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Unbelievable Waste of Time... and everything else

Author: gbrown-8 ( from United States
29 May 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

It is incomprehensible how this footage ever saw the light of day. I cannot believe a TV station would dare air it, even TBN, as just happened in Dallas. This work is so poor, in so many ways.

More recent critiques and comments in this area do offer some needed explanation for the failed script, acting, directing and all technical aspects of this... film. Even low budget indy writers and directors I know, would never make the rookie mistakes displayed here. They are simply inexcusable.

The concept for this script is so lame, I cannot imagine anything making it salvageable.

I cannot even justify a further investment of time to comment on it. What an embarrassment.

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Author: hollywoodpsychic from Valley Village, California
13 May 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The Sobbing Stone is just about as bad as it gets, and that's not hyperbole. I think it cracked my bottom 10 list, and I watch a lot of bad movies. Even among the worst Lifetime Cable, zero-budget horror, shot-on-video Zen Cinema, and Christian rapture movies that I've seen, this is a low point. The Sobbing Stone is that bad.

This is a movie about a talking rock (which looks a lot like a malted milk ball) that sobs openly because of Jesus. A bunch of "scientists" sit around and listen to it and occasionally argue very passionately about science and religion. These scientists rarely make anything resembling a coherent argument (and they never use the scientific method in their approach) but in the end... SPOILER! ...they're all touched by the blood of Jesus and horrified into submission to the cross.

This movie is what happens when a small town church group decides to turn their Christian guilt into a regional embarrassment.

Much of the movie is shot without the aid of lighting and the few scenes that are lit manage to get the lighting equipment in the shot. You can also play "spot the boom pole" if that's your thing.

The bulk of the movie takes place in a classroom. When the story does venture beyond these walls, no effort is made at all to disguise Grandma's bedroom into looking like a believable location for the characters. Scenes depicting biblical events are cringe-inducing in their factitiousness.

Beware the positive reviews you might stumble upon, they lie. This movie isn't interesting. It isn't well-made. It does not contain a surprising twist or an effective revelation. It is not the work of a promising new director making the best of his small budget. The cast is not talented or good. The deaf girl does not have a future in acting. None of the kind words you might read about this pile are honest opinions, or, if they do represent someone's honest opinion it's the opinion of an idiot with wretched taste.

Put simply: This movie is incompetently written/directed/acted/edited/scored. It's simply god-awful. You would be best to watch just about anything else.

Oh, and I badly wanted to eat that chocolate ball the whole movie.

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So bad, it's AMAZING

Author: naomiwashburn from United States
24 December 2013

This is one of the most hilariously AWFUL movies I've ever seen. Incompetence shines from every frame of this train wreck, and it is GLORIOUS. Acting that would be deemed too poor for even the worst community theater? Check. Terrible, inconsistent, and sometimes missing sound? Double Check! A script so poorly written, so inconsistent, and so stupid that no one in the universe could ever take it seriously? TRIPLE CHECK. And, on top of that, they deliberately mis-classified the movie on netflix to try and get non-Christians to watch it. Classy. Bottom line, if you want to see some of the worst written Christian propaganda ever ineptly put to film, this movie is for you. I won't spoil the stone's secret, but it's so stupid your brain might not be able to handle it. I recommend getting together with some friends and a LOT of booze, then riffing the crap out of this.

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A new low in Christian filmmaking.

Author: NoWireHangers
17 April 2013

This movie is terrible in so many ways. First, the story. It's an unusual one, which isn't a bad thing in itself, but "The Sobbing Stone" tries to be a mystery working up to a twist in the end, but fails miserably because the big revelation in the end is obvious from the beginning, which make the whole "story" pointless. There's lots of bad acting and tedious religious discussions that start out of nowhere not because it comes natural in the story but because the movie needs them because it is a Christian film and to pad the running time (basically there's a Christian character and an angry atheist who argue about who's the worst hypocrite and it turns out the atheist has some Freudian reason to dislike Christians because they remind him of his bad mother). Second, I can forgive a low budget feeling if a movie is well made but director and editor Robert G. Christie shows a complete lack of talent. I haven't seen such bad directing and editing in years. He seems to be unaware of such basics as the 180 degree rule.

There's really no reason to watch "The Sobbing Stone" unless you want to experience a new low in Christian filmmaking. This is a film that truly deserves its IMDb rating of 1,3/10. It makes movies like "C Me Dance" and "Spirits Among Us" look like Oscar material. This may very well be the worst Christian movie ever made outside of Nigeria (and at least "666, Beware the End is at Hand" had some entertainment value).

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Unique and original.

Author: gbattlef from atlanta, ga
30 August 2006

As an enthusiast of independent films, I applaud the Sobbing Stone for it's originality and spirit. After viewing this work it was encouraging to know there are filmmakers out there willing to risk public scrutiny and undue criticism for their endeavors in spiritual matters. Although the film was a bit slow in the beginning the pace seemed to pick up soon after and, when the story did begin to unfold, we were treated to some fine performances and storytelling. I will encourage others to view the Sobbing Stone if anything for it's unabashed commitment and willingness to be an original work with fine storytelling. I'm sure the director has a place in the entertainment industry. There is a great void in Hollywood for this kind of material and it seems there are productions stepping up to the plate.

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A terrific film with a surprising ending

Author: mjdistributor-2 from United States
26 September 2007

I loved this film and think it portrayed an interesting and unique look at the sacrifice made for us two thousand years ago. I have seen the movie over 3 times, and each time it did not fail to keep me spellbound. I especially like the crowd scene and the ending scene. They both were very touching. I think the acting was very good and believable. The deaf girl did a very good job. I hope Mr. Robert Christie continues with his film-making and disregards disparaging remarks made by others that are suffering from "sour grapes" syndrome. More power to you and your actors....I hope we get to see more of your work in the near future. How about a sequel?

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Utter silence at the end

Author: actor-50 from United States
11 August 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The really cool thing about this movie is that it had that very eerie feeling to it and it made you think. I've got to admit I jumped a couple of times from my seat! Throughout the entire plot I pretty much felt a little "edgy" and that continued to build and by the ending..well...let's just say I and my buddies were pretty much choked up and silent at the same time. This is definitely a good movie to see if you want to have that swirl of emotions where things just hit you right in your heart. Also particularly liked the background music b/c I thought it added to the eeriness. I liked the acting as well - particularly liked the Professor and Alan - very real and convincing. The others were as well, but these two were by far my favorites. What I also thought was a really good element to this movie is that it can be watched by adults and kids alike. Adults because of the power and emotional impact that it can provide and kids because it sent a message w/o gore and sexual content. Anyways, I give it a thumbs up.

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A moving film

Author: ctemple198 from United States
11 August 2006

Contrary to some people's feelings on the film, I found Sobbing Stone to be quite a fascinating concept. If there was a lack of understanding to the plot, it came from a lack of attention span. It was pretty clear cut.

I always like to believe that I would have tried to stop Jesus from being crucified but in actuality, who knows? I could have been just as bad as the rest of the mob that was there.

As for the look of the film, I thought that the environment looked dark but considering the nature of the film, I thought it was appropriate.

Robert Christie did a phenomenal job with the budget that he had to work with and I would be very impressed if anyone could have done what he did with this film.

There is always room for growth in the entertainment industry and I think Robert just took a big step forward.

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Robert G. Christie's Best!

Author: Flicks06 from United States
11 August 2006

Great actors and rich content.

The Sobbing Stone tackles a difficult topic and does so from a unique perspective. Although a small part, Michelle Schaeffer gives a fantastic performance as the Professor's daughter, and could be a star in the making. A strong opening sequence kicks off the picture and use of special effects adds a mysterious element while not going over the top like many films in that genre do.

The music is haunting, the sound effects realistic and the ending leaves you in dismay. I have seen pictures by RCFeatures before, and this is Robert Christie's best one yet!

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The Sobbing Stone was a fantastic film indeed

Author: pennstatetull from United States
3 December 2005

I am very pleased I went Gardels had great food and The Sobbing Stone was very good once you start watching it you can't stop ...I enjoyed the low budget film exp ...and even forgot that it was a small film budget I had heard the film was cast 3 times in the audience during filming , I could tell there was some kind of strange editing but all in all very entertaining I liked the Character Michael and The Prof I am sure this film has a place. I hope everyone can get a chance to watch it or pick it up somewhere I know I sat with 200 people that night it showed in Baltimore MD and the crowd seemed to be glued to every word although I am not much on that type of film I enjoyed it Great Job RC Features and all the local actors in that area


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