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Jaden Smith, who plays Chris Gardner's son, is Will Smith's real-life son. Christopher is Jaden's middle name.
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Speedcubing champions Tyson Mao, Toby Mao, and Lars Petrus were hired to coach Will Smith to solve a Rubik's Cube in under two minutes.
The homeless people, who worked as extras, received a full day's pay at minimum wage ($8.62 per hour) and free catered meals. For some, it was the first money they had made in a while.
The "Bible" the interns were told to sleep, eat, and live with is the 1934 edition of "Security Analysis" by Benjamin Graham.
Based on a true story, though some elements have been changed from the book. For instance, Gardner's internship was not unpaid; he received a small stipend. He and his child's mother were never married.
Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer Simpson on The Simpsons (1989), co-stars in the film as one of Gardner's superiors and requests a donut from Gardener. This is a nod to Casellaneta's animated counterpart who shares a similar taste for donuts.
In the movie, Christopher, Jr. is five years old at the start. In real life, he was an infant.
Will Smith wanted Gabriele Muccino to direct this movie after seeing his films L'ultimo bacio (2001) and Remember Me, My Love (2003).
Throughout the film, period advertisements for Pacific Southwest Airlines can be seen in numerous places (taxis, buses, BART stations). PSA was a very popular low-fare airline in California during the period in which this film is set.
Christopher, Jr. wore the same outfit throughout the film, except when he was being bathed.
Mr. Ribbon asks his secretary to call Mr. Ristuccia. This surname is often used by Gabriele Muccino in his movies.
Tyson Mao served as a consultant for the prop department.
The taxi driver who was going on behind Chris in the film was shouting "Stop, stop, son of a dog!", in Arabic.
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Young Christopher often plays with, and would later accidentally leave behind, a Captain America doll. A legendary Marvel comics character who would later have his own movie franchise five years after this film was released.
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Chris Gardner: At the end, the real Chris Gardner walks past Chris and Christopher.


The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

When the IRS seizes funds from Chris Gardner's account, Chris says the date was the 25th of September. September 25th is Will Smith's birthday.
Chris Gardner helps Jay Twistle solve his Rubik's Cube. In the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (1990)'s episode "Alma Matter" (season 3, episode 18), Will Smith gets into Prince University after solving Ed's Rubik's Cube.
In the film, Chris makes note of five key steps regarding his "pursuit of happyness:" 1. Riding the Bus, 2. Being Stupid, 3. Running, 4. Internship, and 5. Happyness.
The title "The Pursuit of Happyness" is intentionally misspelled because it appears the same way on the outer wall of Christopher Jr.'s daycare center.

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