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Charlotte Observer
The movie is the usual kind of film biography of a respected figure from the distant past - honorable, oversimplified, handsome.
Anyone who has ever felt morally right and completely in the minority will have a point of entry into this movie.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Apted opts not to show the horrendous cruelty inflicted on thousands upon thousands of captive Africans, shackled and chained, making their way to the Americas in ships. Instead, he has Wilberforce and his fellow abolitionists describe the inhumane conditions - in the precise, passionate language of legislators who believe that human decency is more important than money and power.
New York Daily News
Compelling and highly informative.
Miami Herald
Apted delivers a fine, righteous climax and packs his film with some of Britain's best character actors.
This is the British way to mingle ideas and entertainment.
A workmanlike piece of storytelling elevated by fine performances.
Wall Street Journal
A case of good works done well.
It's disappointing that so much talent has been assembled with so little to do.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
What's missing, in the direction no less than the script, is any real sense of dramatic urgency.
It's earnest, solemn stuff. The movie sings an old tune -- Albert Finney is the blind minister who wrote the title ditty -- and it leaves the blood unstirred.

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