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Season 1

Mar. 2005
The Lighting Boy from Another World
Kiyo, a genius but introverted middle school student, hates going to school and has trouble making friends...until one day Zatch comes crashing through his bedroom window! Zatch is a present from Kiyo's father, who saved the little tot on an archeological dig, and hopes that Zatch will help motivate Kiyo to go to school and make friends. Kiyo's father explains that Zatch just appeared, with no clues to where he came from, except for a strange red book full of illegible symbols. 'Maybe you can make sense of the book?' Kiyo's father urges him. What is Kiyo going to do ...
12 Mar. 2005
A Freezing Spell
Kiyo is quickly realizing that Zatch is no ordinary kid. With little horns on his head and lightning that shoots from his mouth, there is no mistake that Zatch is something unusual. But Zatch has no idea. He has no recollection of his past, or of lightning coming out of his mouth when Kiyo says 'Zaker!' To Kiyo, Zatch is such a nuisance but he begins to believe that perhaps Zatch can actually help him change his life and make him brave enough to stand up for himself and for others! Then suddenly, a news report comes in - a bank is being robbed, and Kiyo's only ally ...
19 Mar. 2005
The Second Spell
Kiyo is beginning to think that Zatch, who shoots lightning from his mouth, attracts too much attention and is way too much trouble to bring with him to school. Giving Zatch a homemade toy (Volcan 300) to play with, he ditches Zatch and heads off to class. But all eyes are nevertheless on Kiyo! It turns out that his picture is on the front page of the paper, after saving the day at the bank! Kiyo is the talk of the school, and suddenly he has all the girls' attention! Okay, so maybe for making friends, having Zatch around isn't such a terrible thing, after all. Good ...
The Kind Mamodo Kolulu
A lonely little girl named Lori finds a little mamodo girl named Kolulu on the streets and takes her home. But there's much more to Kolulu than meets the eye.
2 Apr. 2005
The Dark Mammodo
While Sherry and Brago try to wrench the red spell book from Kiyo, a hooded intruder steps across the threshold of the house, and into the hallway where Zatch stands listening! Renji, the intruder, with one word, turns the little puppy dog that followed Zatch home into the raging beast, Gofure! Kiyo, hearing the commotion, comes out of his room to find Gofure attacking Zatch! A terrible battle ensues, and Kiyo and Zatch seem on the brink of defeat, when Sherry interjects to put a stop to the nonsense. She and Brago overpower Renji and Gofure, and she confiscates their...
9 Apr. 2005
The Missing of the Red Book
Kiyo is in the hospital recovering from his duel with Sherry and Brago, and of course, who is there with him but his tirelessly faithful friend Zatch! In the same recovery room is another kid named Yuta, who has been in the hospital for twice as long as anticipated. Watching other patients arrive after him and leave the hospital before him, Yuta has grown bitter and hopeless about his recovery, and when Zatch tries to make friends with him Yuta and Kiyo end up in a spat. To have his revenge, Yuta steals the red book of spells and threatens to burn it! A furious chase ...
16 Apr. 2005
Botanical Madness
It's Sunday. Zatch begged and begged, so finally Kiyo agreed to take him and Suzy to the botanical garden. Zatch and Suzy are happily romping about, when they meet Ivy, the woman who manages the botanical garden. When Kiyo used to ditch school, he would often come to the botanical garden alone to read and Ivy used to watch over him. Zatch instantly befriends Ivy. But something disastrous has disturbed the peace of this tranquil botanical garden. The roots and branches of the trees have turned into living creatures and started taking visitors to the garden hostage! ...
23 Apr. 2005
A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu
One rainy day, a schoolgirl named Lori finds a cute little girl named Kolulu, who is crying. Lori asks Kolulu where her parents are but Kolulu doesn't answer so she invites Kolulu back to her house and they eat dinner together. Lori treats Kolulu as the younger sister she never had, and she has never felt so happy in her life. One morning, Kiyo tries to get Zatch to go play in the park while he goes to school. Zatch is playing with Vulcan, and he meets Kolulu, he has no memory of her from the mamodo world but she remembers him. Lori comes to get Kolulu and Zatch ...
30 Apr. 2005
The Third Spell
One morning, Kiyo wakes to find that he can suddenly read a third spell from the Red Spell Book! Zatch, frustrated that he is thus far still small and relatively powerless, is eager to find out if the new spell will make him stronger! So, come of it what may, the two head to a remote place outdoors to try out the new spell. But nothing happens!!! Why? What are they doing wrong? Disappointed, they return home. But someone along the way is watching them...Sebe and his kid mamodo Fein who has his sights on becoming a ruthless king of the Mamodo World, suddenly pounce on ...
7 May 2005
The Elite Mammodo
Naomi, Zatch's bully, is tormenting Zatch in the park as usual, when suddenly a giant Frankenstein-like man scares Naomi away and saves Zatch!! Kiyo and Zatch keep a careful watch on this big mamodo guy, Shin and his companion Eshros, for they too have a spell book. Seeing Shin perform all kinds of good deeds, Zatch is convinced that Shin is a good mamodo! But Kiyo overhears Shin and Eshros talking, only to find that Eshros is the mamodo and Shin is the human! Eshros, nasty beyond belief, tries to urge Shin to battle and do evil deeds. And he is close to convincing ...
14 May 2005
The Invinsible Folgore
One day, Zatch comes home and notices that Kiyo seems a bit different... but he is somehow kinder and friendlier than usual so Zatch happily accepts him! What Zatch doesn't know is that a mamodo kid named Kanchome, has disguised himself as Kiyo and tied Kiyo prisoner to the ceiling! Angry and frustrated, Kiyo finally manages to detach himself and the fake Kiyo reveals himself as a duck-billed mamodo kid in pajama-like clothing. Kanchome and his human partner, Parco Folgore have come all the way from Italy to battle Zatch! Parco Folgore, who has momentarily gone out to...
21 May 2005
Sherry's Rhapsody of Life
When Sherry was a little girl, she had a best friend named Koko. The two of them were both raised in unhappy circumstances and vowed to break free of their tunnel of darkness and find happiness in life. But as the two girls grew older, they each went their separate ways. The kind, studious Koko teamed up with a mamodo-child, Zofis , who saw that Koko had the power to help him rule the Mamodo World, so he used magic to change Koko's feelings and turn her evil, 'so that destroying things and hurting people could be fun for her!' After incinerating her city, Koko betrays...
28 May 2005
The Zatch and Hyde Meet Again
While the mamodo Hyde yearns to battle, Eido his air-headed human partner would much rather spend his time eating yellowtail burgers, skateboarding, and girl watching! Hyde convinces Eido to take some of Kiyo's schoolmates hostage in a water storage house and leaves a note in Kiyo's locker at school...but Eido forgets to write the name of the rendezvous location! Luckily, Zatch sniffs out where their friends are laying hostage and engages in a battle with Kiyo against Eido and Hyde. Using all his wind power, Hyde still struggles against the ever-more powerful Zatch......
4 Jun. 2005
The Tomboy and the Popstar
Suzy invites Kiyo to his first music concert, but he leaves Zatch behind. Zatch tries sneaking into the concert by hiding in a duffel bag, but he can't get in the front entrance so he goes searching for a back door into the auditorium. In the dressing room, Megumi and the mamodo Tia are troubled. What will happen if an enemy attacks in the middle of the concert...? Tia cheers up Megumi by saying that she'll protect the concert at all costs.. Megumi is very concerned, but the show must go on. Standing guard, Tia is nervous, awaiting an attack. Suddenly, the door in ...
11 Jun. 2005
A New Pledge Between Zatch and Tia
Outside the concert hall, Zatch faces Maruss. Standing by, Tia is still in shock - How did Zatch become so strong, and why is he protecting her? After being betrayed by her former best friend Maruss, Tia has a hard time believing that in this battle of mamodo any friends can remain or allies be made. But she sees something familiar in Zatch... back when she knew him in the mamodo world, Zatch used to protect flowers and other beautiful things that were smaller and weaker than him. Even though he's also vying to become king, Zatch still has compassion! 'How dare you ...
18 Jun. 2005
The Invulnerable Robnos
One day when Kiyo comes home from school, he finds a statue of Suzy in a tied up pose placed in front of his house. According to Zatch, the plate around the neck of the statue read "I have the statue girl. Come to the 8th warehouse in Mochinoki Harbor by 3 -00 p.m." When Kiyo looks at the clock, it is 2 -50...Flustered, he and Zatch dash off and arrive at a cold storage warehouse. What awaits them there is a song-loving, self-proclaimed invulnerable mamodo named Robnos. Although Kiyo is confident that he and Zatch will prevail, Robnos has a few surprises in store for ...
2 Jul. 2005
Kio's Curry Camping Trip
Finally it's summer vacation! Because of how busy he has been lately, Kiyo completely forgets the promises he made to his classmates - to play ping-pong with Suzy and Marylou, practice baseball with Yamanaka, search for UFOs with Iwajima, and go dinosaur hunting with Kane. On top of that, Kiyo is supposed to leave for a camping trip in two days and after that, he is scheduled to go to England, where his father lives. This means Kiyo has one day to fulfill all his promises to his classmates, and it must be tomorrow. Despite his impossible schedule, Kiyo keeps all his ...
London Calling
During summer vacation, Zatch and Kiyo arrive in London to see Kiyo's father, a college professor. Another purpose for this trip is to find out more about Zatch, who still can't remember how he arrived in the human world. While Zatch and Kiyo visit the sights in London, they hear loud screaming coming from the concert venue of the Italian actor Parco Folgore, Kanchome's human partner. Zatch and Kiyo get a bad feeling. They try to ignore and pass by the concert but Kanchome sees them. As it turns out, Kanchome is in a bind. He asks Kiyo and Zatch to help him find ...
16 Jul. 2005
The Darklord of the Cursed Castle
In England, Kiyo has his bag stolen. Zatch desperately chases down the culprit and captures him. The culprit's name is Kory. For some reason, Zatch and Kory become friends. Kory's arm is injured, and Kiyo kindly decides to take Kory to his father's university for treatment. However, when they arrive, Kiyo's father is gone and his office has been ransacked. All they find are some mysterious flowers... Kory's expression drastically changes when he sees the flowers. He appears to know something... According to Kory, a mamodo took up residence in a nearby castle about 6 ...
23 Jul. 2005
The Flowers of Evil
Kiyo and Zatch have found out about Baltro's flowers. But before they know it, Parco and Kanchome have been taken hostage! Steng, Baltro's human partner, tells them that to save Parco and Kanchome they must hand over the Red Spell Book. Zatch casts a skeptical glance at the distressed Kiyo and starts to hand over the book, imitating Praying Mantis Joe, a hero from a TV show. Steng swipes the book without difficulty and roughs up the two, revealing that at someone's request, he captured Kiyo's father to lure Kiyo and Zatch to the castle. Baltro's giant foot looms above...
30 Jul. 2005
Another Zatch
A party is being held to celebrate the village having been saved from the hands of the Steng and his mamodo Baltro. During the party, Kiyo fills his father in on the situation to date. Kiyo learns from his dad where in the forest he first found Zatch, and decides to go there to probe Zatch's past. His father tells him he should be very careful because spirits have apparently been appearing in the forest recently. The next morning, Kiyo and Zatch waste no time in heading out to the forest. However, in the village just prior to the forest, the two of them encounter a ...
6 Aug. 2005
The Dancing Mammodo
On a picnic at the beach with Suzy, Kiyo and Zatch are practicing the fourth spell when suddenly they hear someone singing a song in the distance. Approaching the voice, they find a little boy named Yopopo in a green outfit dancing to the song. When Zatch playfully starts imitating the dance, a girl named Djem appears. Though at first she assumes that Zatch is a mamodo and attacks him, seeing Kiyo makes her think she is mistaken, and she invites Kiyo and Zatch for lunch. As Djem begins spilling the story of the Battle of 100 Mamodos, she explains that her mamodo, ...
13 Aug. 2005
Go for It, Ponygon
The day has come when Zatch and Kiyo leave England, so they say goodbye to Kiyo's Father, Kory, Djem, and the others. At the airport, they notice that some creature resembling a stuffed animal in the shape of a horse (Ponygon) is attached to their luggage. It seems like he has been friends with Zatch for a long time. Relieved, Kiyo tries to pet him, but Ponygon suddenly and violently chomps down on Kiyo's hand! Zatch wants to keep Ponygon at their house, and Kiyo, of course, is against the idea. Then, Kiyo finds a mamodo spell book that has found its way into his bag....
Apollo, the Free Traveler: Part 1
At the beginning of the new semester, Kiyo has gone shopping to repair the gate that Zatch broke. On the way back, Suzy is about to be run over by a car. A cute mamodo in the form of what looks like a ladybug saves her in the nick of time.
Apollo, the Free Traveler: Part 2
The battle between Kiyo & Zatch and Apollo & Rops continues. Zatch repels back with Rashield rocks that Rops hurls. However, Apollo nimbly dodges as if having known of the spell. It seems that Apollo possesses a special kind of intuition. Kiyo chants the fourth spell, Bao Zakeruga. But he is unable to get it to activate, like in the battle with Kikuropu. Rops throws a boulder that approaches the flustered Kiyo! Zatch blocks it in the nick of time with a flesh and blood tackle. Zatch scolds Kiyo who is acting as if he fears the enemy. "What's wrong!? This isn't like ...
3 Sep. 2005
A Day with Zatch
One day, Zatch does not follow Kiyo to school but goes off to play by himself. After helping out Ivy at the botanical garden, Zatch decides to have lunch on a hilltop with a nice view, but he cannot find his box lunch! It seems that he dropped it when Naomi was chasing him. Suddenly, a giant old woman named Nana Baba sits next to Zatch!
17 Sep. 2005
Danny Boy
The Shemira statue was carved a great 18th Century master and is coming to Japan. Zatch hears from Kiyo that he can experience 100 times the excitement of yellowtail. Zatch decides to go to the museum to see the statue. Mr. Goldo, and his mamodo companion, Danny, have transported the statue to Japan. Mr. Goldo calls Danny, "Danny Boy," and Danny does not appreciate being treated like a boy. Zatch comes to the museum and meets Danny. Danny takes Zatch to see the statue. However, gangsters have already snatched the artifact. Relying on Zatch's sense of smell, Mr. Goldo ...
24 Sep. 2005
Tias and Megumis Excellent Adventure
Zatch and Kiyo are going to hang out with Megumi and Tia.. The girls had invited Kiyo and Zatch to the amusement park. On the train, Tia is excited to get on the roller coaster with Kiyo. The girls decide to walk around town in order to waste some time before the boys arrive. In one of the boutiques, they meet a woman in a beautiful dress who is about Megumi's height. The woman asks Megumi to exchange outfits for a little while. Megumi accepts thinking that it might be fun, but when she finishes changing, the women had disappeared with her clothes. It turns out that ...
1 Oct. 2005
The Amusement Park Battle
Kiyo and Zatch arrive at the amusement park much earlier than the time that they were supposed to meet Megumi and Tia. They decide to go inside and take a look around. Meanwhile, the Mamodos Purio and Zoboron, and their book's owners, Rupa and Hige, were walking around the same park.The four had formed a tag team to make up for their weaknesses, and had come to Japan to look for their opponents. Kiyo and Zatch see Rupa and the rest of the team trying to destroy the amusement park's facility, and lure them to the empty pool. Purio attacks with a liquid that launches ...
8 Oct. 2005
Zatch and Tia: A Fierce Combination
At the amusement park, Kiyo and Zatch battle against the enemy tag team of Lupa and Purio and Hige and Zoboron, then Megumi and Tia arrive on the scene and it becomes a battle of 4 against 4. Tia is burning with anger because her day off with Kiyo and Zatch has been utterly ruined. Lupa and Purio come at them with fierce speed, but Megumi and Tia drive off. So, the tag team switches partners and surround Kiyo and company with Formation 2! Due to Zoboron's attack from one side, and the united attack of Hige and Purio from the other, adhesive fluid strikes Kiyo and ...
15 Oct. 2005
The Cute Transfer Student
One day, Zatch is chasing a yellowtail in the ocean, when he finds a fragment of a broken mirror. Zatch takes a fancy to the shiny object and brings it home with him. Meanwhile, a mysterious man with incredible origami skills arrives in town. The next day, a transfer student arrives at Kiyo's school. Shion is a cheerful girl who travels everywhere with her pet cat Nya. Zatch immediately befriends Nya, so Shion asks Kiyo is he wants to walk home together. Shion is grateful to have made new friends so quickly, but her sunny disposition changes when she sees Zatch's ...
22 Oct. 2005
Shion's Secret
Part Two of the Five Part Mamodo Mirror SeriesShion begs Zatch to give her the fragment of the mysterious Mirror, but Zatch tells her it's his treasure and is not willing to give it up. Shion seems to have a mysterious reason for wanting it, and vows to retrieve it by any means necessary. Finally, she decides she must steal it. The next day, on the way to school, Shion wistfully tells Kiyo and Zatch that she is their friend, no matter what may happen, even if they come to dislike her. At school, Shion tries several methods to retrieve the mirror piece, but is ...
29 Oct. 2005
The Joining of the Three
Part Three in the Five Part Mamodo Mirror Series. Being given the final piece of the Mirror from Zatch, Shion takes them to Grisor, who has the remaining piece. Kiyo and Zatch, want to learn more about the Mirror, so they tag along. Grisor greets them humbly in his small, ramshackle apartment. According to Grisor's story, if you have the powers of the Mirror, you are able to escape the battle for King of the Mamodo World. But when the Mirror was brought into the Human World , it was broken into three pieces and scattered around the globe. According to Grisor's human ...
Sunset Soaked in Tears
Part Four of the Five Part Magic Mirror Series. Kiyo and Zatch, with Shion and Nya go after Grisor who had stolen the restored Magic Mirror. Dr. Hakase leads Grisor with a wireless radio and draws them into a trap that they had prepared beforehand. However, Kiyo and his friends overcome these traps with Nya's powers. And finally, Dr. Hakase, appears in front of them. Dr. Hakase reveals that the magic mirror's power does not let you escape the battle to decide the mamodo king, and that what he had told Shion and Nya was a big lie. Dr. Hakase, in front of a stunned ...
12 Nov. 2005
The Final Mirror Battle
Part Five in the Five Part Magic Mirror Series. Kiyo and Zatch charge Grisor who had increased its strength with the power of the magic mirror. They try to look for a chance to attack with their teamwork, but instead they are shot down by the horrifying destructive powers of Grisor's flame magic. Grisor and Dr. Hakase are overjoyed with the new ultimate power that they acquired. Kiyo and Zatch argue that 'a power that they had acquired by depending on an object is by no means true power. Without the will to change yourself, humans and mamodos cannot grow...' Dr. ...
19 Nov. 2005
Collision: Zatch vs Naomi
After a scary nightmare where Naomi tortures Zatch, he leaves the house with unusual zeal, thinking that he will finally beat Naomi in a series of challenges and make her stop bullying him. Kiyo decides to take Ponygon and Suzy to the zoo to see a visiting lion. At the park, Naomi pulls a number of dirty tricks and cheats her way to victory. Zatch races towards her, but falls into a large hole... another trick. Naomi hoists Volcan up on the flagpole, then takes her friends off to explore. At the zoo, Suzy and Ponygon get separated from Kiyo and wind up in the lion's ...
3 Dec. 2005
Battle in Hong Kong: Part 2
Zatch, Lien, and Kiyo go to rescue Wonrei, and are attacked by the mamodo, Zabas and the owner of his book, Galliont. Zatch and Kiyo fight back, but are unable to penetrate Zabas' wings. Meanwhile, Lien takes that chance to run over to the jail cell and get Wonrei out, but he surprises her by telling her to 'Go home.' The reason Wonrei left Lien was because he feared getting her more involved and hurt. Though beaten up by Zabas' attacks, Zatch and Kiyo scold Wonrei harshly. Wonrei realizes what he is truly supposed to do. He uses his spell to blast Zabas away. ...
10 Dec. 2005
The Invisible Hunter
The Takamine Family goes to a hot spring inn in the mountains. When Zatch and Kiyo come back to their room after enjoying the springs, there is a map to a secret spring nearby in their room. Kiyo and Zatch decide to explore this spring, not knowing that this was a scheme that had been plotted by a terrifying hunter... Two silhouettes watch Kiyo and Zatch walking along the mountain roads from afar. They are Baransha, a panther-like mamodo, and her book's owner Garza. Suddenly a spell attack hits right into Kiyo from a far distance. Despite not being able to hear them ...
17 Dec. 2005
Big Brother Kanchome
One day, Kanchome carelessly climbs into a traveling circus troop's truck after seeing some candy and is taken away from Folgore... again. The town of Monte Frio in Spain - The clumsy Kanchome keeps failing at his circus act and longs to reunite with Folgore. On his day off, he meets a little girl named Rushka, who is surprisingly pleased with Kanchome's silly circus act. He soon finds out that a mamodo and his evil partner Fredo are plaguing Rushka's small rural town by stealing everything in sight. Kanchome, with a sudden surge of courage, vows to help Rushka.
31 Dec. 2005
Cold Hearted Foes
Zatch catches a cold, and is left alone at home, so he rides Ponygon to Kiyo's school only to cause a ruckus. Amidst that hullabaloo, Zatch collapses due to his fever. Kiyo takes Zatch to the nurse's room, when Apollo appears. Kiyo notices that Rops, isn't there. He learns that a mamodo destroyed Rops's book, sending him back to the mamodo world. Apollo tells him that the mamodo looked very similar to Zatch. Apollo sensed that Dufort, the book's owner, was hiding something extremely powerful deep down inside. During their battle, Zeno and Dufort's speed and the power ...
7 Jan. 2006
Praying Mantis Joe: The Hero of Justice
Zatch wants to see the Praying Mantis Joe live show at Mochinoki Department Store, but has to be accompanied by an adult to get in. Kiyo won't go with him, so Zatch takes Ponygon. They meet up with Suzy and the teacher's Wife, who are also going to department store. At the Department Store, Zatch witnesses Praying Mantis Joe taking off his costume and is even more upset when the man inside looks rather weak. Everyone else is disappointed with their own items, as well. The kids ask Praying Mantis Joe to do something about all these problems. But the weakling portraying...
14 Jan. 2006
Invitation to a Duel
Bari, a powerful mamodo, feels unsatisfied with the level of his competitors and seeks a challenge. His book owner, Gustav, tells him about Zatch, so they set off to find him. Zatch accepts Bari's challenge, but feels a mysterious strength lurking in his opponent. The battle scene is an abandoned factory. Bari scares off some loitering hoodlums, but two girls are left behind. Kiyo tries to help the girls escape. Amidst the battle, the girls escape unharmed, but Kiyo suffers a hard blow from Bari. With burning tenacity, Zatch and Bari's battle for the position of king ...
28 Jan. 2006
Ponygons Close Call
Defeated by Bari, Zatch and Kiyo are wounded both physically and mentally. Ponygon starts to feel badly for having never battled. So Ponygon decides to leave and go on a journey with his spell book to look for a human partner! Ponygon offers his book to everyone that passes, but nobody even pays attention to him. Finally, Ponygon meet Doronma, a man with a horsey face, and shows him the book. It seems like the man notices something. Just then, Zatch arrives at the scene. Doronma invites Zatch and Ponygon to his house. He claims his job is handing out presents to poor ...
4 Feb. 2006
Rumble in the Snow
Brago and Sherry are searching for mamodo in the mountains, when Brago senses trouble nearby. The two rush over and find a giant grizzly about to attack an old man and a young boy named Jeff. Brago casts a spell that drives away the bear, and calls Jeff a coward. After a while, Brago comes back with the captured bear. He tells Jeff to become strong. The next day, crooked land developers threaten to destroy Jeff's house. Jeff bravely stands up to them. As Brago senses Jeff's courage, his spell book glows. When Brago confronts the criminals, they set off an explosion ...
11 Feb. 2006
The Mystery of the Stone Tablets
Zatch and Tia are playing with the Volcan 300. Tia asks Zatch how many mamodos he has fought thus far. Zatch remembers the numerous enemies he narrowly defeated, as well as the gentle-hearted mamodo who became their friends. Kiyo comes home carrying a spooky stone tablet that looks very similar to the one Kiyo's father had in England. They decide to do some research, but nothing seems to help. Tia proposes that they undergo special training to prepare themselves for battles. So they train hard in the mountains until they are all exhausted. Zatch and Tia affirm anew ...
18 Feb. 2006
Dr. Riddles and the Majestic Twelve
The stone tablet has disappeared and, without it, Kiyo and Zatch wonder how they will ever get strong enough to become king. To do so, they must uncover the mysteries of the spell book. Just then, a small puppet-like mamodo named Kido and his partner Doctor Riddles appear. They challenge Kiyo to a contest against a group of super-powered creatures called The Majestic 12. But, it turns out that the Professor only uses the group to set up a riddle, which Kiyo guesses the correctly. Surprisingly, the 12 depart. The following day, Doctor Riddles comes again to challenge ...
25 Feb. 2006
The Sixth Spell
During their fight against Dr. Riddles, Kiyo and Zatch launch their Sixth Spell, but they can not identify its powers. Finally, the spell subsides and Dr. Riddles casts his own spell, which causes multiple Mini-Kidos to emerge and attack Kiyo and Zatch. Despite their size, they are quite powerful. Kiyo asks Zatch to remember what he thought about when they cast the Sixth Spell. Whatever it is, might be the true power of the spell. Zatch realizes his power and attacks the Mini-Kidos with incredible speed, even stopping a powerful spell from Dr. Riddles. Kiyo and Zatch ...
4 Mar. 2006
The Masked Mamodo
Suzy comes to visit Zatch and Kiyo, but seems to be under a hypnotic spell. She brings an invitation to a party from a mysterious stranger named Milordo-Z. Kiyo deduces that the invitation is a trick to get them into battle. Zatch and Kiyo go to the party, only to find a group of people all seemingly under a hypnotic spell. Milordo-Z and his partner appear, wearing masks to hide their true identities. They offer to join forces with Zatch and Kiyo to ensure a kind king wins the battle, but our heroes are suspicious. Next, Milordo-Z offers to have the other mamodo teams...
11 Mar. 2006
My Beloved Zatch
Kane, Yamanaka and Iwashima challenge Kiyo to a series of physical contest, wagering sumptuous side dishes from the school lunch on each event. Meanwhile, Penny, a cute girl mamodo, and Uri, her Book's owner, arrive, looking for Zatch. Penny had fallen in love with Zatch at first sight, but now the two of them find themselves opponents in the battle for mamodo king. Unfortunately, Zatch does not remember her at all, angering Penny, who launches a wild attack on Zatch! Zatch flees into Kiyo's school. When Penny chases after him, Kiyo realizes that she is a mamodo. ...

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