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The result is a superior police procedural, and something more -- a study in devious human nature.
Gone Baby Gone is full of dark secrets, and how they unravel will keep you glued.
There is a compelling ethical question raised skillfully that will haunt viewers. The poignant conclusion probably will incite debate.
The joke's on us, it turns out; as a director, Affleck has come through with a sharp, morally ambiguous piece of pulp crackerjack.
Gone Baby Gone is powerful stuff - a movie that derives its plot twists from moral conundrums rather than from narrative sleight of hand.
The Hollywood Reporter
It's a tribute to this thoughtful, deeply poignant, splendidly executed film that we replay the conclusion in our minds long after the lights come on.
A story so good that maybe anybody could have turned out something decent.
Casey's big brother has made a tough, taut mystery.
The film's standout performance belongs to Ed Harris, who plays a Boston detective with decades of experience and an equal amount of built-up resentment toward people who would harm children.
Affleck the director shows excellent instincts, not least of which is letting his younger brother, Casey, hold the center as a young guy not as smaht as he thinks he is.
Storytelling problems surface toward the overwrought climax, but the worst problem is the unrelenting grimness. It's hard to like a movie that leaves you with no hope.

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