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There is a good chunk of Lady in the Water that is simply too well made and affectingly acted to dismiss as a mere exercise in arrogance.
The Hollywood Reporter
Shyamalan does project genuine menace and suspense into this mundane location, especially in nighttime scenes. But the magic that would transport you from reality into fantasy is missing.
Entertainment Weekly
Shyamalan's most alienating and self-absorbed project to date.
You leave Lady thinking there are still voices in Shyamalan's head well worth a listen.
Has the strengths and weaknesses of a one-man show.
The character played by lead Paul Giamatti is a dead-on Shyamalan protagonist: emotionally distanced and something of a train wreck.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Lady in the Water boasts an eclectic cast - almost entirely squandered.
New York Daily News
Lady, like all of Shyamalan's movies, is a slick production with consistently interesting visuals... But the story is so convoluted and ultimately preposterous that you're almost embarrassed by the earnestness of the actors trying to carry it off.
Miami Herald
It lacks the simplicity and resonance of classic fairy tales: It's so muddled and belabored, it's hard to imagine the tykes ever staying awake long enough to hear how it all turned out.
Chicago Tribune
The film is a rogue hunk of hooey.
Wall Street Journal
This cloying piece of claptrap sets a high-water mark for pomposity, condescension, false profundity and true turgidity -- no small accomplishment for the man whose last two features were the deadly duo "Signs" and "The Village."

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