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Surprisingly not bad

Author: konadick from United States
29 August 2005

This is a decent film for its kind. The story moves along with snappy, hardboiled dialogue and Phil Fondecaro and Raelyn Hennessee stand out as the midget Van Helsing and vampire stripper, respectively. Writer August White was known for a few stinkers (try "Petrified"), but in this one he manages to jack up the conventions of a sleazy genre and keeps what could have been a sagging storyline moving at lightning speed. To be honest, you can't help but expect a bit of T & A with straight-to-video movies like this, and in this respect Decadent Evil was disappointing. Still, there is the obligatory strip club scenery (it's rumored White was an uncredited patron in the opening scene) and plenty of nubile women to earn the "Decadent" part of the title. And there's evil in it as well, in the form of a wonderfully hideous little creature called a homunculus (just wait till you see the end!). All in all, a pretty good bit of entertainment from Full Moon.

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Vampire strippers

Author: Dr. Gore ( from Los Angeles, California
29 July 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


So there are two "naughty and nice" strippers, (named Sugar and Spyce), that are actually vampire strippers. The brunette is Spyce and the blond is Sugar. They live with their master vampire in a big house where they bring back people to feast on. They also keep one of the master vampire's old lovers in a bird cage. Apparently she felt the urge to turn him into a little red-faced doll for being such a heart-breaking man. That'll show him. A vampire slayer shows up to put an end to all of this decadent evil.

You need two key elements to make a successful vampire stripper movie: Vampires and Strippers. "Decadent Evil" gets the vampire part right but it neglects the strippers. There is one stripper scene at the beginning but the red and blue filtered lighting makes it hard to see what is going on. The two "naughty and nice" strippers were far too nice for my tastes. Neither one of them strips or otherwise gets naked which really destroys their stripper credibility. There is one great B-movie scene where the little doll gets out of his cage and finds a naked woman tied to a bed. I won't ruin what happens next but let's just say being cooped up in his birdcage has left him a very horny doll. There's also a weird and demented doll loving ending to finish off the flick.

Basically, "Decadent Evil" is a wannabe sleaze flick. It had all the right B-movie elements but it doesn't exploit them nearly enough. The movie is over before you know it and you'll have a tough time remembering what you just saw. If it had a couple of more sleaze scenes, I would give it a passing grade. But since it couldn't afford to party like it should, you can let this one go.

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This movie was entirely filmed on toilet paper!

Author: YugoNinja from Slovenia
12 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This unwatchable "work of art" has re-invented the word for crap. This "thing" some people unrightfully call a movie has it all: an incredibly appealing title (DECADENT EVIL; but could as well be: VAMPIRE STRIPPER WHORES SEEK IMMORTALITY BY WHIPING OUT AN ENTIRE COMMUNITY WITHOUT ANYONE NOTICING), an astonishing cast (three pseudo-actresses picked up directly from the street, a dwarf, and a guy with a broom stuck up his ass), a thought-provoking plot (a vampire queen wants to become invincible (what for?) by sucking the blood of 10 000 (or so) victims...), great lines (topless girl HAND-CUFFED to a bed: I'm calling the police!), 3 locations (a Gothic mansion, a sleazy strip club and a hotel room - all of which was probably a masterfully camouflaged director's kitchen), some memorable scenes (the "demonic doll" Marvin masturbating by the bed where the topless girl (free nudity) is handcuffed and then licking her nipples while she is dubiously trying to resist him (great actress in my humble opinion) and all the scenes where blood is not spurting from the veins of the victims but thrown by someone off-camera to the actor's throats - pure genius, I tell you), a respectful length-time (an unbearable 74 minutes), a grand finale (the demonic doll Marvin screwing the vampire queen who was herself transformed into a demonic doll with the help of Marvin's son (the dwarf actor)). By watching this thing I unfortunately (for myself and my now weak mental stability) discovered the bottom of the bottom. I discovered the dark recesses of wasted film tape. And it has come to my knowledge that Charles Band has created several masterpieces of this kind (around 200! - one of them being Gingerdead man starring Gary Busey!!!) which will eventually (and unfortunately) find their way to a DVD release, if they haven't already... But Charles Band, the director, producer, writer (and God knows what else) of this..."everything but a movie" thing has all of my respect, because he had the guts to film something so insulting to the human intellect, to good taste and to the concept of movie itself. I would be lynched for filming that in my country. I think that in some cases, especially in America, freedom of speech and the right to free expression should be controlled by some organization. Organization that (if it existed) wouldn't allow things like this to happen, not now and not in the future. Who gave Charles Band the director's chair? Why is he doing this? Why doesn't anyone tell him to change profession? And finally, what did I do wrong to deserve this? Yeah, I know, it was my fault in the first place. Next time I see a Charles Band film I'll flee the country and settle somewhere in the world where American movies are banned, especially cheap horror movies with the obligatory sex scene and a predictable plot (if any). My vote? Are you joking? This thing is "unvotable". The IMDb staff should create a new voting system for all of Charles Band "movies".

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Not one of Charles Bands best but just maybe his best story ever!

Author: brandon dickens from United States
21 August 2005

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Now before I start off i'd like to say to some of the bad reviews that this is a low budget film and it is very good for 'corny' or B-Horror movies and maybe the best story I've EVER seen out of Charles Band.So OK now that thats out of the way lets talk about the plot.I think for once that Charles Band pulled off a solid story with the vampire sisters always in a struggle.One of the sisters is only 3 kills away from being crowned the queen of all vampires and the other is in love with a human witch the others two sisters hate because the one who wants to be the queen as already had her heart broken from a human and I think thats a very good story for such a low budget film.The only thing I didn't like about this movie is that it was to short but thats not too major.The ending was funny where that Marvin thing was humping that queen after she was shrunk to his size.So all around great movie for Charles Band and his new company Wizard.I can't wait for Doll Graveyard!!!!! Brandon, owner and CEO of El Cheapo Films and Records.

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Subspecies Sequel is awful but fun (possible non-specific Spoilers)

Author: ExploitedMisfit from United States
10 May 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Okay, Here ya go. This movie includes Vampires, Strippers, Midget Vampire Hunters, and gratuitous Puppet Sex! This alone made me want to see the movie. Of course i love bad movies.

The Puppets don't look terribly real, the Acting is wooden (including the puppets, heh) and the action is sketchy at parts, however the special effects are pretty darn good. All the above just adds to the fun of the movie for me.

The thing that surprised me pleasantly about this movie is that this is part of the SubSpecies set of Movies, that as far as i can tell in all in continuity. When i started watching the movie i was a bit confused since you have to sit through about 10 minutes of preamble about the Vampire Ash, and all of his brood. Is it important to the movie? No,but it is neat especially as a fan of the SubSpecies movies like me.

If you enjoy the horror movies that make you laugh, this one is a must rent.

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Hurt to watch and hurt to hear

Author: mansor586 from United States
11 April 2006

I have seen bad movies. We all have. But this is one of those movies that you purchase from cable on demand because you read the title and summery and just wanted to give it a shot. Vampires. Any movie about vampires has to have some entertainment value right? All the whiskey at 7-11 couldn't make this movie enjoyable. I just want to punch my brain. I hate when I am stupid enough to pay $4 to watch something that my dog wouldn't even feel worthy enough to pee and crap on. The only entertaining part is at the end when puppets that look like they were crapped out of a fat man have some raw dogging. It hurts....... ooh aneurysm........

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Decadent Sleazil

Author: barnthebarn from Oxford, England
7 September 2008

Particularly odd movie from Charles Band and his Full Moon studio. With a cast of merely 10 people and a hour running time there is little chance to really develop the story. Debra Mayer is suitably sexy and superbly acts in the main role. Not sure what Phil Fondacaro is doing with a kind of Sherlock Gnomes (sorry, that was bad but so is his performance here) chasing vampires and the like. Mayer is not too happy at this and alongside a horny Marin (small bloody looking puppet) seeks to destroy him but then perhaps Marvin has plans of his own. Lots of sex (including ugly puppet sex) this feels more sleazy that other Band films, mainly I think, because of the awfully weak story. The first 10 minutes of the movie are merely randomly edited segments of Subspecies movie 'Vampire Journals' explaining the legend of Radu (Subspecies vampire) and Ivan's (Fondacaro) task to track vampires like Radu-his arch enemy. Charles Band takes credit for the song 'Dance Trance' though anyone who has seen 'Run, Lola, Run' will know that this is actually Franke Potente's song from this with slightly different words. Naughty. Production company is 'Astonishing Features' but that is a far off mark this time, though fun none the less.

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Get A Grip!

Author: joconnor8 from United States
4 September 2005

First, anyone who knew Full Moon Pictures know that these were B-movies made with limited funding. Their more for entertainment using horror, comedy, sexy situations or whatever else keeps them selling or renting. This picture is from Wizard Entertainment(Charles Band's new Co.) It's short, low budget, and a quick release that just came out to let old F.M. fans know that their back in business. I found it humorous and well directed for about an hour long quick flick. If you can't handle B movies, move on to something else. Besides that, remember that for a small company, Full Moon released probably a few hundred releases which about half are becoming available on DVD's. (FINALLY) Don't forget the great pictures Mr.Band was involved with such as: Puppet Master series, Subspecies, Castle Freak, Re-animator, From Beyond, etc., So you can see that for a B movie making firm they had some success in the horror and sci-fi genre. Well i'm glad for one to see Mr. Band and company back in business. Long live Full Moon Fans!

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Author: Erica (floppyburger) from United States
24 December 2007

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

johnatfarscape, i honestly can't tell if you're joking or not. please, it's not funny. because this was one of the worst movies i have ever seen, and i have seen quite a few doozies in my day!! first of all, its basically impossible to write a review on decadent evil including "spoilers." the whole plot is told on the back of the cover! this wasn't a fault of the creators of the movie, but it really gave away any possible surprises the movie might have had. the whole thing was a blur of vampires, blood, and a little green caged creature. i almost peed my pants laughing at the end when the little monsters are humping in the birdcage. seriously, what the hell was that about? and i think the only reason they had that naked stripper was to try and make people watch their crappy movie.

by the way, what in the world is a homunculus?? and was he the son of that midget ghostbuster man? they were trying so hard to make a complex plot, but it turns out to be a ridiculous string of bad one-liners and irrelevant plot twists.

overall, i wouldn't wipe my butt with this wretched movie, but it can get a couple good laughs. i recommend seeing it just to know how terrible it really is.

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Band Should Be Banned!

Author: ghoulieguru from The Movie Crypt
5 January 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie isn't worth the time it would take me to write a proper review of it. As it is, I will only feel comfortable wasting about two minutes writing about it. I do this in the hope that I will be able to save other horror fans some time and money. I'm some kind of horror martyr. I watched this movie so you don't have to. The clock is running. Let's see if I can encapsulate why this movie stinks in 120 seconds.

The infamous Charles Band returns to Z-level horror with Decadent Evil, the story of a midget Van Helsing who's trying to hunt down a group of vampires. The ridiculous cast is rounded out by an evil puppet. It wouldn't be a Full Moon movie if it didn't have an evil puppet and some lesbian sex somewhere in there.

Full Moon Charlie tried to tie this movie into his most popular movies, the Subspecies vampire series. What this means is that for the first ten minutes of the movie, you wind up watching scenes from the other 6 Subspecies movies in a lame attempt to create some kind of continuity with this most recent piece of garbage. The thing that I find most insulting is that I actually liked a couple of the Subspecies movies. Decadent Evil besmirches what used to be a pretty fun series of vampire movies.

I couldn't really figure out how this was supposed to be related to Ash or any of his vampires except that there's like three lesbian vampires that live in a mansion and keep a homunculus around. The homunculus escapes and wanders around the house, searching for nekked women. Ultimately he finds a nekked beauty tied to a bed and proceed to lick her nipples and make weird grunting sounds. I haven't seen a puppet sex scene like that since BASKET CASE. Just pathetic. Charles Band should be banned from making any more horror movies. The horror genre was better off without him. I hope he crawls back into whatever hole he was hiding in for the last ten years.

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