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Absolutely hilarious if one is not easily offended...

Author: waynet_az from Phoenix, AZ
23 April 2005

... and if you ARE easily offended, go see a Disney flick.

I saw this with a group of friends last night and we could not stop laughing during the entire film. The story line itself, combined with an amazing number of sight gags lurking in the background (people reading magazines such as "Apathy Monthly" and "Trophy Wife" and posters on the walls like the one at the Christian Cafe that said "What Would Jesus Order?") makes it certain that I will see this again to catch what was missed. It is a SPOOF, people; go with an open mind and a desire for some laughs and you will NOT be disappointed. Watch closely, as great humor is EVERYWHERE in this film...

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Takes some hilarious shots at everyone

Author: fosterthedog from Phoenix
23 April 2005

HILARIOUS! The film takes through a few weeks with people who share a common interest, collecting unthawed commercial frozen dinners. As it explores the lives of these collectors more deeply we are brought into a world that includes various characters that run the ranges of successes and failures. This 'mockumentary' primarily pokes fun at Christian rock and obsessive collectors of all kinds, but in a greater sense takes its aim at the values to which all people believe they are true. The laughs are frequent and well set-up.

Truly an amazing first effort. It will be a shame if this film does not receive the recognition it deserves.

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Worth Every Cent ! Funny as hell !

Author: Shane from United States
18 April 2005

What a nice surprise. I had read a lot about this movie and people who love mainstream films like Clerks and Waiting for Guffman and Best In Show will love this film. It is very unique and unlike anything I have ever seen. The storytelling is great and the casting is excellent. There are many sight gags, some of which I'm sure I missed as I was wiping away the tears from my eyes from laughing so hard. I am going to see it again with another group of friends this weekend and hopefully I'll be able to catch all of the gags the second time. I also checked out the Never Been Thawed website and laughed my head off even more. The character bios and MP3's of songs by The Christers (the rock band turned far-from-politically-correct Christian Band)will make you wet yourself. Right now there's a bunch of crap out in theatres so treat yourself, and go see this movie. You will not regret it. This is one of those movies you feel good about "discovering" and turning your friends onto, much like I did with Swingers when it came out. See this flick!

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Deliciosly Funny

Author: IkeThermite from United States
17 April 2005

I just watched this wonderfully humorous film at the Harkins in downtown Tempe, after which The Christers played an entertaining set of four songs. I believe this was featured at the Phoenix film festival and was brought to Harkins. I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Centering around a group of frozen entrée collectors this film leads you in a documentary style through their lives and oddities. If you like the more commercial and prominent funny movies that are churned out one after another in the endlessly unoriginal fashion of all those Ben Stiller pieces of excrement then this movie may be a bit too "edgy" for you. However if you revel in a more unique and (again) "edgy" sort of comedic experience i encourage you to see this, for if you do i venture to say you will thank yourself over and over. I believe this film has a great chance of making it nationally, as i think it's just being seen here in the Phoenix area for the time being. Also, if you are uptight about Christianity you may be offended by some of the content of this movie and some language. If you got through the movie "Saved!" alright you'll make it here. But again, if you do see this movie prepare to have a sore abdomen because you'll be laughing and repeating lines hours later with friends.

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Simply Hilarious

Author: James from Scottsdale, AZ, USA
11 April 2005

I had the pleasure of seeing this indie at the 2005 Phoenix Film Festival. I believe from what the filmmakers said that it is only going to be in very, very limited release in the Phoenix area as of the near future. So, sorry everyone else. But if you are lucky enough to live in the Phoenix area go and see this movie! I have not laughed so hard so often for as long as I can remember. I don't want to say anymore than that, because the less you know the better.

This is going to be playing at Harkins Valley Art in Tempe starting April 15th. If enough people see it and shell out some dough, it'll probably go into wider release in the Phoenix area. Trust me it's worth the eight bucks.

Independent film lovers and anyone else who wants a great laugh: GO AND SEE THIS MOVIE IT'S HILARIOUS.

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Hilarious film, two versions?

Author: lowguppy from Maine, It's Almost Canada
2 February 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I saw this film back in August at a local theater and loved it, but from talking to the owner it sounded like the film's legal people shat the bed when they saw what was supposed to be distributed (the owner got both versions). I can understand why the companies named may take issue with their association with the film (especially the Disney Negative Reinforcement Training Camp) but removing those elements probably had a big impact on the final distribution cut. I was lucky enough to see the original, but from the post-June reviews it seems clear that those users unfortunately saw a very different movie.

While NBT may lack production value, its your belly that will be hurting when you leave the theater (not your ass like Blair Witch). The acting and writing might not be all time greats, but they're more than good enough to carry the movie. There are some truly priceless, instantly classic jokes. It is wild and all over the place, but each scene is treated with the same care and attention to detail. The many story lines are no more disjointed than those of Love Actually. I prefer to compare it to the work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone for pulling no punches and being dead on target with their satire.

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Oh... My... Gawd...

Author: Feckinasso ( from United States
9 May 2005

Just see this movie... just do it already.

It'll put a smile on your face that'll be harder to get off than Martha Stewart on a set of dirty sheets.

There are so many little things in this movie that are really easy to miss the first time you see it. I'd advise seeing it once just to "get your laugh on"... and then go back and see it and pay attention to the background things in the scenes. The magazines they read, the statues on their desks, the names of the places they go to, etc. These guys could make a fortune just selling some of the original props.

And who else is waiting for the new Christers album? Yeah, I thought so... well, I'll be camped out at the record store the night before that release and I'm getting the first copy. Just try and beat me there!

This movie is all that... and an entrée.

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Amazing New Cult Classic

Author: b-kannberg from United States
17 January 2006

Who would have thought a mock-u-mentory about a Christian Rock band who collect frozen food would have done it for me. This is one of the most hilarious movies I have seen in my entire life. Sean Anders did an exceptional job with his directing in this low budget comedy. Excellent acting by just a few average Arizonans and really what Bill Mueller said was true, it should be this year's Napoleon Dynamite. Only problem is that the movie's production company is not as wealthy as MTV films. It is available for rent on Netflix and soon to purchase on the official Never Been Thawed Website at I HIGHLY Recommend IT!!

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Satire at its finest

Author: soleilani from United States
2 October 2005

I had the good fortune of seeing this movie several months ago at a director's screening, and no, I didn't know the director ahead of time. The plot revolves around a group of people who collect frozen foods in greater Phoenix. Needless to say, it's an eclectic assortment of characters, and the story revolves around their relationships and conflicts. A Christian rock band is thrown into the mix for good measure. I found the concept to be fresh, the characters original, and the dialogue hilarious. Watch for masterful strokes in the details such as the magazines, items on walls and table tops, lyrics to the band's songs, and of course, the frozen food packaging. Standout performance by Shelly Frazier. See this movie. Twice.

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Subversively Hilarious!

Author: meddlecore from Canada
26 November 2011

Never Been Thawed has been called a "wickedly funny and deliciously subversive" film by Kevin Thomas from the LA Times, and "a cult classic in the making" by critic Ryan McKee. If you ask me, it's just damn clever! The film, a pseudo-documentary, focuses around Shawn, played be co-writer and director Sean Anders, and his group of friends in the Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiasts Club.

Shawn has been collecting frozen entrees since he was 12. He now works part time as a dental hygienist in order to cover the cost of operating fourteen full sized freezers in a one bedroom apartment where he lives with his deaf dumb drunk and belligerent brother whom leeches off him. Shawn is the founding father of the Mesa Frozen Entree Enthusiasts Club, a small and kooky group of Jesus-lovin' collectors who are determined to host the world's first Frozen Entree Convention. Shawn also plays in a punk band with Al, another member of the club.... well they were a punk band at least ..up until, in a shameless bid for money and fame, Shawn converted them into a Christian rock band, renaming themselves "The Christers" in the process.

Al is the bass player in Sean's band but hates the new direction that they are heading. He is also a member of Sean's club, but joined more out his friendship for Sean and his interest in one of the other members, Shelly. He is constantly making pathetic attempts to woo her- even having written a song for the band about her- but alas she is obsessed with Sean, to whom she attributes the songs authorship. The fact that Al lives with his parents and works as a "smilist" at Klown Klutz probably doesn't help his cause any.

Shelly is a born again Christian, virgin, and operator at the intercourse prevention hotline. She is also in Sean's club, but most likely out of her adoration for him as opposed to an actual love for Frozen Entrees. When Shawn's girlfriend leaves him for Vince, Shelly throws herself at him. They hook up and she thinks they are in love, but like a true born again- she's not all that in touch with reality. Her favourite hangout is the Christian themed No-Choice Cafe which is run by Mike, whom also promotes Sean's Christian rock band.

The film follows three other members of the club as well: Vince, who is attempting to turn the "business" of frozen entree collecting into a lucrative cash cow. Vince is in a power struggle with Sean over control of the group's direction and his girlfriend. His ambition and experience gain him most of the support, and eventually, the chick as well.

Scott is a "formerly" gay firefighter- saved by Catholicism- who is addicted to collecting, not only frozen entrees, but also collectible plates. Other than collecting his second passion is directing training videos for the force. He is married to a butch of a woman but just may find new love within the group.

Matt is a safety consultant, frozen entree enthusiast, professional road alphabet game player, and amateur philosopher (very amateur). His philosophy is based around the idea of not being bogged down by "nature" which he feels enables him to lead a completely efficient life. In order to achieve this he wears a polyurethane cathoder taped to his leg, so that he can relieve himself without ever having to stop what he was doing to go to the bathroom.

"Never Been Thawed" is a subversively dark and intelligent look at the subcultures that can turn us into fans, followers, and serious dorks....something we cinephiles know nothing about!! The film gets a little bit caught up in melodrama near the end, but there are so many subtle jokes and jabs throughout the film which hold your attention and really make it an enjoyable watch. For instance, keep an eye on their shirts...they are hilarious! ...and throughout the film they blur out random sh*t for (seemingly) no reason at all. This is a low budget masterpiece and one helluva entertaining film. Definitely check it out! 8.5 out of 10.

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