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Just plain awful!
steve-274626 April 2006
I have seen 1000's of films from bad to great, and this one barely ranks as watchable.

The story has already been given by a poster, so no need for that. The wife and I sat down to watch this one with hopes. After 15 minutes we knew it was bad. We would have turned it off then, but we had hopes it would get better.

After 40 minutes into I was wanting to pull my hair out. We knew at this time we just had to get through it. After this awful thing finally played out, I actually took the DVD out and smashed it with a hammer. The only movie I have ever done that to.

I feel for anyone who sits through this entire thing!
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Low budget Fun
jmbwithcats26 April 2006
Jumanji gone terribly wrong! Ohnoes!

Go into this movie expecting a low budget, but hopefully creative film. Dialog's pretty funny and original. The acting is primarily very bad, but that's okay.

The male actors are in fact so horrible that they cannot even stay in character or hold on to a believable emotion structure for even a few seconds. The girls seem more believable overall.

The characters are fun, the dialog is funny, sometimes so bad its fun.

I really liked the sundial concept that was pretty cool, more like a moon dial, or egg timer for the dark wiccans of doom! AHH!!!

"I thought he was taking me to a spa..." That chick's death was pretty sweet.

The movie was very low budget, we knew that, but at least it keeps you wondering what it's all about, which is more then I can say for a lot of other horror movies, which made this movie at least enjoyable.

Sadly I think the people who rated this so low did so unforgiving of low budget movies. yes some of the plot and character cohesion was really bad. But conceptually, effect wise, music wise, honesty wise, it was pretty fun and kept me wanting to know what the hell was going to happen.
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"I may be high but I'm not hallucinating." Low budget nonsense.
Paul Andrews13 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Ghost Game tells the tale of two couples & close friends, Abbey (Shelby Fenner) & Nate (Peter Cilella) plus Dara (Alexandra Barreto) & Randy (Curt Cornelius) who decide to get together for a camping weekend. They drive deep into the isolated forest wilderness where the Buckhorn River Resort is located miles from civilisation, the resort manager Simon (Eric Woods) points them in the general direction of their cabin & they're off. Sebastian (Aaron Patrick Freeman) along with his girlfriend Talia (Danielle Hartnett) & an idiot named Cousin Ted (Robert Berson) also turn up later on to join the party. Unfortunately being stuck in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere without so much a as Playstation can understandably become boring (a bit like watching this film in fact) so they decide to do things the old fashioned way & play a board game. They come across a metal box with what looks like a game of some sort inside & despite the worrying 'Do Not Play This Game' note inside they give it a whirl anyway. However they are unaware that they have unleashed three ghosts, the ghosts of a coven of teenage witches named Jessi (Sarah Shoup), Rachel (Caroline D'Amore) & Lucy (Sahra Silanee) who died 30 odd years ago in a supernatural ceremony that went wrong. As the friends start to die the survivors realise that they must play the game to a complete finish if they want to escape with they're lives...

Co-produced & directed by Joe Knee I thought Ghost game was average at best & just another crap low budget shot on video travesty that clutter video shop shelves at worst. The script by Benjamin Oren is slow, fairly predictable, populates the film with highly irritating character's especially Talia & has no conviction. As the friends drive out to an isolated log cabin I was thinking The Evil Dead (1981) crossed with a bit of Cabin Fever (2002) & when I saw the woods I was also thinking that the filmmakers had recently seen The Blair Witch Project (1999) along with Friday the 13th (1980) & it's fairly easy to tell that these (& more besides) had an influence on Ghost Game, but then it goes into a slightly different direction with all the supernatural stuff & the game. Unfortunately it makes no real difference as the annoying character's remain, the whole story when you think about it doesn't make any sense, the horror aspects are disappointingly tame & as a whole the film sucks, it's as simple & straight forward as that. For some bizarre reason the IMDb jointly lists Ghost Game as a comedy/horror, well I can tell you now that there is no intentional comedy in this film at all & it takes itself 100% seriously.

Director Knee obviously didn't have a big budget to work with & it shows, Ghost Game has straight-to-video written all over it from the cheap shot on video picture quality, the fact there's only about ten people in the entire thing & only one location used throughout. There is zero atmosphere, tension, scares or significant gore apart from a bit when someone falls on a branch & is impaled on it through their throat.

With a supposed budget of about $200,000 I can cut it a little bit of slack but as a whole it's still bland, forgettable & dull. I ain't surprised this went straight-to-video that's for sure. The acting was OK but as I've said I found the teenage character's highly irritating & I was sitting there hoping they would just all get killed & Ghost Game would finish thereby putting me out of my misery. Having said that the three goth girls who played the witches were pretty hot.

Ghost Game did nothing for me, it's slightly more original than a lot of low budget rubbish, it's competent & it's not as bad as some of these straight-to-video crap I've sat through but that in itself is no recommendation. Watchable if your desperate.
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The only victims you'll care about in this movie are the audience members who decided to watch it!
ksmart7311 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Plot: Sort of creative, but with huge amounts of holes and illogical answers. The back story is presented in a way that is confusing and that makes no sense what so ever. The movie starts; a fogged up camera lens was used to shoot the first sequence that follows three Gothic- porn-star-looking actresses as they cross a river in a canoe presumably at midnight. Then, suddenly it skips to day light and you see a man in a hoodie sweatshirt trotting along the riverbank like bigfoot. AND THEN: "30 years later."

That's it? What even happened? Perhaps the director was trying to go for a pattern with no continuity, made famous by Quentin Tarantino--HOWEVER this director does not master it the way Tarantino did!

The actors present no reason for the audience to grow attached to them. They are all the predictable "jocky/drug abusing/horny" (and overused) college graduate characters. How they all managed to graduate college is a mystery that is much more intriguing than the mystery of the GHOST GAME.

Using the warning from the movie, "Whatever you do..." DON'T WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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Don't bother!
andishorrorblog1 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler Alert.. (kinda) Before I started my blog I had a rule when watching a movie. I would give the movie about half hour to prove itself, especially a horror movie with crappy production value, acting and story. But since doing my blog I finish every movie to the end.

Damn, it was hard finishing this movie. Every fiber of my being yelled TURN IT OFF!

The only half way compliment I can give this flick is a decent soundtrack.

A group of friends drive to a remote cabin in the woods (of course) when they open up a game they find. Once they start playing, ghosts of witches from the 80′s start killing them.

Don't waste your time!
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It took five screenwriters and twenty three producers to make this one?
Zbigniew_Krycsiwiki13 June 2013
A supposed $200.000 budget? That's a laugh. This film looks like it was made on an iphone, which was often fogged over, or even has visible raindrops on it throughout the scene. Every stereotypical character imaginable is present and accounted for, and played by deservedly unknown actors, probably wearing their own clothing because of the film's nonexistent budget.

The twenty-three producers probably bought their producer credit for $20, and an executive producer credit for $35. It took five screenwriters to dream this one up? Did they collaborate, or at least know what each other was writing? The plot was about ... oh, bloody hell, I could barely understand it, I was too distracted by the visible lighting equipment, crew-members walking into the frame, and checking out cute little Shelby Fenner, and her frequently visible panties, which changed colour in almost every cut. That was about the only thing which kept me watching.
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worth a rent, not a movie ticket
qtakhisis23 June 2006
I think if this movie had a bigger budget, it would have been really great. The concept is good, the acting and shooting is typical "B" rated movie, its better than most low budget movies, and would be an amazing blockbuster with the right people. Worth the rent, if you have one of those pay by the month things, instead of individual movie prices. FYI - My "8 of 10" is with the knowledge that it is a rating for a B movie. I think the good witch looks amazingly like Ali Larter, but I can't confirm that, and they take death in real stride. The acting was totally unrealistic. Its very Blair witch, and there is a time loop kind of thing happening. You wonder who "athena" is, and why she is important. It needed more story. It did not actually show any people really doing anything, which was very Alfred Hitchcockian of the director.
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Ben Oren Is A GENIUS
eso20916 October 2006
Ben Oren is a literary Genius when it comes to this movie. I am surprised he is not famous yet. and i am serious. though ghost games is not the scariest movie it is one of the smartest indie movies i have seen and has a smart sense of humor. Though many people may not get the movie i believe the plot is funny and there are so many key quotes from the movie that i share with my friends. all in all i would love to see a Ben Oren movie on the big screen. I believe that he will succeed and though many people did not love this movie on the budget it was made i think it is wonderful. I can not wait to see what else this up and coming writer has to offer. If huge studios are putting out movies like Grandma's Boy and She's the Man i believe this educated young writer will do big things.
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the craft meets evil dead
dutchchocolatecake6 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I'm just going to lay it out there, no holds barred.

The whole "haha sexism" macho posturing thing does not save a movie from being poorly written and produced. It does not give every crappy movie unearned legitimacy. If anyone watching has half a brain and any semblance of self respect at all, they *will* see this trash for exactly what it is.

It's one thing to make a low budget movie. But it's another to intentionally produce complete garbage with no redeeming value whatsoever.

Everything is cheap. The costumes are cheap. They were probably in the bargain bin at Goodwill. The props are cheap. The plot device of sexism being interjected in every other sentence is cheap. The ghost make up is ripped from the cult classic Carnival of Souls, and therefore cheap. The setting and scenery looks like some backwoods camping retreat tolerated the camera crew long enough to get some free advertising and exposure. *Some* of the actors are competent, but whatever talent they bring is wasted on this piece of crap.

This movie will not only offend women, but Goths, Wiccans/Neopagans or anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Greek mythology. They couldn't even bother to Google simple facts. They were "progressive" enough to cast a token black dude; then made his character so unlikable it was pointless.

Oh and FYI - there is not really a game in this movie. It's just a piece of large construction paper scribbled with markers or crayon, burnt at the edges to make it look "spooky;" with a set of dice thrown around for no real reason.

I laughed at the strong copyright warning on this. Who in the world would want to pass out DVDs of this rubbish, even for free? There is no real story, just the same regurgitated, banal, predictable "Teen horror movie" crap we see too much of already, only worse.
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Not As Bad As Everyone Says
gavin694215 October 2013
Seven friends go out to cabin for a weekend of relaxing and find a game that should not be opened!

While the horror aspects are alright, it is the humor that really made this bearable, particularly the hilarious "scary story" from Simon Brady, played by Erik Woods (an actor who may be known for a bit part on "Charmed").

Most reviews trash this film, with one saying it looked like it was shot on an iPhone. While I will not say this is a great film ,and would not recommend it to pretty much anyone, it is not nearly as bad as you might suppose.
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