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New York Daily News
Allen and Short seem to be having so much fun that their enthusiasm is entirely contagious. Let the season begin.
Philadelphia Inquirer
This isn't a movie, it's an animatronic theme-park ride - an artificially processed, easily digestible treat for kids.Ho, ho hum.
There's some potential in this storyline, but the movie doesn't do much with it besides giving Martin Short an opportunity to put on the fat suit.
Entertainment Weekly
This Styrofoam snowman of a sequel overdoses on its own candy-cane-colored sugary cheer.
The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
The Santa Clause 3 is a colourful jumble. (But quite a bit better than Jungle 2 Jungle). Nevertheless, whether parent or elf, You might laugh when you watch it in spite of yourself.
The Hollywood Reporter
To borrow a cliche from another medium, Santa might have jumped the shark.
A little muddled and derivative but what do we expect, really?
The bad news, for those looking forward to The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause with anything like enthusiasm, is this: Bernard the Elf is history.
TV Guide
The whole film is plagued by a sense of false, desperate cheerfulness.
Plodding and unfunny.
New York Post
Martin Short as Jack Frost, means we're getting a turkey and a ham for the holidays. As for Tim Allen as Scott Calvin, an ordinary guy who took over Santa's job by chance, he's more like a tasteless lump of mashed potatoes.

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