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This all-CG reboot is missing the goofy excitement of the old TMNT.
The story -- something to do with an ancient evil returning after 3,000 years -- plays like a multi-episode story arc of the TV series.
The Hollywood Reporter
A tad too conservative and calculated. CGI delivers best on moody sets and a noirish atmosphere achieved by lighting, backgrounds and visual effects. But the characters look like plastic dolls, and the story is recycled sci-fi.
Munroe's script denies fans the satisfaction of a decent story or amusing interactions. Rather than waiting for a screenplay that warranted their bigscreen return, TMNT feels like an attempt to exploit the phenomenon further.
Village Voice
Writer-director Kevin Munroe parties like it's 1989, grooving on the extreme-sports set pieces and vintage slang to generally cowabusted effect.
The upshot is that the film is technically superb and quite enjoyable as long as you don't bang your head against the plot.
That's really what TMNT lacks most -- humor. Despite the doll-like cartoonishness of the human figures, the filmmakers seem to expect us to take this animated romp seriously. Too seriously.
It takes more than an awkward title attempting to sound cool to overcome its mundane plot and silly dialogue.
Chicago Tribune
Without the brute vigilante junk, this 82-minute picture would be approximately 2 minutes long.
It's all probably too slippery for the youngest viewers to grasp and too sketchy for the nostalgia crowd (for whom this revival seems most geared).

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