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17 out of 33 people found the following review useful:

An annoying false stereotype

Author: vveljko-756-664763 from Serbia
6 July 2011

Making successful movies on civil wars is always a difficult task demanding dedication to the idea of objectiveness and complexity needed for artistic perception of madness that surrounds the tragedy of such conflict. This movie fails on so much levels that it can hardly be enumerated. Firstly, the script is so simplified and shows deeply misunderstanding of not only Bosnian, but probably any civil war conflict at all. In order to make a distinctive movie you must firstly avoid stereotype on solely bad and good guys, because that this is not a comic book, but real life in all of its cruelty and sorrow.The peoples of Bosnia have been living for centuries together and have the same genetic origin. This is important to say, because this movie shows one people as ugly bunch of cavemen including even children. There are words in the script that the main characters must be careful when they leave Bosnian capital Sarajevo because they enter into the land of raping and murdering. Thus we have a superhero dressed as a reporter who faces with the biggest horrors in the Earth in his efforts to find and capture the villain and the movie clearly suggests us that all of this people are villains and that there is no difference between them at all. With such a bad script acting stays irrelevant. The acting is in the service of propaganda unworthy of beautiful art of film making.

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18 out of 35 people found the following review useful:

Best thing is the end credits

Author: bongo_k from Belgium
4 March 2009

Pure rubbish. An awful idea to try and make a satire film about such a sad piece of history. Its made even worse by the imposition of the typical Hollywood feelgood / satire formulae onto the movie. The film is only 1hr 40 and I struggled to motivate myself to watch it all - indeed it left such a bad impression its hard to write a complete review! The only good parts are the opening 2 minutes and the "facts" in the end credits, so save 1hr 40 of your life and just watch those two parts. If you're seriously interested in the war in ex-Yugoslavia, try watching "Savior" or "Harisson's Flowers" instead - both are excellent films and will leave an impression on you which will last a couple of days

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22 out of 43 people found the following review useful:

hated it...

Author: hot-chocolate from Ontario, Canada
12 June 2008

In the beginning I liked the movie... wouldn't say loved but the flow was building. My better half was already at the point of shutting it off and moving on to our next rental of the evening... I held out and by did I ever pay for it. For me this movie didn't know what it wanted to be... important social message? black comedy? drama? There were too many comedic parts OR even worse they weren't meant to be and they ended up coming off that way - in a movie that was about the horrors of war and getting involved in them personally and having to report on them or coming close to the roots of the issues and not being able to make a difference.

It was just plain awful...

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26 out of 51 people found the following review useful:

Second class propaganda crap for western brain damaged lowlifes

Author: Lefteris Lalos from Nea Smyrni, Hellas
28 May 2009

That Richard Gere character... do you believe this guy! I am actually more sophisticated than I may seem after this comment but this is pure US propaganda trash... and a pure waste of money as well.

Anything that serves our propaganda machine. Nothing about the Tutsi genocide in Rwanda or the wars in Somalia & Erithrea or the slaughtering of innocent Palestinians in their homes.

Those pure Muslims that never touched even one's hair were tortured and killed by the mean & corrupted Serbians.

I am sure that 99.5% of the US citizens haven't got the slightest idea where the above mentioned countries are placed (in the world map that is)...

...and as I mentioned before THIS IS A BAD MOVIE (either way)

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28 out of 55 people found the following review useful:

boring and superficial

Author: msh-12 from Boston, MA
13 January 2008

Wow. This movie is truly terrible. I have nothing good to say about it. If you're on a long flight and you can't fall asleep, read and then re-read the airline's crappy magazine rather than waste 104 minutes of your life watching this piece of junk. It was boring, predictable, full of stereotypes and badly written dialog. Run away! Run away! I can't believe any of the actors involved in making this film was committed to the project. Watch Salvador instead.

My comment did not contain enough lines. The minimum length for comments is 10 lines of text. Gee. I could fill a page with all that's wrong with this movie but I need to watch something good now to cleanse my mental palate.

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34 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

On the wave of hatred!

Author: Glifada from Serbia and Montenegro
23 January 2009

I am really disappointed with the result of what could have been a good, interesting and decent movie. At first glance, 'The Hunting Party' resembles a low budget movie (a cheap hodgepodge as the result of a naive and unconvincing plot), but then you clearly realize it is a poisoning political pamphlet which promotes the need for and justification of revenge: if the alleged war criminal cannot be caught by officials (NATO, CIA, local police etc.) and prosecuted he must somehow be kidnapped and delivered by the three brave and righteous American journalists (sic!): not to the legal forces (the journalists decided to lose a fairly high remuneration of 5 mil. $), but directly to the furious victims because, as the movie suggests, lynch law is the only justice for some people. Blood for blood, that is what promotes this movie in 2007! And, when the victims (Bosnian Moslems) get their most wanted enemy (we see what they are about to do with him), the story can end up with nice, nostalgic and peacefull tunes of a typical Bosnian folk song, sevdalinka. I read all the comments posted here and am not fully agreed with all of you who judged the movie as wasting of time. In fact, we have something worse here - a very good example of crooked and professionally unscrupulous film-making covered up by several high-sounding names such as Richard Gere. I only feel sorry for him: this movie is not only well below his acting standards but hopefully below his professional and personal ethics! It is enigma for me (is it indeed?) why he had taken the role at all?

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34 out of 67 people found the following review useful:

Waste of time.

Author: rafaelo4 from United States
4 January 2008

Opening with the cheeky warning "Only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true," "The Hunting Party" struggles mightily to juggle dark comedy, action and geopolitics. Although the film initially plays like breezy fun, it begins to crumble under the weight of lofty ambitions and a scatter shot tone. Writer/director Richard Shepard ("The Matador") obviously has something to say, but only the closing credit title cards come close to communicating a message.

"The Hunting Party" is one of those annual releases that bridge the gap between the box office heavyweights of summer and the more serious award-contenders of fall. But once audiences have a look at what's to come, they'll forget this modest "Party" ever happened.

Waste of time.

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37 out of 73 people found the following review useful:

The Hunting Party

Author: phantomtristan from United States
28 September 2007

The Hunting Party is a cold, disjointed film that seems to be hunting desperately for a genre to fit into.

The Hunting Party is based on a true story about three journalists (played by Richard Gere, Terrence Howard, and ) who go on a mission to interview and capture one of the most wanted war criminals in the world—the Fox. True story films usually seem to command a degree of respect, because as we watch it we know some or all of it happened to a certain degree. Despite opening with the line "Only the most ridiculous parts of this movie are true." I could not respect this film.

There were so many problems on so many levels I was left dumbfounded. The characters are underdeveloped, distant and impossible to relate to. The decisions they make seem almost trying to make us dislike them. The pacing and flow of the film was disorganized, chopped-up, and confusing. The entire film seemed to be random scenes of a true story tacked together to produce a story and Terrence Howard's calming narration added to the beginning and end to smooth it out and connect it. It seemed like it was trying to be an intense thriller, a true story about impossible odds, as well as a melodrama of two men who worked together and their experiences.

Unfortunately Gere's and Howard's talented performances were wasted in this messy mechanical, melodramatic film. I love true stories, but not all true stories were meant to be turned into films.

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45 out of 89 people found the following review useful:

Light comedy movie

Author: Bosnia1 (Bosnia1) from Sweden, Gothenburg
11 January 2008

The actor Richard Gere really took money for a bad movie.. Myself from Bosnia, i think this movie is like a joke maybe it will be fun to watch for foreigners i don't know but as for me and other people that think a little will find this like a propaganda movie sponsored buy i don't know who... They say they hunt "Radovan Karadzic" but call him another name in the movie, they take a stand on the Muslims side in the war. People often forget that even Serbs and Croatians died in that war. Yes people say remember the Srebrenica Massacre where around 7.000-8.000 Muslim men where killed but people for example forget about the 3.562 Serbian men and Women and children and old folks and other civilians that where killed in Srebrenica before the Muslims where, i think that was a act of revenge even tough you can not justify killing people with anything! This movie shows how Muslims are the good guys, and as normally Serbs the bad guys what are you to expect from a movie like this. I think this story could have been told better, i watched the movie because i live in Bosnia but if i didn't live there i would have left the cinema. I Excpected to see a good movie but all i saw was not as good as i hoped for. Bad story and i it sometimes reminds me of a comedy movie, but it is not but they tend to be so obvious maybe a 10 year old will find the movie good. I think I could write a better movie about catching Karadzic then the person who did this..

Its up to you, don't trust me i recommend you too watch the movie and tell if I'm right or not! I Give the movie a 2 for the actors that sold out so cheap i think even before they read the script...

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63 out of 125 people found the following review useful:

Typical Hollywood tripe that betrays the lives lost in Bosnia

Author: Chris from Los Angeles
11 September 2007

This film is of the worst types of Hollywood films, historical enactments that trivialize tragic events by glossing over the human element while barely paying lip-service to the dead and loosely tying together history and hearsay with clichéd dialog and the worn-out conventions of cheap action-thrillers. It's no wonder MGM tried to burn-off this stinker at the end of the summer movie season, long before the more vital Holiday box office. I saw this in limited release in LA... at $12, it was a rip-off.

Terrence Howard is mediocre at best. He lacks both the charisma and power to carry this film, which is awkwardly patched together with his clumsy and lifeless narration. Jesse Eisenberg is awful. It's clear he either got this role by pulling a fortune from a Cracker Jack box or by being the nephew of an important Hollywood producer. This possibility is only more pathetic considering his character is exactly that: a greenhorn thrust into the action by an overbearing father high-up in the network he works for. His incessant blinking, acting through his eyes and pour delivery made me want to laugh. Richard Gere's performance is uneven and his character never appears quite as conflicted as the script would have you believe.

Which brings us to the heart of this piece of Hollywood clap, the pathetic excuse for a script by Richard Shepard, whose most notable work before this was directing for Ugly Betty and Criminal Minds. The pacing is awful. The film doesn't truly start for over an hour, yet the most climatic scene of the whole film is setup and over in 45 seconds. No build-up, no tension. Throughout the painfully slow first 60 minutes there are numerous clunky scenes of ugly exposition that are forced down the viewer's throat like so many pieces of un-masticated, Americanized, overcooked and soggy hot dog. I was almost sickened as the clichés rolled in one after another... Bar scenes where buddies pour drinks of the local liquor that is said (more than once, by the SAME character) to bring the Devil himself to the table... Dark characters in clandestine meetings striking a match to light a cigarette and illuminate their distrustful visage... Evil faces emerging from behind dirty plastic sheets hanging in dank basements... Triumphant characters telling bad guys, "You're going down, mother-f***er!"... CIA characters being more than happy to offer lectures about the "gray areas" their organization is forced to work in... Car chases on dark rainy nights... Long shots of foreboding looks from local villagers... Flashback after flashback of the same scenes of lust and libations with lost loves. Easily the worst of these unnecessary flashbacks was a single line of dialog that was spoken by a character barely 20 minutes before. I literally asked the film - out loud - "Do you really think I'm so stupid that I needed to hear that line again?" It's sad to see such a good idea for a compelling story completely destroyed by an inexperienced, untalented writer/director with too much power.

Even if you can ignore all the cheap Hollywood tactics used to manufacture conflict, the script is riddled with so many other problems, it's impossible to become engaged long enough to enjoy anything... Long exposition scenes that could have been summarized in one line... Horribly out-of-character dialog... Completely superfluous girlfriend characters vacationing in Greece... Manipulative scenes that are so convenient in the placement of characters and timing that they are completely unbelievable. Add in a musical score filled with sappy, over-sympathetic violin melodies that destroy every mood that the movie was so careful to ALMOST construct, and it seems as though the film's intent is to dare you to become engaged.

The worst part is that The Hunting Party tells a story of a tragic conflict and genocide that NEEDS to be heard by every American, but the film is so bad at conveying its message, it betrays the memory of those lives lost. This film will not reach the audience it should, it will not touch the hearts that need changing, it will not come close to opening enough minds to possibly prevent another genocide in the future.

Even in its last moments, the film tries too hard to draw parallels and lay shame upon the inactive parties of the U.N. and the world's indifference to atrocities... While flashing "Where Are They Now?" title cards of the various characters in the last shots of the movie, Richard Shepard (with great and smarmy righteousness), goes above and beyond any notion of responsible storytelling by adding the idea that the U.N. and other related countries were unable to find the masterminds of the genocide in Bosnia because they were perhaps too busy trying to find Osama Bin Laden. This suggestion is so ridiculous, it smacks the face of every life destroyed by this war.

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