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Great making-of documentary!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh25 May 2010
I love this kind of documentary. This is because it's always fun to watch the cast and crew talk about their experiences filming a particular movie and working with their co-stars as well as the crew of that particular movie. In addition, it's also fun to see what happened behind the scenes during the filming of a particular movie, such as takes or bloopers. Anytime I watch a DVD or special edition VHS, I always look forward to seeing the documentaries afterward, that is, if there are any on it. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that this was a great making-of documentary. In conclusion, I hope you enjoy this making-of documentary.
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I think they're called "treats"
TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews22 November 2009
This is the shortest of the four featurettes on the DVD of The Mask, with a running time of 11 minutes, or ten before credits. It consists of film clips(from various movies that have dogs), interviews and some footage of training and the like. This is about how you get man's best friend to do on camera what the director wants and needs it to, and really isn't focused on the Jim Carrey vehicle much at all(in fact, it's kind of funny, of the three people in this, only one of them had anything to do with it), this refers to other flicks that have the pet in a (noticable, not "extras") role. They talk about how to work with the canines, and what problems and such can arise from that(like on Little Nicky, when... well, you'll know what I mean if you've watched it, and if not, I won't reveal it here, and you may want to hold off on catching this documentary until you have, unless you're not going to, and what with my low opinion of all things Adam Sandler, I can't blame you). This is well-paced, and edited well. There's one or two potentially disturbing bits in this, and that's all. I recommend this to anyone interested in it. 7/10
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