurence Olivier

3 March 1992
Russell Davies questions Laurence Olivier's position as the pre-eminent actor of our times.
Russell Davies ... Himself - Presenter
Michael Billington ... Himself
Michael Bogdanov ... Himself
Alan Brien ... Himself

Trader Faulkner ... Himself
Derek Granger ... Himself
Anthony Holden ... Himself
Francis King ... Himself
Hermione Lee ... Herself
Richard Proudfoot ... Himself
Denis Quilley ... Himself
Snoo Wilson ... Himself

J'accuse: Technonerds

19 March 1996
Janet Street-Porter takes the Internet to task, claiming its main use is to provide an occupation for boring, inadequate and socially inept people.
Douglas Coupland ... Himself
John Diamond ... Himself
Ian Hislop ... Himself
Eva Pascoe ... Herself
Janet Street-Porter ... Herself - Presenter

J'accuse: The Vegetarians

7 March 1995
Jonathan Meades attacks the myths and culture surrounding vegetarianism.
Jonathan Meades ... Himself - Presenter
Lynsey de Paul ... Herself
Tony Blackburn ... Himself

Uri Geller ... Himself (as Yuri Geller)
G.F. Newman ... Himself
Albert Roux ... Himself

Nigella Lawson ... Herself
Auberon Waugh ... Himself
Julia Llewellyn Smith ... Herself

Linda McCartney ... Herself
Tom Sanders ... Himself
Rebecca Hall ... Herself
Darcus Howe ... Himself

J'accuse: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

15 January 1991
Looks at the hype behind the Mozart bicentennial celebrations.
Nicholas Kenyon ... Presenter - Himself

Kiss My Baad Assss Ice-T's Guide to Blaxploitation

22 March 1994
Ice-T Looks at the history of 1970s Blaxploitation cinema and its continuing influence.
Robert Beck ... Himself (archive footage)
Donald Bogle ... Himself

Isaac Hayes ... Himself
bell hooks ... Herself

Ice-T ... Himself - Host
Regana Red ... Dancer

Richard Roundtree ... Himself

Melvin Van Peebles ... Himself

Lesbians Unclothed

3 May 1994
Camille Paglia, a lesbian academic, looks at how lesbianism has become chic. She traces its history, from the writings of Sappho to the recent lesbian culture.
Camille Paglia ... Herself - Presenter

Lolita Unclothed

11 May 1993

Camille Paglia ... Herself - Presenter
Nancy Honey ... Herself
Suzanne Moore ... Herself
Graham Ovenden ... Himself

Anne Rice ... Herself

My Fair Hugh

19 March 1996
American film critic, Joe Queenan, adopts the persona of a male film star to assess his contribution to the cinema.

Hugh Grant ... Himself (archive footage)
Joe Queenan ... Himself / Hugh Grant

Wendy Thomas ... Elizabeth

Not Fade Away

23 April 1996

Jerry Allison ... Himself (archive footage)
David Bigham ... Himself
Barbara Bullough ... Herself
Bill Griggs ... Himself
Bill Haley ... Himself (archive footage)
Cliff Hircock ... Himself - Fan
Larry Holley ... Himself

Buddy Holly ... Himself (archive footage)
Ronnie Keene ... Himself
Robert Linville ... Himself

Little Richard ... Himself
Joe B. Mauldin ... Himself (archive footage)
Echo McGuire ... Herself
Philip Norman ... Himself - Presenter
Des O'Connor ... Himself (also archive footage)
Norman Petty ... Himself (archive footage) (voice)

Elvis Presley ... Himself (archive footage)

Queen Elizabeth II ... Herself (archive footage)
Red Robinson ... Himself (archive footage) (voice)
Niki Sullivan ... Himself (also archive footage)

Seriously Seeking Sid

1 January 1993

Ray Galton ... Himself

Sidney James ... (archive footage) (as Sid James)
Valerie James ... Herself (as Valerie Ashton)
Alan Simpson ... Himself
Arthur Smith ... Himself - Presenter

Victor Spinetti ... Himself
William G. Stewart ... Himself

Sexual Intercourse Began in 1963

24 October 1990
Trial of the book and the acquittal of Penguin Books ushered in the freedom of the Sixties. With dramatic reconstructions this programme recreates the atmosphere of the time and tells the story of Lawrence's lifelong battle with the censors.
Sheila Allen ... Herself
Charlotte Cornwell ... Commentator
John Hallett ... Himself

Karl Johnson ... Himself

Tim McInnerny ... Himself
Richard Ritchie ... Himself

Sleeping Beauty Rediscovered

14 January 1991
Looking at the Royal Ballet's film started in the 1960s and left unfinished.
Fiona Chadwick ... Herself
Judith Mackrell ... Herself - Presenter

The Avengers

14 January 1992
A tribute to the long-running cult 1960's spy adventure series.

Patrick Macnee ... Himself

Honor Blackman ... Herself

Linda Thorson ... Herself

Diana Rigg ... Herself
Richard Bates ... Himself

Peter Bowles ... Himself
Cyd Child ... Herself
Brian Clemens ... Himself
Robert Fuest ... Himself
James Hill ... Himself
Don Leaver ... Himself
Roger Marshall ... Himself
Leonard White ... Himself

The Greatest F***King Show on TV

Jerry Sadowitz presents a history of swearing on television.
Jerry Sadowitz ... Himself

The National Alf

25 October 1994
An appraisal of cultural icon, Alf Garnett (played by Warren Mitchell in the TV series Till Death Do Us Part and In Sickness and in Health).

Billy Bragg ... Himself
Garry Bushell ... Himself - Presenter
Margaret Hodge ... Herself
Darcus Howe ... Himself
Paul Johnson ... Himself

Warren Mitchell ... Himself
Johnny Speight ... Himself

The Night Show - A Midsummer Night's Scream

1 November 1994

The Night Show: Lucrezia Borgia Reveals All

25 October 1994
The spoof arts magazine show presents a drama exploring the short cuts television takes in its treatment of art. Lucrezia Borgia, one of the most glamorous women of Renaissance Italy, discusses her role as patron of Italian art.

The Obituary Show - Dudley Moore


Dudley Moore ... Himself

The Obituary Show - Ken Russell


Lynn Barber ... Herself
Derek Malcolm ... Himself
Angela McRobbie ... Herself
David Pountney ... Himself
Donald Reeves ... Himself

Ken Russell
Michael White ... Himself

Michael Winner ... Himself

The Obituary Show - Norman Wisdom

30 March 1993

Richard Dacre ... Himself

Stephen Frears ... Himself
Benny Green ... Himself
Andy Medhurst ... Himself

Norman Wisdom ... Himself
Pete Wylie ... Himself

The Obituary Show - Oliver Reed


Alex Higgins ... Himself - Ex World Snooker Champion

Glenda Jackson ... Herself

Oliver Reed ... Himself

The Ring Reduced

11 April 1995
The Reduced Shakespeare Company's interpretation of Wagner's Ring Cycle, compressing 16 hours into 30 minutes.

The Thing Is... Christmas Decorations

19 December 1990
Paul Morley looks at Christmas decorations. Why do we want them? What do they mean to us and what do they say about us? How do the stores entice us to buy them? Do they offer a taste of a traditional Christmas or plastic nostalgia for a non-existent Golden Age?
Terence Conran ... Himself - On-screen Participant
Paul Morley ... Himself - Presenter

The Thing Is... Prisons

31 October 1990
Paul Morley looks at prisons, historic and new, and at the "interior design" practiced by prisoners within their cells.
Paul Morley ... Himself - presenter

Tracks of My Tears

21 November 1990
Inspired by the footballer, Paul Gascoigne, this documentary with music from Smokey Robinson and Sydney Devine, looks at men in tears - in art, pop, music, sport, the cinema and politics.
Will Carling ... Himself

Ken Dodd ... Himself
Paul Gascoigne ... Himself
Bob Hawke ... Himself

Richard Nixon ... Himself

Jonathan Ross ... Himself
Hank Wangford ... Himself

Barbara Windsor ... Herself

Tunnel Visions: 1

14 November 1990
The mutual mistrust between the French and the English goes back centuries. A British television team looks at the way the French are adjusting to a world in which many of their ideals - revolution, patriotism and national culture - seem to be increasingly irrelevant.
Antoine de Caunes ... Himself - Presenter

Tunnel Visions: 2

18 November 1990
A French television team looks behind the stereotypes and asks what the public role of British intellectuals is at a time when the channel tunnel is forcing the two societies together.

Unpeeled: Proust - Remembrance of Tastes Past

12 December 1995
An examination of Proust's fascination with sex and food with a look at the psycho-sexual history evoked in 'Remembrance of Things Past'(A La Recherché Du Temps Perdu).
Jane Copland ... Narrator

Marcel Proust ... Himself (archive footage)

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