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Keisha and Natella become fierce competitors for a cultural diversity prize at Bromwell High (even though there isn't actually a prize). The state school - full of underachievers and children from welfare families - hosts a gypsy wrestling match as part of corrupt headmaster Iqbal Kandallah's attempts to make some cash on the side.
Police Story
After a spate of mobile phone thefts, a police officer is assigned to the school to investigate. While Iqbal scrambles to cover up his multitude of illegal activities, Latrina finds a new career possibility as she assists PC Carter in his investigation.
5 May 2005
Keisha in Love
Keisha has a crush on the new boy, Spencer and uses violence to prove that she doesn't. Ms Dixon and Mr Phillips fight for the position of year 8 coordinator.
No More Teachers
The school's music teacher gets his big break, and leaves in a golden helicopter, inspiring the rest of the staff to pursue their passions. As the teachers quit one by one, Iqbal and Mr. Bibby look for less expensive ways of replacing them. Meanwhile, Natella pursues her inner musician, and a visiting school supervisor decides it's time to place Keisha in a special school.
3 Jan. 2005
Fire Drill
Keisha becomes a pyromaniac which means trouble for Iqubal when he learns he must spend money on wheelchair accessible premises when Keisha starts a fire at school. Meanwhile Aisha threatens to beat up Natella for kissing up to teachers.
3 Aug. 2005
Valentine's Day
Bromwell High celebrates Valentines Day however Natella tries to sway everyone to her belief that it's a meaningless marketing event that judges a person by appearance however her beliefs change when Davis (the coolest boy in school)seemingly puts a Valentine card in her box.
15 Mar. 2005
Goodbye Mr. Crisps
Money is needed to raise money in order to solve Bromwell High's financial crisis, so when Natella introduces the headmaster to her new friend, Katie, who she met at the National Science Competition, he is delighted to learn just how much some children's parents are willing to pay for a decent education and makes major school changes so he can personally profit from it.
22 Mar. 2005
Baby Boom
Latrina's mother has given birth to Mr.Bibby's child however Mr.Bibby doesn't want the child and Latrina is stuck for a way to get it off of her hands. It just so happen the sex education teacher is giving a guest seminar equipped with robotic training babies. Latrina switches the real baby with the robotic baby and nobody knows...yet.
29 Mar. 2005
Sack Race
Latrina is the only chance for Bromwell's basketball team to make a comeback, but affirmative action might just see her kicked off the team. And Keisha faces off against her English teacher, who seems to be able to counter her every move.
4 Apr. 2005
Financial troubles plague the staff at Bromwell High, while Iqbal and Mr. Bibby find the ultimate way to keep Keisha on their side - elect her as the most terrifying prefect in Bromwell history.
12 Apr. 2005
Natella Takes Charge
After massive damage to the school, Iqbal sells the education to a fried chicken franchise, leading Natella to campaign for School President - with Keisha as her greatest asset.
19 Apr. 2005
Drama Queen
Carol writes the annual school play (produced by would-be Cameron Mackintosh, Iqbal), but her production takes its story from her recent separation with Martin. Latrina gets the lead role, but the performance is plagued with difficulties.
26 Apr. 2005
The girls become pushers of a new addictive sweet, which unfortunately has explosive qualities. This comes at a bad time for Iqbal, as a reporter is doing an in-depth profile of the school.


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