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One of the best Hindi movies that I have seen.
movie_freak_dubai2 September 2006
I saw Lage Raho Munnabhai last night and it's still in my head today. I always go to watch sequels with a bit of trepidation but Mr. Hirani soon eased my fears with a wonderfully thought out comedy that is funny and has a message which he puts across without being preachy. Most of the same cast back again with only Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi reprising their roles and playing the same characters again. This movie cannot be considered as a sequel as it is more of an episode in Munnabhai's life not unlike James Bond films or Charlie Chaplin's tramp.

Sanjay Dutt is just perfect as Munnabhai... i cannot imagine anyone else playing this role. It was said that Munnabhai was first offered to Shahrukh Khan, while i do like the King Khan i feel he would have gone overboard with this role. Sanju baba plays with a lot of conviction and i believe his true character and honesty shine throughout the film. He handles the comedic and emotional scenes with ease.... so naturally. Good rapport with the Bapu character.Arshad Warsi a.k.a Sarkeshwar a.k.a Circuit was also brilliant ...excellent chemistry with sanju and had some nice sequences. I liked him since the time he appeared in Tere Mere Sapne... and is coming into his own as a Bollywood star in his own right.

Vidya Balan was bright and chirpy... great teeth! Only disappointment was that Boman Irani did not have the same impact as he did with Dr. Astana but still a great performance. He makes the audience like and empathise with him even though he could be considered the villain of the piece.

Direction was excellent, song sequences were handled beautifully with most of the songs being situational all well shot especially 'Samjho ho hi gaya' & 'Pal Pal Har pal'. This movie just proves that Bollywood movies can be just as good and entertaining as Hollywood while still giving us all the masala.

We should all follow "Gandhigiri" but first let's support this great movie by praising it and WATCH IT IN THE CINEMA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Pradyumna Javalekar2 September 2006
Incredible movie! The comedy was expected, and having developed his characters so well, Rajkumar Hirani couldn't possibly not make people laugh in this movie, but the most inspiring aspect was the message which was conveyed in such a beautiful, unpreachy way, something the audience would connect to. Definitely, no documentaries or books about Mahatma Gandhi could have had such an impact on the audience, and after watching this movie, I respect him much much more.

The screenplay and direction was flawless. There was not a single moment when you wanted to take your eyes away from the screen, and the dialogues were as good as the first part, in fact better. Sanjay Dutt and Munnabhai are made for each other, and he couldn't have played the role better. But yeah, without Arshad Warsi, the movie wouldn't be half as good, and like the previous one, he's delivered. Vidya Balan really adds life to the movie, and if you really want to compare, I'd say she's done much better than Gracy Singh in the previous one. Incredibly beautiful, and she's got grace, I can only but praise her in this movie. Boman Irani, Diya Mirza and others have done there bit, and Hirani has very nicely used all these characters around the main ones. And last but not the least, Mahatma Gandhi, played by Dilip Prabhavalkar is something you will not forget. Throughout the movie, he wears this enlightened smile you fall in love with!

The movie does have technical glitches, for instance, if vidya balan works at worldspace, how did her show air on FM radio and things like that, but you don't really care much about these things when you've just been through 2 and half hrs of sheer entertainment, where you laughed, cried, and every possible emotion you can go through with a movie. The movie has an incredible feel-good factor to it.

So all said and done, the movie is a must watch, watch it asap! I doubt I'd find a single person around me who wouldn't like it.
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One of the best movies in recent times!
shreerajca2 September 2006
This is one the excellent movie that refreshed me to the core. A classic Vinod Chopra production, this movie does not only fulfill high expectations of the audience, being a sequel of Munnabhai MBBS, but exceeds it.

A decent and hilarious comedy throughout, you can watch this movie with family and realize that superb comedy can be created even without vulgarity.

On acting front, it is difficult to rank the actors as everyone has made his role alive. Sanjay Datt (Munnabhai), Circuit (Arshad Varsi) & Bomman Irani (Lucky Singh) have given their best performances.

Cinematography is excellent and songs are appropriate to the situations.

SO what is the best thing about this movie? Unlike most big-budget-glamorous Bollywood flicks, this movie entertains you, and still makes you think.

It carries a message for today's generation!
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Munnabhai - the magic recreated!!!!
Naresh Kanyal4 September 2006
Probably, this is the best movie sequel ever produced in the Hindi cinema and surely would be one of the top ten comedy Hindi movies of all times. I can't remember if any comedy movie (hindi or other) ever been able to deliver such a strong message in such a subtle and non-preachy manner. Coming out of the cinema hall, you can't help from having that huge delightful smile on your face.. This movie isn't a sequel in its true sense; apart from the characters of Munnabhai and Circuit, there is nothing in common with its predecessor (unarguably, the movie would not have been possible without these two characters as in their original form).

Few reasons which turn it to a must watch movie:

1) awesome movie, with astounding screenplay, story, characterization and many other things. Its a 100% clean movie with no risqué dialogues, no item number, no vulgar dresses and no vulgar scenes, which is an achievement in today's times.

2) Performance of Munnabhai and Circuit duo - Sanjay dutt is undoubtedly the most lovable bollywood bhai, he is bit old now but still going very strong and Circuit has come up with his magic yet again, this guy's timing of dialogues is perfect... In all, the duo rocks!!!!!!!

3) Strong, strong and very strong message delivered... I won't delve much onto this or else risk disclosing the story and henceforth the fun... Everybody is going to respect Mahatma even more after watching this movie - bet you are going to love that enigmatic smile

4) Jhanavi (Vidya Balan)... such a graceful beauty, her face is like bright morning light; gosh, the lady literally smiles with her eyes, you are bound to fall in love with this gurl, just like Munnabhai.. apart from that she acts very well and gives a strong performance...

There are many more things that make this movie memorable and a treat to watch.... surely, something to watch before you die :-)
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Why not more people make moves like thisthis is AWWWWEEESOMME MAAMOO
vivekdlko3 September 2006
"Lage Raho Munnabhai" , the second film in the Munnabhai series and perhaps the most eagerly awaited movie of the year at least for the people who like meaningful cinema.This one was supposed to be a sequel but it has a story of its own and its refreshingly original and no connection with the first movie except the Munnabhai and circuit and their gang. I saw the movie and was completely spellbound by it.I was glued to the screen for the entire duration and enjoyed every bit of bit.To call this movie a comedy would be wrong this one is a mix bag you've got comedy, romance , emotions (and yes lots of them) and a beautiful script to tag along.

The entire cast is simply lovable and all have acted their part to the book. Sanjay Dutt excels in the role of Munna hes is well complemented by ever smiling Arshad Warsi as circuit who surprisingly shows his softer side in some well acted emotional scenes. Vidya Balan looks fresh and acts her part well. Boman Irani as The Punjabi builder is first rate,people get to see the various shades of his character.The supporting cast of elderly persons is also good. Dia Mirza provides glamor to the film in a brief but sweet role. Jimmy Shergill is likable in the scenes where he gets footage.

But the real star of the movie is "RajKumar Hirani" , yes the director of the movie. he has told the story in a very unique manner which appeals to the masses.I wont go into the details as it will spoil the fun but this man is a class apart, he has handled each and every scene with perfection be it comedy , emotional or drama brilliantly.

Music is perhaps the only weak point of this film. Though the songs blend well with the story but no songs stands out to be a chart buster. The picturisation of the songs is beautiful and visually appealing.

On the whole "lage raho munnabhai" is an excellent movie not to be missed. The movie will tickle your funny bone as well as bring tears to your eyes in some situations. Its unique way of story telling will find praises not only from the masses but from the critics as well. the movie has a surprise package in the character of "mahatma Gandhi" and the actor who's played the part suits the role well

I can't wait for another outing with Munna&Circuit but good things come at a price. The price here is Another Wait Till Then patience rakho "MAAMOO".
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Munna Meets Mahatma Gandhi!!
kathuria_nidhi2 September 2006
The second innings of Munna Bhai and Ciruit in 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai' is one cracker of an innings! It's better than the first one, extracts more laughs and punches and the characters have a more humane temperament that explores the other side of 'bhaigiri'. The plot is truly the winning card of the movie, not to discount the effective casting, dialogues that are a mix of funny and introspective, a rib-tickling screenplay, enjoyable situational songs and a first rate direction. Sanjay Dutt as Munna Bhai and Arshad Warsi as Circuit wear their characters as their second skins, more comfortably, more snuggly and are more lovable than their avatars in the earlier Munna Bhai MBBS. Ditto for Boman Irani who dons the role of Lucky Singh, a sardarji builder; a meanie with a heart. Vidya Balan also puts her best foot forward as a radio jockey who makes Dutt's heart goes hmmm... Dia Mirza and Jimmy Shergill justify their cameo appearances. A surprise element during the climax is a thoughtful addition and cheers the audience, specially the female audience threefold. Though the film is not a sequel to Munna Bhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munna Bhai retains the characters of Munna and Circuit in the lead roles and their nontoxic, almost childlike idiosyncrasies. This idea also gives an unlimited scope for possibilities the hit pair of Munna and Circuit can indulge into in future. Lage Raho Munna Bhai is a story about Murli Prasad Sharma aka Munna who meets Mahatma Gandhi and undergoes a heart transformation. For Munna, breaking bones and abducting people at the snap of his fingers was easier than the courage it required to walk on the path of non-violence and truth. Hesitatingly and unwittingly he takes the road less traveled, which is thorny and full of obstacles in return for self revelation and a guilt-free conscience that fears nothing and no-one. The 'Gandhivad' is turned into 'Gandhigiri' by self proclaimed Professor Murli Prasad Sharma for its practical implementation in the present day, without sounding preachy or heavy-duty. There is a similar 'offering the other cheek' when someone slaps you, confessions of truth and also the 'satyagrah' for a bunch of old people who lose their house called 'Second Innings' to the manipulative and greedy Lucky Singh. Sad but true that our nation won freedom but lost its people, Murli tries to revive faith, courage, truth and justice in people from different walks of life. With his new found ideology or the chemical 'locha' in his brain, he triumphs over the cynics or the lost souls and also wins the love of his life. An interesting observation can be made between Rakeysh Om Prakash Mehra's 'Rang De Basanti' and Rajkumar Hirani's 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai', the fact that though the theme of both films is more or less the same, the approach to resolving the conflict is in complete contrast with each other, like two ends of the same thread. Yet both films succeed in their own unique ways and deliberate the depths of human emotions and reflections in an identical manner. In the end, hats off to Vidhu Vinod Chopra for producing a film that is a wholesome entertainer and succeeds in giving a heartfelt message in the times where films are made merely to fulfill the whims and fancies of egoistic filmmakers.

-Nidhi Kathuria
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See this again and again!
npkar4 September 2006
What does one say about this movie? Coming on the heels of Rang De Basanti, Lage Raho Munnabai could prove to be another movie that stirs the conscience of the Indian masses, and dare I say, foreigners as well. Never before has Gandhiji's life and message been conveyed so simply, so beautifully and in such a rolling-in-the-aisle humorous manner. Everybody in the movie has played her or his role tremendously. Arshad Warsi and Sunjay Dutt make an explosive combination and Boman Irani is a riot. Don't be surprised if the thickest-skinned amongst you sheds a tear or two while laughing your guts out. You will walk out of the theater with a spring in your step, light in spirit, thankful that such a man as Gandhi walked the soil of our nation and inspired to become a little bit more like him. Even if a few of us are motivated to emulate Munnabhai's 'Gandhigiri', we could make a world of difference!
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Munna Bhai back!!!
python_prince2 September 2006
To start of with i didn't had much of expectation on this movie since I assumed that a second series to Munna Bhai might not be good as the original based on my previous experiences. But this movie 'ROCKS' with a different story line all together, still keeping the characters of MunnaBhai(Sanjay Dutt)in place. The crew is pretty much the same from the original except for the heroine Vidya Balan and she does her part in style with others. The chemistry between Munna Bhai and Circuit, whether its comedy or sentiments was handled with beauty by Sanjay Dutt and especially Arshad Warsi. Boman Irani again proves that he can the best for the character given to him. Go watch this movie with less expectations and you will enjoy this weekend comedy treat.. This movie is sure shot a box office hit and movie for every Indian to watch!! Don't miss it because I bet u will come out with the satisfaction of watching an excellent movie with flawless script!! - Mobs
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Lage Raho MunnaBhai..............
Rahul_Gairola4 September 2006
Now that i have visited the NEARBY single screen twice for LRM , it's about time to write a detailed review(quite a big achievement as it's 10 km away from my residence ,all thanks to the VVC-Multiplexes stand off).

Half an hour into the film & i was thinking , WTH is happening ova here? I mean there wasn't any definitive motive behind munna's shenanigans but as we reach towards the intermission point , i was squeezed into a compromise.

& the second half...well it delivers, delivers big time as munnabhai's "Gandhigiri"does create a "chemical locha" in our hearts & how ! Hats off to Hirani, & abhijat Joshi for creating such memorable screenplay which makes u rethink about bapu's relevance today, it's just stuffed up with great scenes whether it's about a man trying to get rid of unwanted stains on his door courtesy his pan chewing irreverent neighbour or an old retired teacher trying to get even with a corrupt officer in pure Gandhigiri style , they all create such a huge impact on one's psyche.

Arshad once again does a great job , on first viewing i founded him a bit OTT at times but the second session convinced me that his was a performance driven by astounding comic timing , well done circuit(though his screen time was a let down).

Boman as Lucky was great too , sometimes his Punjabi lingo faltered but overall this definitely is his first notable outing post MMBBS.

Vidya is good but her Guuuuuuudmorning mumbai does irritate u at times , still she was better than gracy .

& then there is sanjay dutt without whom munnabhai can never be what it is today , such a heartfelt performance that it makes u weep & smile at the same time ,one of the rarest of rare feet i must say.It's amazing to see that how he swings from Zinda's maniac urgency to munnabhai's goofy charm ,all in all Yet another awesome outing for him .

Easily the best film of the year , waiting for munnabhai's next innings and until then , Lage Raho Munnabhai.

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Here comes an exceptional movie in Hindi, after a long time
lv_rk1 September 2006
If you eat a good chocolate or sweet, the taste lingers in your mouth for quite sometime... right? Likewise, the taste of this movie lingers in you mind for quite some time! This movie is the best example of a brilliant script, brilliant execution and of course, some brilliant acting... Sanju and Arshad really rocks.... they make you laugh most of the time and there are some heart touching moments also... like in the first movie.. This movie surpasses its predecessor in every way.... The Mahatma angle in the movie has come out superb! Thank you Mr. Hirani for reminding us about Mahatma and his values... after a long time... :o) And lastly, i never thought that Vidya Balan would be so beautiful when I watched Parineetha then. She is very beautiful with radiant smile... Go watch it folks...
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very entertaining movie
porgiamor17 April 2012
you have to understand folks that this is not an artistic film nor does it pretend to be an artistic film. it's really intended to be pure entertainment with a message. And that is why this movie accomplished these goals in mind. entertainment - entertainment - entertainment!

i really admire the gandhi pacifist theme to this film. the acting was great throughout. great to see a movie with sanjay dutt as the top billed actor. sometimes you just want to see a common looking person and not an overtly handsome male lead like SRK or Salman or Saif Ali.

Sanjay can really carry this movie with his acting. I loved his crying scene with gandhi - he was so believable. boman irani and vidya balan are just as great as he is. boman's body language in his character role was amazing. vidya balan is such a natural performer, she's better than meryl streep because her acting skills are more nuanced and less technical than meryl's.

if you love movies then you'll love the spiritual quality of this movie with the ghost of gandhi popping in and out. the musical numbers are also fun but add more to the story by showing you how the characters truly feel about what is happening to them.

KUDOS to Cinematography C. K. Muraleedharan and Director Rajkumar Hirani and Producer Vidhu Vinod Chopra. Screenplay by Abhijat Joshi is just brilliant. When Gandhi sits on the couch and says "Why don't you just shoot Lucky?" - I died laughing. These folks are the future of film and Adam Sandler/Will Ferrell/Jim Carrey need to take lessons from a movie like this in my humble opinion.

I say Bollywood all the way!
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An all time great Hindi movie
movind21 August 2010
Quite possibly, one of the top five Hindi movies of all time. Manages to provide a thoughtful perspective on fixing interpersonal problems with rip roaring comedy and great music. Comments on growing old with dignity, treating people with compassion, the pitfalls of astrological nonsense and ridiculous superstition, the hideous Indian bureaucracy, and any number of important social issues all interspersed with side splitting comedy sequences. While the acting is passable the credit goes the original story line and the empathetic, sensitive directorial skills of the wonderful Rajkumar Hirani. An absolute must see. Appreciating it requires some prior exposure to and acceptance of the Bollywood melodramatic, in your face story telling style.
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A total different sequel
Karishma Tiwari15 October 2006
I did not dislike Munnabhai MBBS, neither did I love it… in my opinion it was OK, plenty of laughter and light moments, in fact a realization how much effect a jaadu ka jhappi can make to one's close people. The rare departure of a vasooli gangster to a kind hearted bhai is really adorable to watch, therefore I watched Lage Raho Munnabhai with no expectation at all, just keeping in mind the huge success and revolution it has made in India.

I really respect the makers of LRMB for not trying to recreate any magic or moments of the MBBS prequel, neither did they bank on any aspect from the previous movie. In fact this was a fresh start for the characters and the whole storyline itself. With the success of this installation, I will not be surprised if Munnabhai turns out to be a famous franchise of Bollywood film industry, the first of its kind.

The combination of Munnabhai and Circuit manage to churn out plenty of laughter, at the same time bring realization among the youngsters who seem to have forgotten their roots and history of India. This movie is not just applicable to Indian community, but also throughout the world where all of us have forgotten to appreciate small things in life and forget to do good to others. The whole execution of the storyline is admirable, as there is no bit of rona-dhona, overly emotional or drama involved, yet it manages to reach the heart of the viewers.

The ending, is simply superb, one moment you might be feeling a drop of tear in your eyes, and the next moments its so funny, you just feel happy and fall in love with life. Watch it, otherwise its your loss.
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One of the Greatest...
WWF_Deadman_Undertaker11 September 2006
I haven't seen something so vibrant and refreshing and don't get me wrong, I'm only 14 but, I know a lot about Hindi Movies and this is one to brag about. I was laughing so hard I would hiccup and even during parts that you would think are only to be tense, Munnabhai and Circuit do the unbelievable and turn it into something that will make you tear...

The other thing is that, although it may not impact anyone because it is a hard message to go by, the whole idea of the teachings of Mohindra Karamchod Ghandi being incorporated was a twist unlike any other. I'm going again this weekend and watching it again, the great thing is... I have hardly any remembrance of the movie because I was laughing so hard.

Of course there are also things that weren't incorporated, like why Ghandi died... Of course it was a serious matter that couldn't be very much enlightened by the duo. Some say that his student was crazy and did it out of spite and jealousy. Others say that Ghandi deserved it because he agreed to help the British in their workings in order to get them to leave but, this is only because it was the peaceful way out...

Now here are some points about this movie: - It is a hilarious spectacle that could rob you of all of your oxygen as you thrust out all the air in your body in reaction to the laughter.

  • It has a lesson that you may want to ignore or may want to use, in American society it's useless because there are much different problems now then there are in India...

  • I can't say much more than that it's the Kingda Ka of all roller-coaster rides that will be sending you twisting and turning as you work through this storyline.

Thanks for reading, have a nice time watching it...
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An Amazing film!
amitjogi7 September 2006
Every once in a while, there comes a movie which makes you feel good about yourself: suddenly, the possibility that we can all be better human beings becomes all so real, if only for the next two days. And then, when the feeling seems to be getting stale- movies after all are make-believe- you go again and watch that film. Over and over again.

Frank Capra did it with Mr Smith Goes To Washington and The Lost Horizon. Spielberg worked that magic by reviving the child in all of us with ET. More recently, there was As Good As It Gets. But that's Hollywood. In European cinema, Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy stands out. Such films are rarer still in India, more so Bollywood. Hrishikesh Mukherjee's Anand was definitely one such film. Now, after a gap of over three decades comes Lage Raho Munnabhai.

I will not discuss the film here. But if you do not leave whatever it is you're doing and rush to the nearest cinema-hall near you, then you are really missing out on one helluva an experience.

Remember: don't walk. RUN!
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divyeshgmehta-15 September 2006
Big smile indeed...!if you thought "Munnabhai " was a hoot,this one goes beyond. Humour,compassion,loads of fun and romance...Acting,direction,editing and script are brilliant..! A must see... Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi bring this sincere,funny,heartfelt and lovable performance to the screen..script avoids getting preachy and does not waste any time.. Boman and Vidya are classy and very good creating a light but credible story... Music was a let down but may be will grow on me .. all in all,kudos to Hirani and Chopra to have the guts to pull it of... The audiences were in splits almost all the time and I have not enjoyed an Indian movie so much in a long,long time.
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Please Lagey Raho Munna Bhai
Jay Ai4 September 2006
Nice movie For the movie that teaches patience, it surely doesn't test ours right away, cuz thankfully it wasn't long like other so called big movies of the year. They kept it short and sweet. The movie was full of moments ... be it the laughters or the triumph of truth, both pleased the audience like a charm. The plot was intelligent to say the least as it carries a lesson in its comic theme. I don't know if any documentary on Gandhi could ever have an impact on such a mass audience; this one filled in a lot of trivia on Gandhi for me and it was truly inspirational. You can see some parallels to Rang De Basanti and quite ironically, these two seem to be the no.1 and no. 2 movies of the year.

While it doesn't exceed the original Munna Bhai MBBS, it doesn't fall behind either. It does have its glitches and some weak script moments, but it can all be forgiven for its sheer brilliance and lively performances. You can't help but fall in love with Munna and Circuit; they just happen to create magic on the screen together. Vidya Balan plays her role well; she was very charming and outright adorable. Her 'Good Morning Mumbai' expression was cool. Boman Irani didn't have as meaningful role as the first one, but he did complete justice with it. He came out safe even playing the antagonist of the movie. The cameo trio of Jimmy Shergill, Dia Mirza and Abhishek were justified as well... well may be not Abhishek's role, but Dia Mirza added the glamor and Jimmy did his bit with one of the most sentimental scenes of the movie. The guy who played Gandhi deserves major props. The songs weren't forced and the cinematography is excellent ... the "samjho ho higaya" had excellent blends.

Wow... didn't even realize i wrote that much... i guess i was bit impressed :)This movie is beyond the traditional comedies like Hera Pheri, Chup Chup K and Malamaal Weekly, it has bigger than life moments. Abhi tak parh rae la hai, watch it already "Mamu... boley tou Abhi-ich make a plan to watch it", you won't be disappointed. The government should applaud this movie and name some towns MunnaNagar and Circuitabad to honor it. Afterall, which other movie teaches such lessons and gives tributes to the nation's founding fathers.
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Once Line - First Class Perfect Entertainer! Must Watch!
zachary_hipp5 September 2006
Alwaysly we have expected lots of laughing from this movie.

Munnabhai MBBS and Lage Raho Munnabhai are 2 Different Films. Characters are same but it's whole new movie, new story.

Munnabhai MBBS had lots of comedy and drama. This one has it too. I can say this one is actually better in terms of keeping you looking at screen without blink. Reason, You can tell that more than half of part in first movie was comedy and little after that was sensitive drama. This Movie has Both of it, but you can say which part wasn't funny or which part didn't have sensitive feelings. It is one perfect mixture of Comedy, Drama that deliverers a Moral for today's society.

Sanjay Dutt needs no introduction. Arshad Warsi is at his Best. Munna & Circuit was hit and is super hit with this movie. Vidya Balan looks beautiful and has done her part best, so have other characters.

Story is perfect, screenplay is perfect, direction, music...... everything is perfect. I am giving 9 from 10. Being Greedy for 1 Point as I wanted to see just little more of Munna & Circuit doing their Dadagiri Before Gandhigiri.

This is must watch film.
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the complete work of cinema(audio/visual treat)
harry22831 September 2006
i saw this movie on its first day of release and would say that its one of the best movie of this decade, finally a movie is made in India which can make lots of Hollywood flicks cry on their knees. The plot, sub plot, screenplay and dialogues are amazing, apart from making Ghandhiji more great and meaningful the movie itself is very fine piece of art and entertainment, this movie is an answer to those who say that if u wanna make commercial cinema u have to compromise on certain things, but this movie is artistic as well as a commercial hit....... a must must watch if u are a true cinema lover........ the movie is as good as the first munna bhai movie and who says u cannot repeat the success of an original one??... huh... the performance of arshad warsi and sanju is excellent, they can beat chris tucker and jackie chan any given day.....
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Munna Bhai Lesson to Nation
bhardwaz2 September 2006
This movie is a sequel to earlier movie "munnabhai MBBS" .As the earlier one was a complete entertainer and was framed on very emotional ground ,the new one is also based on certain values, emotion and feeling of life . This movie is not any tapori type but give insight to normal thinking of common people and also their problem. Director knows that if u want to teach the audience you have to have solid base and vidhu has made his ground with nation's father Mahatma Gandhi. one the one hand the storyline has been steady and binding through out on the other hand dialog delivery of each character has been kept near perfection. if i talk about anyone in the movie i must say sanjubaba is fantastic in his role as and in munna bhai. His presence in the movie is strengthened by his chelaram circuit . they seem to have good chemistry on screen and the same has worked in the movie. this movie is a complete family entertainer and anybody can go with the family to watch the movie. The concept of Mahatma meeting with munna bhai is good and giving other thought to the movie. you know i liked one more thing very much that is the way Vidya Balan pronounce gooood morningggggggggggggggggggggg mumbaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii this movie is summation of drama emotions feeling self respect and over above healthy entertainer must see movie for everyone
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This movie rocks and how !!!
ig_ilangovan1 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I just saw the first day first show of this sequel to Munnabhai MBBS and I must say that the team has come up with an excellent sequel !! The original title was supposedly Munnabhai meets Mahatma Gandhi but due to reverence or whatever reason, the new title has come up...the original title fits the movie like a glove... Munnabhai actually turns nonviolent and starts speaking only truth and also suggests several hapless humans of this new millennium to follow Mahatma's experiments with truth... The story with all its references to current changing scenario of the society is actually not interfering with the comedy that thrives in situations that our Munnabhai creates thanks to the affairs of the heart and the first half goes in a jiff without one realizing how time passed so fast !! actually, at interval time, I was feeling so fortunate to be watching such a great movie- first day first show !!!! the movie continued in the same vein in 2nd half too but the last twenty minutes robbed one star from the wasn't all that entertaining coming after such a rollicking 2 hrs that preceded it.. Nevertheless, highly recommended for people of all ages !! Sanjay Dutt lives the role and Arshad is not far behind either...Vidya looks good in modern dresses and is quite charming too...Boman, Jimmy, Dia all do justice to their roles as is good too...

As a bonus, you get to see trailers of Don and Ekalaiva - both seem to be very interesting to say the least !!
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L.R.M.B 100 Times Better Than KANK or Krrish, Reason: Because its Original
lovelywaz2 September 2006
So far best movie of this year, there were one or two scenes which I thought too much Drama, but I will ignore because overall the movie was damn good. And best thing I liked about this movie is, Its Original (IMO). Not a copy of any movie or some scenes stolen etc. etc. etc. .............. I might go for 2nd time again ;)

My Review == 4.8 / 5 ( - 0.2 because of 2 scenes with too much Drama )

Acting ............ All did very well and played their characters so dam good

Music .......... You will like the songs more after watching the movie Direction .............. Excellent Story ........... Wow!!

Recommend to others === 100 Times better than KANK or Krrish :) Go and Watch the movie and decide yourself.

Bonus == Eklavya Trailer :) :) :)

Waiting for 3rd Part, If they decided to make it and when ever it will release :)
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Simply amazing movie
arcvish-14 September 2006
I went to watch Lage raho Munnabhai without much expectations as sequels rarely live up to the original. But, to my surprise, I felt this movie was even better than the first. The first one being so popular, they could have easily extended that story for the sequel but instead they came up with this BRILLIANT idea of imagining Munna Bhai - Mumbai Don - being influenced by Gandhian thoughts. Not only was the Idea brilliant and novel, implementation was excellent too. The first half of the movie is a laugh riot with hilarious sequences of endearing Bhai-Circuit duo and extremely funny one-liners. Arshad Warsi again does a great job as loyal, lovable Circuit. In the second half, whenever movie seemed to drift a little, it came right back on track with Warsi's one-liners. While fully entertaining the audience with good comedy, the movie also puts across a good message - showing us how Gandhian thoughts can possibly be an answer to our everyday problems. Like the first one, this movie also wins the hearts of the audience, who are not only satisfied with brilliant comedy but also linger upon a heart-warming message.
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Art of Humor at its best
Pinaki Poddar3 September 2006
Here is a movie that can make you laugh and cry at the same time. A nation that proclaimed one of the most remarkable humanist of the last century as 'the father of the nation' at the euphoria of most unique mass-movement to gain independence from British colonial rulers -- erected Gandhi's statue everywhere, named every main street as Mahatma Gandhi Road, decorated every Government office with his portrait ... and in a feat of amnesia forgot all about the unique message of this 'half-naked fakir'.

The director, Mr.Rajkumar Hirani had accomplished the masterly act of reviving Gandhi's timeless message in a humorous wrapper through underworld don Munnabhai (Sanjay Dutta) and his loyal lieutenant Circuit (Arsad Warsi) in contemporary Bombay bursting with cellphones, satellite radios with such acumen that will make you burst out laughing. But in the footsteps of great master Charlie Chaplin, Mr.Hirani is well aware of the art of humor -- as Munnabhai encounters every problematic situations -- be it eviction of senior citizens from '2nd Innings Home' by a greedy builder (Bommani Irani), or a young man who lost his father's savings in the quicksand of stock market or the bride-to-be with an unfavorable horoscope -- Gandhi advises him on strategies that are diametrically opposite of typical 'underworld strategies' rooted in violence. Gandhi tells Munnabhai that it requires more bravery to apologize than to commit violence or love is more powerful than hate. These moral messages come through in hilarious circumstances and never in a preachy manner -- again to establish the maturity of the director to assume a matured audience. The wave of progress is sweeping India -- and some quarters of the society worries the impact of such rampant changes on this old civilization -- but the artist like Mr.Hirani brings out the true power of Indian culture -- that always assimilated the foreign influence with a moral, non-violent, humanist message embodied in Mahatma Gandhi .
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Munna, we all love you
iampartha2 September 2006
simply, fantastic movie. After so many days a great movie like this has been released and after so many days we laughed so much. The best part is no repeated dialog from the part 1. The emotional scenes are also very good. Thanks Raj and chopra ji for the gift. I think they are true assets of the nation. The combination of munna circuit and Lucky is really super. They have shown Gandhiji's character with great respect and some concern.I couldn't stop my tears in some scenes and immediately i laughed loudly for the next dialog.I have seen the movie by paying double in black in Bangalore and it is worth. I was even ready to pay more. I am very happy that my favorite Munna bhai has high demand. Waiting for the part 3.
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