Gone Baby Gone (2007) Poster

Plot Keywords

neighborhood investigation
private detective moral dilemma
single mother pedophile
kidnapping drug dealer
police shootout newspaper headline
grave side ceremony funeral procession
guilty feelings money roll
abandoned quarry house cat
mob of reporters reference to jonbenet ramsey
missing person flyer directorial debut
dorchester massachusetts violence
news report threat
police raid mugshot
guilt alcoholic relapse
bare chested male pistol whip
death of daughter slow motion
revelation vulgarity
shot through a door manipulation
deception character repeating someone else's dialogue
repetition in title bad mother
character's point of view camera shot police officer shot
mask job resignation
blackmail pool hall
drug mule drug lord
memorial medallion
hospital doll
media frenzy tv reporter
police captain missing person poster
watching tv cigarette smoking
american flag disappearance
cemetery black american
african american ex convict
lie robbery
police funeral catholic
ransom cafe
bag of money gay slur
shot to death child molestation
child abuse mother daughter relationship
uncle niece relationship photograph
raised middle finger voice over narration
police station family relationships
thirty something time lapse photography
corpse foot chase
flashback husband wife relationship
shotgun pistol
cell phone drunkenness
death jumping off a cliff
masked man urban setting
bar haitian
police corruption corrupt cop
tragedy shootout
police officer killed neo noir
drug addiction neglected child
immorality hypocrisy
racial slur vomit
police detective aunt niece relationship
blood spatter shot in the neck
shot in the back moral corruption
child murder blood
betrayal urban decay
tv news street life
self righteousness post modern
police coverup murder
moral ambiguity machismo
live in girlfriend intimidation
interracial marriage conspiracy
concealed weapon cocaine
poor white trash shot in the throat
shot in the head missing girl
missing child framed
early retirement drug addict
child molester child in peril
brother sister relationship boyfriend girlfriend relationship
boston massachusetts bartender
death of friend death of child
based on novel title spoken by character
surprise ending

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