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When Pi's father teaches him a lesson about tigers, The goat is tied to the outside of Richard Parker's cage. In the following scene, Richard Parker is dragging "his prey", apparently having pulled the entire goat through the cage's bars. The goat was far too large to be pulled through the bars.
When the camera zooms out after the flying fish have gone, the raft is gone. In the next scene, the raft is still connected to the boat.

Crew or equipment visible 

When Adult Pi is telling the story, the camera is reflected in his eyes.

Factual errors 

When standing in French class talking about his name, Pi writes the number pi with nine decimals. According to mathematical rounding rules the ninth decimal should be 4, not 3.
Early in the movie, Pi says that Hinduism has 33 million Gods and Goddesses. In Indian English, the word 'crore', which means 10 million, is used rather than million. A fundamental belief in Hinduism is that there are 33 crore Gods and Goddesses. This converts to 330 million, not 33 million. (The use of million rather than crore may be a translation for the benefit of the audience, rather than a goof.)

Plot holes 

When Pi is young and tells his parents he would like to be baptized, they are eating lamb. However, on the ship, when they are getting food, Pi's mother explains they are vegetarian.

Revealing mistakes 

When the ship rolls in the storm, the bedroom where Pi and his brother are sleeping is perfectly still.

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