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The car Kane drove is a heavily modified Toyota Supra. The exact car he drove was featured in the beginning of 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003).
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When Alex tells Jeff to "Shut up" when he spends the night at his house, it was to keep him from ad-libbing even further about his sweet car bed.
Barely grossing $6 million in its original theatrical release, this film has made over $50 million in DVD sales.
The video game featured in the movie, Demonik (2006), was to be an actual video game that was to be released for the Xbox 360. The project was canceled when the production company Majesco Entertainment ran into financial troubles.
The doll Alex masturbates to is actually a modified Barbie doll instead of the Tomb Raider character Lara Croft, due to licensing reasons.
Alex is driving such a pile of garbage car because the production was running low on money when it came time to get a car for his character.
The camera sequence of J.P. riding an electric four wheel scooter around his home has a cut in it because the cameraman ran into one of the large decorative metal dividers.
According to Nick Swardson in the pot smoking scene Dante was was given fake weed. Dante then decided to get his own weed. So for each retake of that scene he was lighting up real bong hits. Swardson stated that the actor after the takes said he "couldn't feel his legs" and that he needed to go to the hospital.
When J.P. is telling Mr. Cheezle about Demonik (2006), Mr. Cheezle tells him it's "very Miyamoto." He's making a reference to Shigeru Miyamoto, a ground-breaking and award-winning game designer for Nintendo who created Super Mario Bros. (1985), Donkey Kong (1981), The Hyrule fantasy: Zeruda no densetsu (1986) and many more.
The line "You're a hooker" in the opening sequence was an idea of Adam Sandler's that he suggested on the day of the shoot.
The original title of the film was "Nana's Boy" and in the scene when Samantha and Alex are taking shots of tequila Samantha says, "What's the matter Nana's boy? Can't hang?"
The game used in the movie, Eternal Death Slayer 3, is actually a modified version of Majesco's BloodRayne 2. Both BloodRayne 2 and the abandoned title Demonik were developed by Texas-based developer Terminal Reality.
When Grandma Lilly is outside gardening, Samantha pulls up in Kane's car. Lilly turns to talk to Samantha, the house behind her is the same house used as the Manor in Charmed. You can also see Grandma Lilly's house in Charmed. The last season of Charmed was filmed about the same time as Grandma's Boy was filmed.
When Alex comes out of Samantha's office J.P. is standing facing the wall and you can see a poster that says Gay Robot (2006), a TV-series written by Nick Swardson (Jeff) and a character from a sketch of the same name from Adam Sandler's 2004 comedy album "Shh... Don't Tell". There is also a small poster for "Gay Robot" on the shelf behind the desk in Mr. Cheezel's office.
During the climactic video game scene J.P. Attempts to insult Lilly by telling her that Murder, She Wrote (a TV show popular with senior citizens) is on. Doris Roberts (who played Lilly) appeared on 2 episodes of Murder, She Wrote.
The sound that is heard when the doors open and close to JP's office are the same sound clips that were used in the popular 1990's franchise games Doom (1993).
Elements of J.P.s character were loosely based on Cliffy B., Designer of Gears of War. Additionally, Mr. Cheezle is loosely based on David Perry who is responsible for games such as Earthworm Jim.
The large white metal dividers in J.P.'s home with the repeating square and circle motif can also be seen as office decor when Renée Zellweger enters the "Now" magazine offices near the end of Down with Love (2003).
While the company is obviously fictional, many covers for the very real Game Informer magazine are hung up around the office.
Shirley Jones and Shirley Knight were both nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1961, with Shirley Jones winning the Award her only time nominated. Shirley Knight was nominated again in 1963, but did not win.
The original Grandma's Boy (1922) was released 3 years before Doris Roberts was born.
When Alex is playing FrogBug against Timmy and wins, his final score is 420.
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This is similar to The Benchwarmers considering both are comedy movies produced by, but not include Adam Sandler and released in 2006.
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

Part of the dance that Jeff does on the DDR game is the same dance he does in I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry
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