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The thrills in Spike Lee's singularly savvy thriller are in small unexpected moments.
Entertainment Weekly
The jazzish score, by Lee's music man, Terence Blanchard, is typically intrusive. But the mood is right, the twists are new. And with one casting inspiration, Inside Man furthers the rising stardom of Chiwetel Ejiofor (Serenity).
The Hollywood Reporter
This is the mother lode all action/suspense directors search for and Lee, who usually doesn't work in that genre, has hit it.
Inside Man may be a cat-and-mouse game, but it's far from predictable. What could have been a straightforward thriller is unusually clever, visually captivating and unfailingly entertaining.
Washington hasn't been this relaxed in years. When he feels like it he can be the most charismatic star in the movies.
Wall Street Journal
Boils with humor, surprise and dramatic energy.
The suspense crackles, the acting sizzles and the script, by promising first-timer Russell Gewirtz, keeps tossing surprises like grenades.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Lee transforms a generic cops-crooks-and-hostages scenario into a smart, sharp heist movie by the sheer force of his love for, and knowledge of, the city where he lives.
New York Daily News
It's got style and charisma to spare, with all the characters acting from fiery reserves of self-interest, including Christopher Plummer as a bank president with a secret in his safe-deposit box.
Miami Herald
Unexpectedly funny, leisurely paced and oblivious to the demands of its genre, Inside Man has a loose, playful vibe that's at odds with its grave life-and-death scenario.
New York Post
Has a doozy of a surprise ending that doesn't really stand up under close scrutiny - but you'll have so much fun getting there, it's easy to go along with Lee and company for the ride.

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