Urban Legends: Bloody Mary (Video 2005) Poster


David Owens: Just because I have a dead, Mexican hooker in my room doesn't mean I went to Mexico.

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Bill Owens: I'm sorry I hit you. I have a problem with anger management, but I'm okay now.

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Samantha Owens: [the girls pile into bed after having a pillow fight and start jokingly chanting the incantation] Bloody Mary.

[the girls giggle and chuckle and she says it again]

Samantha Owens: Bloody Mary.

[the girls giggle again and she says it the last time]

Samantha Owens: Bloody Mary.

Martha - Samantha's Friend #1: [a vision of Bloody Mary appears outside the house and they hear tapping on the window; the girls scream] Who is it?

Samantha Owens: [sees David enter] David!

Martha - Samantha's Friend #1: [throws a pillow at him] Asshole!

[David catches it flips the light on and sits on the couch]

Samantha Owens: So, David; you're back early. Shouldn't you still be at the dance? I'm sure it's still going on.

David Owens: Oh, yeah well... I was there long enough not to see any of you.

Samantha Owens: Well, we didn't want to go to that stupid popularity contest.

David Owens: And why is that? Oh, cause you couldn't get dates?

Martha - Samantha's Friend #1: Yep. That's exactly what happened. The football team put us on the blacklist.

Samantha Owens: We could've gone! We preferred to stay here and have some female bonding.

David Owens: [David looks down Mindy's top and sees her cleavage] Hey, Mindy. Nice.

[David winks]

Mindy - Samantha's Friend #2: [looking disgusted and uncomfortable] Shut up!

Samantha Owens: [looks shocked and disgusted] David!

David Owens: [He gets up from the couch and moves towards the girls] Oh, and just so you guys get it right, Candyman ripped off Bloody Mary in the first place. Not the other way around.

[He winks and exits]

Mindy - Samantha's Friend #2: [after David leaves] How long your brother outside listening to us?

Martha - Samantha's Friend #1: Long enough to masturbate.

Samantha Owens: Not long at all then.

[the girls giggle]

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