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Turistas is not a slasher film -- not conventionally. Released by Fox's new teen division, it's the latest aquatic titillation from John Stockwell, the man who also brought us "Blue Crush" and the shockingly good "Into the Blue."
Philadelphia Inquirer
Nasty stuff. It's xenophobic (message: Americans, steer clear of the Third World); it's photogenic (the Sports Illustrated-likeswimsuit issue beach scenes, the colorful villages, the lush landscapes); it's gruesome (operating table POV shots); and it's violent.
New York Daily News
As the latest in a never-ending chain of thrillers about young people lost and dying in a hostile land, John Stockwell's Turistas at least offers the visual benefits of exotic settings and a cast of barely clad hardbodies.
Before it descends into dull sadism and general incoherence in its third act, Turistas is a mostly effective exploitation picture, the kind of movie that would have been proudly displayed on the marquee of a '70s-era grindhouse.
The cast is unusually good for this sort of film, which only makes the poor execution more regrettable.
Starts out as an effective little horror movie before devolving into an incoherent mess during its final 30 minutes.
Entertainment Weekly
The movie, with the exception of that lone squirmy surgery scene, is "Hostel" without sadism, thrills, or funky severed-limb F/X. It quickly turns into a very dull escape thriller.
The Hollywood Reporter
It all begins to fall apart around the midway point, before completely unraveling into a confused, murky mess.
Chicago Tribune
The stalwart American hero of Turistas comes off as a dislikable blank in the hands of Josh Duhamel, of the TV series "Las Vegas." More relaxed is Melissa George, who co-stars as the Aussie.
New York Post
Turistas has mastered the international language: stupidity.
These people are so stupid that they make us think, well, wait a second: Maybe those livers and kidneys could be put to better use.

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