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A Western in contemporary Mumbai...

Author: MVKim from near Philadelphia
4 May 2007

"James" is like an old Western: a righteous man of unknown origins arrives in town, finds much iniquity there, and single-handedly goes mano-a-mano against the hoodlums that terrorize the locals. Mohit Ahlawat is the strong silent type (that in another era we encountered in Clint Eastwood, Gary Cooper, etc.) and he's up against the corrupt Bombay underworld, including the police. The gangster honchos are played well by Sheereveer and Zakir Hussain, both of whom ooze evil.

I thought there was a hint of the Thai action movie "Ong Bak" as well---especially in the leitmotif for James when he is roused to action. The clarion call sounded familiar...

True to convention for action heroes, James insists on fighting totally unarmed, even when going against dozens of gangsters with guns and against pit bulls! He is a good fighter, though! I enjoyed the movie despite the implausibility of some of the fight sequences. And I think Nisha Kothari looks sexier with some clothes on... I look forward to seeing her in the new upcoming edition of Sholay.

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Author: silvan-desouza from India
21 December 2009

After making films like SARKAR which had no songs, to the point story.etc and which was offbeat RGV started producing such craps which were formulaic to death

RGV started making films with lots of thundering background music, his films are incomplete without them and also weird camera angles and editing The trick was novel and worked in SARKAR, BHOOT.etc but with repetition and overuse it got irritating

JAMES is a typical action movie where focus is on showing off the new flop Mohit Ahlawat and the worst Nisha Kothari the villain is the hairy bushy Sharaveer Vakil or whatever and rest

Such a boring film and such nonsense it's a headache And worst RGV decided to re make the film and directed it himself as SHIVA(2006) Direction by Rohit Jugraj is bad Music is bad

Mohit has 1 expression and his dialogue delivery is awful Nisha is awful too Sharaveer Vakil and others are terrible

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Are you kidding me?

Author: tanjotasu from United States
19 March 2006

In the above reviews, this movie has been described as a brilliant action movie. I have a simple comment on that - Are you kidding me?

Where's the action? The whole movie could be completed in 30 minutes if they hadn't slowed down every second of the movie. It's like a college student writing an essay in double-spaced with Courier font to fit the prescribed 2 pages.

This movie started off well... There was some reason there to carry on. But then very steep downhill road..

The girl looked good. She didn't wear a lot during most of the movie. Why? Overall, the movie was just like any other Indian movie. 20 guys with guns blaring can't shoot an unarmed hero. Rajnikanth couldn't have done a better job. If you guy's consider this an "action" movie.. then great. I think of it as a joke. Big joke to steal my money. Just look at the plot-holes and you'll understand.

:) 7.1 rating NOT justified.. should be in the high 2's

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good raw action

Author: ashdoc53 from India
19 October 2012

Its not a masala film at all , but a straightforward action film with the Ram Gopal Verma touch--even though he is not the director .

Mohit Alhawat plays the hero with a deadpan expression in the film throughout.....and does not change expression at all , even in scenes which require some acting--and this is the film's biggest drawback . ......For a hero with an expressionless face can take a film only so far....

But the villain is terrific , with loose hanging hair and an uneven beard , looking like a wild dog on searching for his next meal , and showing all the expressions of a brute hunting for his prey....

And his prey is the supersexy Nisha Kothari , the bombshell of the town , who shashays in discoes with mouthwatering ease--only to come within the sights of the villain and his horde.....

The hero is without question the one who has to save the damsel in distress ,for its his job as a bouncer of the disc, and his prize for doing so is the love of a beautiful girl....

But the hero is new to town , and does not know that he has offended the mob that rules the city.....

.....And the mob now is searching for the young lovers....

The lovers elope to escape the clutches of the mob , but their pursuers are unrelenting , and literally send dogs to hound the young couple out....

As the howling dogs chase the lovers endlessly , and the mafia applies its endless resources to capture them and fulfill the lust of the villain ,its a love story that has to end in tragedy.....

.....But tragedy also brings out revenge that is destined to end the mob's rule over the metropolis.....

True to Ram Gopal Verma's style , the fights and the nastiness on the villains' faces are truly real.....

And the action is really really RAW.....

I liked one dialogue of the film--when the hero arrives from goa to take up the job as bouncer of the discotheque , the owner of the disc tells him '' those who think that India is a poor country , they haven't seen mumbai's nightlife . money flows here...''

I also liked the zany music that plays whenever the villain makes his entry.....anyway , whats that actor doing nowadays ?? haven't seen him lately.....

Verdict--good .

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for action lovers only

Author: sandhirflora from India
25 September 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

When a factory goes into the mass production way, then rather than quality it is the quantity which takes over. Same is the case with The Factory- an RGV production house. Debutant director Rohit Jugraj puts all his efforts to make this film as a pure action-packed, adrenalin rich violent saga. The result is it has moments which definitely action-film lovers will enjoy but for others it is a yuck ! The pluses-the taking is slick. The film rather belongs to both stunt coordinators Peter Hain and Parveiz Fazal Khan, and together they choreographed some terrific action which will make you sit on edge of the seat. Good job by them as well as by cinematographer. Also, the director did not diverted from his single track which is "eye for an eye" rather than complicating narrative with other superfluous characters or events. The minuses-lots. There is no concrete storyline. Songs come as a complete distraction. The tempo slackens when there is no action happening and the built up towards action is dragging. Both lead actors needs crash course in acting and the villains evokes more laughter than terror. When nothing else is happening the leading lady gets into an early Urmila M hangover, addressing all those seductive gestures of a PYT to the gallery. Can't we do away with such things, pls. Once film goes into jungle territory and Rajpal Yadav's scenes, it completely looses its track. Why can't an RGV production abstain from such characters/situations ? Somebody please take notice. There are strong influences of Ramu's first Hindi film-Shiva (1990). Weak script and characterization is another big patch here. In the climax, the rain rather than adding to dramatic element, completely nullifies the revenge when audience cannot observe the facial expressions at the time of hero killing the main villain. Mediocre products don't run a factory. It is high time our producers should realize !

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