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Independent_Pigeon12 September 2005
This drama was based on a book by Julie Hill, a woman who had been paralysed in a car crash and agreed to make a film about her struggles and her happy times.

I thought this drama was brilliant. Caroline Quentin did an excellent performance. The show was about a woman named Julie Hill, who was paralysed, waist down, in a car crash. It explores the life of a wife and mother trying to regain her life again in the outside world after spending 6 months in care with her two friends Seamus (paraplegic) and Becky (quadriplegic) both paralysed in various accidents. Seamus adores Julie and is very good to her, while husband Kevin tries to come to terms that his wife is now disabled. Kevin and Julie struggle at first, eventually regaining there love for each other. Becky Julie & Seamus all go to a place called the Back up Trust where disabled people can go and do normal sports. Julie hates water ski-ing with a huge harness and Julies Mum shows her an advertisement of an experiment two scientists are doing to help paraplegic people help the muscles in their legs work again. Julie realises this could be a turning point in her life and help her to walk again, and agrees to have electronic wires put into her spine. This drama is very moving and surprisingly funny at times. The casting was excellent and it is really good. The ending was great and it made you feel warm inside. :O)

The reason the film (and the book) got it's name was because the real Julie Hill, said she'd love to make footprints in the Snow.

All together, fantastic, moving, funny, and just FAB!!!
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Footprints in the Snow
Jackson Booth-Millard15 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This is quite a good TV drama the length of a film based on a true story. Julie Hill (Caroline Quentin) is a woman who likes to hang out with friends, but doesn't get drunk on one night because she was driving. Unfortunately, it didn't matter, there was something sharp on the road that burst her tyre and sent her colliding off the road and have a life changing accident. She is now in hospital, and the doctor's believe that she will never be able to walk or stand again. Her husband Kevin (Kevin Whately) finds this hard to deal with, e.g. not having sex, the kids. A very good and very touching representation of a true story, and Caroline Quentin has done very well for herself since Men Behaving Badly, she even got a BAFTA before this. By the way, Juilie dreams of making Footprints in the Snow while in the wheelchair. Worth watching!
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