Hoot (2006) Poster


Plot Keywords

owl fight
montana florida
school construction site
friend activist
animal activist environmental issue
bitten by a dog turkey the bird
marine science u.s. department of justice
fire extinguisher car hitting a tree
car accident environmentalism
hit on the head by a falling coconut coconut
hiding airplane
kidnapping interrogation
tv camera city hall
mayor billiards
yacht pancake house
restaurant cafe
runner port a potty
motor scooter soccer
pier sleeping on the floor
book hospital
baseball bat rat
pajamas photograph
newspaper flashlight
nature conservation policeman
theft thief
ground breaking ceremony fishing
female doctor doctor
cowgirl cowboy
bus classroom
class student
teacher rottweiler
dog golf
eating food
watching tv forest
woods tied to a tree
underwear trespassing
father daughter relationship stepfather stepson relationship
stepmother stepdaughter relationship stepbrother stepsister relationship
sanctuary hit with a golf ball
broken nose friendship
voice over narration nature
wildlife liar
lie teenage girl
teenage boy mother son relationship
father son relationship underwater scene
telephone call snake
bound and gagged catching fish by hand
vending machine jogger
trailer television commercial
swimming underwater survey stake
spray paint speech
shoe school bus
sailboat sack
running report
portable toilet police officer
pancake page
nail mullet
mouse trap map
manatee letter
jogging janitor
internet research horse riding
hole high school
high school teacher helicopter
guard dog golf course
golf ball flat tire
fish fishnet
fish out of water first day of school
exhaust pipe endangered species
dog bite chinese american
chase chain link fence
bully bully comeuppance
bulldozer boat
blonde bird
bicycle beach
bamboo backpack
arrest apology
alligator alley
actress based on novel

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