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More quantity than quality, but enough of both for this to be worth watching
gridoon20171 January 2009
The DVD of "WWE Divas: South Of The Border" is divided into two parts: the main feature is a photo shoot at and around a luxurious beach resort in Copacabana, Mexico with all of the Divas employed by the WWE at the time (2003). Mixing footage from the shoot with interviews with the ladies, this part is lively and fast-moving, and of course it goes without saying that all the women are in phenomenal shape, and they all seemed to have a good time during this whole "mission". The longest part of the DVD is the Extras, which include several Diva matches (most of them the usual bikini-contest / bra-and-panties fluff, but there are a few pretty good bits thrown in there too, like Gail Kim's debut & championship win, or a tag team match involving Jazz, Lita, Victoria and Molly Holly), a couple of additional short interviews with some of the women, a brief look into some magazine cover photo shoots, and some "hidden" extra stuff (that's not really very hard to find). The emphasis here is definitely more on the sex appeal rather than the athletic ability of these women, but this DVD is packed with so much stuff that it's still worth getting for those who are interested in the first place. As a footnote, my personal favorite of the women featured here - the sexiest, as well as the best wrestler - is Gail Kim: dumb of WWE to let her go, smart of TNA to pick her up. (**1/2)
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