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Audio/visual unsynchronised 

Near the end of the movie when Madeleine White visits Mr. Case at the barber, Mr. Case says "Yes, it was sixty years ago, I was young and ambitious", you can very clearly see his lips mouthing "fifty" instead of "sixty", though the audio says "sixty".


When Madeline and Case are walking by the river, a giant clock comes into the background twice.
During the suspect interviews, one of the detectives moves his coffee cup from his left side to his right. In the next shot, the cup is back on the left side.
When Frazier and his partner leave the precinct, Frazier tosses his suit jacket in the back seat. When he arrives at the scene of the crime, the jacket is in his lap as he is exiting the car.
Miss White's assistant's hair is unkempt and has hair forming two loops sticking up toward the back of his head when he tells of Mr. Case's phone call. In subsequent shots his hair appears combed with no hair sticking up.
When the ring case in the safety deposit box is opened, the Cartier logo is smaller, with "London" and "Paris" visible under the logo. Later, when Detective Case shows the ring in the box to the mayor, the logo is a different Cartier logo.
At the beginning the flag poles are empty. In the next shot there are flags on them.
Russell holds the older woman at gunpoint and threatens her because she won't take her clothes off. In the next shot, Russell is holding the gun at his side.
Outside cage door to the vault switches from open to closed and back as camera angle switches as the cops are searching the bank.
When we first see Madeline White she has a bit of hair wrapped around her pony tail. Later when she meets with Case there is no "wrapper." Then it is back when she meets with the mayor.
As Dalton stands inside the bank vault staring at the cash, the scene jumps from a wide, distant shot, to medium, to close-in, just outside the cage. Another robber stands just outside and between jumps his gun position shifts from relaxed to raised to relaxed again.
When Madeline and Case are talking next to the river, Case is standing with his right shoulder towards Madeline. In the next shot, he is turned dramatically so his left shoulder is towards her, and then it is back the other way.

Errors in geography 

When the NYPD ESU is initially setting up around the bank at 20 Exchange Place, Manhattan, FDNY Engine 332 arrives on the scene. FDNY Engine Company 332 is based in Brooklyn, on Bradford St., not Manhattan.

Factual errors 

In the last scene, Frazier empties his pockets to end the day. He takes his magazine out of his gun to disarm it, but we see there is no ammo in the magazine. A detective would never carry an unloaded firearm.
In the end credits, the word "Mobile" is repeatedly misspelled "Mobil".

Revealing mistakes 

Obvious stunt double when Frazier and Russell fall down the stairs. Frazier has a shaved head while the stunt man has a full head of hair.
At the end of the film, Dalton is leaving the "storage room". On the left side of the screen, one can see a set of doors that have glass over them, and a short distance back, outside windows with sunlight streaming in. The distance is too short to match up to the apparent length of the storage room as seen in the earlier parts of the film. There is also no indication that there could be any ceiling over that space.


The goof items below may give away important plot points.


The robbers sent their demands written on a desk drawer from the bank. Later on Detective Frazier discovers that the drawer was bugged but this time the writing and capitalization is different. For example "SemTex" changed to "SEMTEX".
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When the bank robbers first walk into the bank they are all wearing painter outfits. Upon bringing all the hostages into the basement the robbery crew make them all take out their cell phones and keys, and remove their street clothes, which the police all find in the bank after the robbery. While the police interview each hostage to see if they knew who was who, they supposedly had to just match each hostage with their possessions. But Steve, Stevie, and Stevo-O undoubtedly put their own street clothes, cell phones and keys in the bags along with those of the hostages, to claim as theirs after slipping out of the bank with the hostages.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

In the scene where the 'hostage' is dragged kicking and screaming by his ankles through the rooms of the bank, he pulls a pile of books over that are stacked next to the doorway. Later in the film when the police storm the building, the books are neatly stacked back at the side of the door. However, it is entirely possible that either one of the robbers or hostages stacked the books back up during the course of the film.
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Incorrectly regarded as goofs 

When Frazier is in the bank to negotiate, he says "What happened? Couldn't you open the vault?" As he says this, the vault's door in the background can clearly be seen and is wide open. This comment is deliberately said in front of the open safe, as Frazier is being ironic. Much of the dialogue throughout the film is ironic, especially Frazier's. He had already commented that he realized the goal of the thieves is to gain time, and this is his way of saying to Russell that he knows.

Plot holes 

The police conclude as that no money was taken, "no crime was committed." However, armed robbery is itself a crime, even if nothing is taken. So is taking hostages and controlling the building illegally for several hours, as well as other subtle misuses of bank property. "No crime was committed" is an unrealistic description of what happened.

Revealing mistakes 

When the hostages are lying on the street outside the bank and are being put in PlastiCuffs (also called FlexiCuffs), you can see that several of them are not tightened, so they can just take their hands out of them if they wanted to.

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